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13 Best Jobs That Pay $100 An Hour

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One of the fastest ways to pay off your student loans is really simple. Make more money. I see a really common problem far too often. People graduate college and get an entry level job in their career. And then they fight the grind for 10 years and are still paying off student loans 15 years later and barely making enough money to survive.

The Average American Hourly Wage is 25 dollars an hour. While that is enough to get by in America it’s hard to get ahead if you have 30,000 dollars in student loan debt on top of barely making a living wage. And yet this is exactly what most Americans are facing.

The other path is to chose a job or career that has a higher average paying wage. So we have done the research to find jobs that pay $100 An Hour.

Underwater Welder

underwaterwelder - Jobs that pay $100 Dollar an hourUnderwater welding is the process of welding at elevated pressures, normally underwater. Hyperbaric welding can either take place wet in the water itself or dry inside a specially constructed positive pressure enclosure and hence a dry environment. It is predominantly referred to as “hyperbaric welding” when used in a dry environment, and “underwater welding” when in a wet environment.

The applications of hyperbaric welding are diverse—it is often used to repair ships, offshore oil platforms, and pipelines. High quality and in demand underwater welders can make up to $100,000 dollars or more a year. But the world is tough and often times in remote locations.


anesthAn Anesthesiologist is a physician trained in anesthesia and perioperative medicine. Terminology varies between countries. In the United States, the term anesthesiologist refers to a physician who has completed an accredited residency program in anesthesiology after medical school training, while the term anesthetist is used for nurse anesthesia providers who have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing and then have a minimum of one year in critical care before completing a Masters or Practice Doctorate Degree specializing in anesthesia.

Tattoo Artist

tattooartistA tattoo artist (also tattooer or tattooist) is an individual who applies permanent decorative tattoos, often in an established business called a “tattoo shop,” “tattoo studio” or ‘”tattoo parlor.” Tattoo artists usually learn their craft via an apprenticeship under a trained and experienced mentor. Depending on the quality and demand of the tattoo artist, this is a jobs that pay $100 an hour and more.


An Arbitrator is a legal professional, usually an Attorney, who is a neutral third party who is brought in to solve a dispute when two parties cannot agree. Arbitrators are very often used during labor relations when Union contracts are being negotiations. They are also sometimes used in divorces.


orthodontist - Jobs that pay $100 an hour
My parents constantly remind me that my teeth cost them $5,000, and therefore I should always take excellent care of them. It is estimated that half of all Orthodontists jobs that pay $100 an hour or above. I had braces for 2.5 years and a retainer for another 2 years when I was younger – the Orthodontist bills can definitely add up.

Freelance Photographer

The average starting rate for a Freelance Photographer is $13-$50. However, after 5-10 years of experience, and depending on the domain and geographic location, some Freelance Photographers is included in jobs that pay $100 an hour.

Interior Designer

Have you ever wanted to have your home professionally decorated? Would you pay $100 per hour for a Professional Interior Designer? A Bachelors Degree is usually required for Interior Designers, and in some cases so is a License to Design. Interior Designers may also provide architectural and engineering advice.

Hand or Feet Model

A hand or feet, or other Parts Model, this is a jobs that pays $100 an hour averagely. However, they have to take extremely good care of that specific body part, which can be costly. Is anyone else thinking of the Seinfeld episode where the Hand Model burns herself on the hot iron?

Life Coach

The goal of a Life Coach is to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be in our life. Life Coaches earn $100-$150 per hour. Ideally you can make as much as you want if you are determined. Take a look at life coaches such as Tony Robbins, or Brandon Burchard. Ideally you can manage more clients online in a classroom like setting as well as hosted events.

Cruise Ship Entertainer

A cruise ship entertainer jobs that pay $100 an hour up to $125 plus free room and board. While they might only work a few hours a day the pay is great considering they get free food, spend weeks aboard luxury cruises, and can save a ton of money while using their musical talents to entertain others. If travel isn’t for you this career path might not be the best, but if you enjoy travel and meeting new people this is a great career path.

Virtual Head Hunter

A virtual head hunter up to $500 per referral and can really chart the course of their career. A virtual head hunter is someone who has experience as a human resources researcher. Someone who helps connect talented professionals with agencies who place professionals with startups, and fortune 500’s.

Hot Dog Vendor

Hot Dog Vendor a jobs that pay $100 an hour  per earning depending on location. Added perk is great hot dogs. Now not everyone is going to make $100 an hour. But if you are on a busy street, in a great city that loves hot dogs then the sky really is the limit. Someone who has a few years of restaurant management experience can easily jump head first into this career path and be successful.

Massage Therapist

They have the potential to earn up to $100 per hour, but it will have to be in a private practice or clinic. Massage Therapists who work in a Spa earn less than half of those in private practices. So ideally it makes sense for someone to work in private spa and then transition to building their own practice with little overhead so they can make over $100 an hour.

The key to paying back student loans quickly is making more than you need you to live. These careers when matched with corresponding degrees and self employment should be easy to get ahead and realistic in terms of gaining a lifetime of financial freedom.

While it’s never too late to switch majors, or even switch careers if you do think hard; and make smart plans and choose a job that pays at least $100 an hour your path to financial freedom can be short. Getting ahead is easy with the right level of determination and smart choices.

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