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Why Is CVS So Expensive

By David Krug 3 minute read

CVS is one of the major healthcare merchants in the United States, and its objective is to deliver exceptional customer service in order to ensure repeat business.

It’s not uncommon for CVS items to be more expensive than those sold at other merchants. 7 reasons why CVS is so pricey have been uncovered through my investigation!

Why Is CVS So Expensive In 2022?

1. Cost of Convenience 

Convenience has been cited as the primary reason CVS charges extra for their items. Among CVS’s many offerings are prescription drugs, and the store is frequently located in a convenient area for its consumers.

As a result, CVS charges extra for being convenient since they know that customers would pay to save time by not having to go far to get their necessities.

2. Open All Hours 

To make things easier for consumers, many CVS locations are open around the clock or offer extended hours. As a result, CVS locations are extremely convenient for customers, and they may stock up at any time.

CVS is a more costly shop since they can charge more for things they know their consumers need and will buy because of convenience.

3. All in One Place 

CVS ensures that its consumers can get everything they need at one spot by offering a wide choice of products, including medicines, necessary home supplies, and seasonal things.

If you don’t mind paying a little more for the convenience of shopping at one location rather than making two visits, CVS understands that. That’s because they know their clients will pay a premium for the convenience, therefore CVS charges a premium for their items.

4. Higher Wages

In comparison to most of its competitors, CVS pays its employees a greater beginning rate, which makes it an attractive place to work. CVS raises the prices of their items to cover the additional costs of maintaining a sufficient workforce per location while still making a profit.

That’s the only way CVS can keep its company running and support its employees at the same time: by providing a higher standard of life.  

5. CVS ExtraCare 

ExtraCare is a CVS-only program that provides customers with discounts at CVS and other retail locations. Over 74 million people have signed up for the CVS Savings Club to take advantage of special offers and discounts at CVS locations.

To get 2% back on all purchases, CVS ExtraCare members can sign up for the program, which also offers unique discounts and coupons. With CVS’s ExtraCare program, clients may save money, and the store’s frequent reductions let them battle the retailer’s high costs for a great bargain.

6. Rewards Programmes 

CVS provides free rewards programs like ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards and the ExtraCare Beauty Club to offset the cost of some of their more expensive goods. Shoppers may save money at CVS by signing up for these programs, which are completely free to join.

Online staff at CVS have indicated that their starting pricing is higher in order to ensure that they still earn money once the discounts have been implemented.

As a result, users may save a significant amount of money on common medication and other items if they are members of the GoodRx and GoodRx Gold programs. GoodRx is a great option for consumers to save money because it is free to use and widely accepted at CVS.

7. Cheaper than Competitors 

Despite the fact that CVS looks to be more costly than its competitors, internet buyer’s claim that CVS is actually one of the most affordable merchants. Many retail rivals have locations that are further away, which means that consumers have to travel to see them. CVS saves customers money because of its local location, which means they do not have to drive as far to buy their everyday things.

CVS, on the other hand, is charging the same price as its competitors, even if they offer cheaper prices.

Bottom Line

Even though CVS first appears to be one of the more costly shops due to the added expenses for convenience and accessibility, informed buyers really save a significant amount at the retailer.

Customers at CVS may save even more money by using coupons and CVS reward systems like ExtraCare or third-party reward schemes like GoodRx. Even though CVS may appear to be one of the more costly businesses, individuals can really save money when they purchase there.