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Online job boards are one of the most effective places to start your search for work, whether you’re looking for part-time work, a new office job, or a telecommuting career. Similarly, Linkedin reports that online job boards are the most often used tool for scouting out potential new employees.

However, there are so many online job boards that it can be difficult to find the one you’re looking for. To avoid wasting time and avoiding fraud, it is vital to only apply to legitimate job openings on reputable job sites.

Sadly, work-at-home scams remain a problem for anyone looking for a job outside of a traditional office setting.

Thank goodness, FlexJobs makes it possible to search for thousands of organizations that provide legitimate remote or flexible employment opportunities. There is a fee associated with using FlexJobs, but it would be well worth it if you were able to land your dream job through the site.

Key Characteristics

Since its inception in 2007, FlexJobs has become a go-to resource for job seekers in search of telecommuting or alternative schedules. FlexJobs currently features thousands of job postings in more than 50 categories, with opportunities available to a wide range of professionals.

  • Online freelancers
  • Remote workers
  • Part-time workers
  • People looking for a second job

FlexJobs features employment opportunities in a wide variety of fields. Jobs for fresh graduates, seasoned workers, and executives are all included. In addition to the traditional “Fortune 500,” there are also many smaller and medium-sized enterprises that are looking for employees.

The simple line is that FlexJobs has thousands of chances if you are seeking a career with flexible hours. There are also a number of tools available to make your job search easier and more fruitful.

1. Good Job Posts

The caliber of FlexJobs’ job postings is a standout feature. FlexJobs prioritizes both employers with a good reputation and the needs of their employees, while many other job platforms focus on quantity above quality.

Because each posting is checked by a real person, it’s a foolproof way to begin your hunt for a new job without having to worry about falling for any scammers.

Having a thorough corporate biography and functional website is equally important for attracting top talent. Since this is the case, FlexJobs can be used to safely find a legitimate job opportunity.

2. Regular Discounts and Flexible Plans

There are a plethora of freelancing and job-hunting websites available. Companies pay for listings, but they are the true customers. A job board’s credibility might be jeopardized when it prioritizes employers over job seekers.

There is a fee for employers to use FlexJobs. But if you want access to all of the features and listings, you’ll need to sign up for a paid membership. FlexJobs claims this is beneficial since it ensures that all posted jobs meet their standards and positions job seekers as the company’s most valuable customers.

Some of the features available in the premium packages are:

  • One Week. $6.95
  • One Month. $14.95
  • Three Months. $44.85
  • One Year. $179.40

There are times when waiting for a sale to pass is the best option. FlexJobs typically offers annual plan reductions of 50% or more.

FlexJobs offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that covers both the weekly and monthly subscription fees. It is recommended that you try FlexJobs for a month before committing to a longer plan three months or a year), as refunds for these durations are prorated.

3. Full-Service Job Board

Approximately 5,000 different businesses have posted job openings on FlexJobs. Moreover, the platform caters to a wide variety of industries and job kinds, making it possible for anyone to find a work-from-home position that suits their needs.

Notably, free members can read brief job descriptions to get a feel for the ads before deciding whether or not to upgrade. You can use this information to determine if FlexJobs is a good fit for you. Membership is required to view complete listings.

4. Additional Search Options

Finding your ideal job is easier than ever with FlexJobs and its suite of sophisticated search tools. 

Some common kinds of search filters are:

  • Specific keywords to include or exclude in your job search
  • Location
  • Job category
  • Career Level
  • Work schedule and remote-friendliness
  • Travel requirements

There is also a feature on FlexJobs that allows you to look for people who have won awards in their field. Awards are given to organizations for things like being the most reputable or ethical, as well as the finest for working remotely. Badges representing accomplishments are presented alongside employment opportunities.

5. The Personal Profile

Benefiting from FlexJobs’ other features, such as the ability to create a profile, is a plus. Include a resume, portfolio, and skill set on your profile. This is a speedy strategy for setting your application out from the rest of the pack.

As you fill up your profile, FlexJobs will prioritize postings that are a good fit for you based on the information you’ve provided. 

The data consists of:

  • Job categories you’re interested in
  • Your career level
  • Your education level
  • The type of role you’re looking for

Employers will find you first if you build a profile and opt to make it public. If they find you to be qualified for the position, they will reach out to you for an interview or more information.

It might take a lot of time to look for a new job, therefore functions that allow companies to do the legwork on your behalf are greatly appreciated.

You can finish off your FlexJobs application by giving your resume a catchy title. A good job title should convey your qualifications and aspirations to potential employers with ease. 

Good resume titles could read something like this:

  • “Writer and Creative Professional Seeking Project-Based Remote Work”
  • “IT Support Technician with Three Years Remote Experience”
  • “Flexible Customer Service/Office Professional typing 80 WPM”

Although seemingly unimportant, the title of your resume can have a huge impact on the number of potential employers who contact you.

