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How To Start A 401K For My Small Business

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It might be challenging to choose a suitable 401(k) plan for your small business and your employees. Nowadays, financial advisors compete for your business and nearly all banks and other financial institutions provide some sort of choice.

But how can you tell whether you’re actually getting a fair price? Where can you locate a solid 401(k) program, and what characteristics does one have? In this article, you’ll learn where to look for the finest 401(k) plans and administrators for small businesses, as well as get three recommendations.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a 401k Plan

You should begin your search for the ideal 401(k) plan for your small business by thinking about the following four things:

  1. Fees and Costs of a 401k Plan – It’s no secret that 401k programs can have hidden costs and layers of fees that cut into your investment returns. Every year, certain plans will cost you 2% or more of the plan’s assets! When examining a 401k plan, you’ll want specifics on the charges of establishment, administration, any wrap fees or investment management fees, mutual fund expenditures, and 12b-1 fees. When weighing your alternatives, make sure to consider the overall cost of each plan. The smaller the fees, the better the plan for you and your employees will be.
  2. Investment Alternatives – Depending on the 401k provider you select, you may have a restricted number of investment possibilities or an infinite number of investment options. More selections are preferable since you will be able to select the best funds for your small company 401k. You’ll want to make certain that your staff have access to low-cost index funds.
  3. Customer Service – Obviously, you want to work with a firm that has a track record of providing exceptional customer service. Choosing a low-cost 401k plan provider is pointless if you or your workers cannot access assistance when needed. You may be able to obtain reviews online or acquire a reference from other small company owners to assist you measure consumer satisfaction.
  4. Robust Record Maintaining & Administration – Finally, you should pick a 401k provider who has a solid system in place for keeping data and administering the plan. You want a firm that has off-site data backups, a continuity plan, and the personnel to monitor the plans they administer. You don’t want to lose all of your workers’ 401k records due to a lack of preparedness.

The Top Three 401k Plan Administrators

To better serve my small company clients, I have investigated and identified reliable 401(k) plan administrators. Your company’s size and the total value of your 401(k) plan assets are the two most important factors in deciding which one to employ. My top three are as follows:

  1. Vanguard is a superb 401(k) plan administrator if your company’s 401(k) plan has at least $10,000,000 in it. All of Vanguard’s funds will be available to you, and you’ll receive first-rate support for a reasonable fee. If you’re interested in learning more, visit the section of their website dedicated to institutional investors.
  2. Experts in Retirement Income Planning, Inc. Pension Specialists provides full 401(k) administration and servicing to mid-sized enterprises (within the range of 30–40 employees) with 401(k) plans valued at $3–5 million. The cost to establish up is $1,600, plus $15 for each worker, as of September 2010. They need a minimum yearly payment of $8,000, which includes a basic price of $4,500 plus $75 per employee for record keeping and administration. For this reason, Pension Specialists are best suited for medium-sized enterprises (those with 30-40 employees) rather than tiny ones. Otherwise, the expenditures are too high to justify. The actual cost of your plan may wind up being more or less than these estimates, but they serve as an excellent point of reference. Furthermore, the yearly custodial cost charged by the plan’s custodian amounts to around 0.05% of plan assets.
  3. Employee Fiduciary is the low-priced leader for small businesses and 401(k) plans (those with fewer than 40 workers and less than $5,000,000 in plan assets). They demand an initial investment of between $500 and $1,000 as of September 2010. The yearly record keeping and administration cost is $1,500 for the first 30 employees and $30 for each additional worker. Since their minimal cost is lower than that of Pension Specialists, Employee Fiduciary is an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.

Consider any one of these three excellent 401(k) plan administrators for your small business. Every one of them has superior customer service, thorough record-keeping and administration tools, a wide variety of low-cost investment options, and prices far lower than those of other 401(k) service providers.

As a result, you may be able to provide better investment alternatives for your employees in their 401(k) plan while reducing costs by as much as 50-80 percent. Everybody wins in this situation.

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