Why Is Amazon Search So Bad

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Despite the fact that Amazon is one of the most popular online shopping destinations, users have found the process of browsing for products to be a frustrating one.

There has been a lot of worry from customers regarding Amazon’s search engine. However, why is it so bad? Keep reading to see what I discovered if you’re interested in finding out!

In 2022, why is Amazon’s search engine so bad?

Due to the focus Amazon places on advertising, Amazon’s search results can be skewed. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to locate certain products on Amazon’s result pages in recent years. For Amazon sellers, the issue is that they don’t include enough information in their listings, causing Amazon search results to be misleading.

For more information on why Amazon’s search engine is broken, how to filter searches to discover the right product, and more, please continue reading!

What’s the Purpose of Amazon’s Search Ads?

Sponsored advertisements are an important part of Amazon’s strategy for recommending products to customers based on their previous purchases. Amazon makes the most money on sponsored products as well.

Customers may find these adverts obtrusive because they are not always relevant to the product they are searching for, but rather based on their previous search history.

They make it harder to identify specific brands because sponsored products appear on top of all others and often appear in between standard listings, burying other products and making them hard to find.

Why Am I Not Able to Locate Products on Amazon?

Sponsored advertisements and a lack of accurate product descriptions by third-party sellers are the two most common causes of buyers being unable to find things on Amazon’s search engine.

Amazon’s algorithm is able to filter more specific results if sellers submit particular information and tags in their product pages.

Sellers must provide relevant keywords and other information to Amazon’s filtering system in order for that product to be found simply by searching for it.

Because Amazon generates a lot of money from sponsored adverts, these products are prioritized over others, making it difficult for buyers to find other brands and products they might be interested in.

What Are My Options for Narrowing My Amazon Search?

Customers can use Amazon’s filtration mechanism to narrow their search results. Customers will see a list of filters on the left-hand side of their results page when they search for an item.

Filters such as price, brand, customer rating, availability, language, and others are available to help customers focus their search. Depending on what you’re looking for, the filters will be a little different.

Instead of utilizing the search engine on the homepage, customers can use the department search feature, which eliminates items with similar names but are in a different category.

Is Amazon Advanced Search better than Amazon’s regular search engine?

With the help of Amazon Advanced Search, users may focus their queries even further. For the most part, this search engine is reserved mostly for book, DVD, music, and video game-related searches.

To help clients focus their search, this search engine allows them to search by titles, keywords, vendors, ISBN digits, and other more specific information.

When searching for books, DVDs, etc., Advanced Search is a superior option because it makes it easier to find certain titles!

Is Amazon’s Results Page Filtering System Effective?

In order to get the most out of Amazon’s filtering engine, users need to know what they’re looking for. As a general rule, clients should be familiar with the brand or company they’re looking for before they begin their online search.

Customers can complete the form on the left side of their screen once they’ve found what they’re looking for.

There are a variety of criteria available to help users narrow down their search for a specific TV model, such as screen dimensions and connectivity options, resolutions, and more.

Customers can also utilize the criteria for the highest-rated products to find a product that may be of better quality than what they originally searched for.

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Bottom Line

There are a lot of sponsored adverts on Amazon’s product search pages, which makes the search engine less reliable. Using the search bar, users will find it increasingly harder to find the things they are seeking for because of these adverts.

The Amazon system has a harder time finding the product by brand name when sellers fail to provide accurate information on their product description.

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