Why Is Mcdonald’s So Slow

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Customers at fast-food restaurants expect their meals to arrive quickly when they order through the drive-thru. Have you ever driven through a McDonald’s drive-thru and wondered why it takes so long?

Because it’s not in your head, and because it’s moving more slowly than it has in the past, why is this happening? The McDonald’s drive-thru is notoriously slow, and I’m going to explain why in this article!

How come the McDonald’s Drive-Thru in 2022 takes so long?

1. A pair of drive-through lanes

The double drive-thru at many McDonald’s establishments is causing confusion for many customers.

In addition, no one is certain who should go first in the queue or who should proceed through it.

Furthermore, because the employees aren’t well-trained in handling twin drive-thrus, customers have no way of knowing when or where to go when the personnel themselves can’t advise them.

2. Increased Use of Fast-Food Delivery

Fast food is more popular than ever, thanks in part to the McDonald’s Mobile Order & Pay app, which lets you order and pick up your food right from your phone.

As a result, people are increasingly opting to order meals on their mobile devices and have it delivered to their homes rather than dining out at restaurants.

3. A Growing Number of People Are Using Delivery Services

Delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash mean that drivers are picking up orders for clients through the drive-thru as well.

It’s becoming increasingly packed and overcrowded as more people use the drive-thru to purchase food and pick up orders for delivery services.

4. McDonald’s has added more items to its menu

As a result of McDonald’s recent expansion of its menu, the drive-thru lines have become longer because customers are unable to choose from so many options.

A lack of clarity can be just as problematic as a lack of choices, therefore the more options there are, the more individuals will be unable to decide.

5. The Dearth of Workers

Many fast-food chains have had trouble filling positions in recent years and are operating with skeleton crews.

As a result, the quality of service and the length of time customers must wait at the drive-thru would suffer if McDonald’s is unable to locate enough employees to meet its demands.

6. Orders are filled in the order they are received.

In the event that a drive-thru is open and individuals are already inside McDonald’s ordering food, they will be served first.

In addition, because most restaurants operate on a first-come, first-served basis, customers that arrive at the drive-thru will have to wait.

7. Customization and Modification of Food Is More Likely.

Increasingly, consumers want to customize and adjust their orders, which implies that the meal must be prepared independently and on-the-spot by McDonald’s.

Because neither cheese or onions are requested, the customer’s burger has to be made fresh rather than sitting on a warming rack.

Despite the fact that many McDonald’s meals are prepared in-house, changes to the menu can hold down the process significantly.

When a customer requests fries without salt, a special batch must be created, which takes a few minutes to cook.

How Long Should It Take To Get Through A McDonald’s Drive-Thru?

The drive-thru at McDonald’s should take approximately three minutes, but lately, the line has been at least twice as long.

Further research by SeeLevelHX found that drive-thru wait times rose by 26 seconds on average in the previous year.

The number of individuals using the drive-thru at McDonald’s hasn’t decreased since it reached 90 percent of all orders in early 2020.

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Bottom Line

McDonald’s drive-thru has grown extremely slow for a variety of reasons, including the fact that McDonald’s has doubled its drive-thru capacity.

In addition, the extensive menu at McDonald’s can be confusing to certain customers, adding time to the ordering process.

There is also a scarcity of workers at McDonald’s, and the chain is having difficulty filling open positions.

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