When it comes to education, a lot of people believe the grass is always greener on the other side, with the other side being the United States. What they fail to realize, though, is that there are many disadvantages to education in the United States. From high tuition costs to an insurmountable of student loans, the United States is a leader in educational debt.

When students go to school in the United States, they can expect to pay about $8,700 a year for their tuition when attending a public, 4-year university. If they are attending a private, 4- year university, tuition costs often exceed more than $32,000 a year. That’s a lot of money! And in the United States, tuition has increased by an astonishing 63 percent during the decade of 2006 to 2016.

It’s looking like Switzerland and Norway are the places to go!

As far as education and average income, Switzerland and Norway definitely have their advantages. Both have an average annual per capita income of more than $80,000, and best of all, their tuition costs per year are less than $5,000 a year. Other countries that have developed an advantageous education rate and per capita income include Australia and Denmark.

You think it’s bad now?

The United States currently has more than $1.31 trillion in student loan debt. And if you think that is bad now, wait until 10 years from now. Tuition costs are on the rise, meaning student loan debt is going to increase as well. There are more than 44 million people in the United States who currently have student debt, with the average debt per student who graduated in 2016 is near $40,000. Some students owe more than $200,000 and more than 8 million owe close to $50,000.

When compared to other countries, the United States definitely has a disadvantage. In the UK, students have an average student debt of $30,800. Students graduating in Canada have an average student debt of $20,000, and in Germany, the average debt is only $2,400. As you can see, students in the United States are graduating with far more student debt than any other country in the world.

If you are wanting to save on tuition costs, you very well may want to consider going to a school outside of the United States. And you can rest assured there are many higher-education universities all across the globe that provide an excellent education at affordable tuition costs. Even better is that when studying abroad you can still apply for U.S. aid programs.

It’s time to experience a new culture! It’s time to get your education at an affordable cost by studying abroad.

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