6. Skill Testing

Posting your qualifications and experience on a job board is becoming common practice. Listing abilities is a good way to be noticed, but if you can’t back them up, it won’t inspire much trust.

Thankfully, FlexJobs’ paying users can use the site’s skills tests to help them stand out to prospective employers. Over 30 different types of exams are available.

Your FlexJobs profile will be updated as you pass tests to reflect your progress. The fact that potential employers may see your progress is another technique to boost your profile.

Here are some examples of types of skill tests:

  • IT
  • Transcription
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Data entry
  • Office skills

In the long run, this function will help you improve your employability.

7. Proven Job Search Advice

FlexJobs will notify you via email when new positions matching your criteria are posted. In addition to posting relevant jobs, FlexJobs also provides helpful career guidance and job search tools by email.

The available materials are guides that offer information on a variety of subjects.

  • How to craft a compelling resume
  • How to make a career transition
  • Work-life balance advice
  • Reentering the workforce after having kids
  • Guides on how to find full-time remote work

You determine the value of these materials. If you’re just starting out in the workforce, you’ll find that FlexJobs’ wealth of resources sets it apart from other free online job boards.

8. Career Guidance

Guidance is a less publicized perk of FlexJobs’ platform. It might get pricey to hire a headhunter or a career counselor to help you look for a job on your own. For comparison, with FlexJobs you can get back on track with your job hunt by scheduling a 30-minute career coaching session for only $64.

Use of this service is not equivalent to engaging the services of a headhunter. Yet, if you’re having trouble getting interviews, it’s good to get counsel from a third party. Moreover, before your virtual appointment with your coach, you will both fill out a questionnaire so that they can come up with suggestions in advance.

The most often reported session takeaways are:

  • An action plan to continue your job search
  • A resume review
  • Cover letter advice
  • Practice interview questions
  • Answers to job search questions or concerns you might have

You probably don’t need this service if you have extensive job-hunting expertise. But if you want to update your résumé and make a strategy to locate a new job, it will only set you back $64.


FlexJobs provides its users with high-quality job postings and a variety of resources to facilitate a more productive job search. 

There are also a number of other benefits that help offset the price of the platform:

  1. Repeatedly New Content. For this reason, it’s tempting to choose a job board that caters specifically to your industry. On the other hand, many niche job sites don’t have enough users to warrant updating their postings on a regular basis. On the other hand, FlexJobs constantly adds new openings. The most recent openings can be discovered with the aid of email alerts and a dedicated new jobs section.
  2. Flexibility. Not unexpectedly, FlexJobs is a multipurpose job board that places special emphasis on telecommuting and other forms of work-life flexibility. Part-time and regular office jobs are still posted on the site, though. In addition to domestic ads, FlexJobs allows users to look for positions all around the world.
  3. Superior Job Postings. Postings on FlexJobs are vetted by real people so that we can weed out the spam, frauds, and postings that don’t provide us enough information to do our jobs. Because you won’t waste time on irrelevant listings as you would on many free job forums, searching for work through FlexJobs is a time-efficient option.
  4. Training that is both useful and enjoyable. The career advice and coaching service offered by FlexJobs is invaluable if you haven’t been actively seeking employment for some time.


FlexJobs is an elite employment board that connects employers with qualified candidates and provides useful tools for those looking for work. 

There are, however, a few drawbacks to bear in mind:

  1. Cost. Despite occasional promotions, membership to FlexJobs is still an ongoing expense. Even if weekly options are available, Indeed reports that the typical job search takes nine weeks. If you’re strapped for cash, don’t worry; there are many free freelance employment websites and normal job boards you may use. Because FlexJobs is a paid subscription service, not everyone can use it.
  2. It’s too general for some people who are looking for work. Most job-seekers should find what they’re looking for on FlexJobs. There may be better resources available if you’re looking for a highly technical job or if you’d want to see only listings from your specific field. Software developers, for instance, can find employment opportunities on niche job forums like So too does Mediabistro, however, their job postings are limited to those in marketing and writing.
  3. In some cases, salaries are not disclosed. FlexJobs does not require applicants to disclose their compensation expectations. FlexJobs still rejects posts that offer little pay or don’t satisfy minimum wage regulations, but many postings still provide such information often in the form of hourly pay or a salary. Salary negotiations may be necessary, though, if you make it through the interview stage and into the recruiting phase.

Bottom Line

You can find employment opportunities in several locations. The best method to obtain a new job is to use strategies such as networking and promoting from inside the company.

When all other avenues have been exhausted, however, such as your personal network, you can turn to online employment boards. If you’re willing to put in a bit more time researching and are looking for a cost-free solution, you have that choice. 

Paying for a FlexJobs membership is well worth it if you want to maximize productivity and find high-quality jobs with flexible working arrangements.

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