Why Does USPS Suck

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It’s hardly unexpected that the Postal Service has bungled some of its services throughout the years, as no institution, especially a government one, is perfect.

What’s the problem with the US Postal Service at times? Is there any truth to the rumors that they’re so bad, or are they simply people’s opinions?

If you ask me, I’ll tell you about some of the complaints individuals have made and whether or not I believe they are representative of the Postal Service as a whole.

Why Is USPS So Bad? & Do They Truly Sucks? Why USPS Has Been Raising Rates

You are not dreaming of greater rates at the Post Office, since UPS and FedEx continue to be the most costly shipping firms. Recent announcements by the United States Postal Service indicate price increases for First-Class letters, First-Class flats and large envelopes, postcards, Certified Mail, and add-on services.

While in most circumstances this is only a few cents more, for medium and big shippers these extra pennies add up rapidly. After six months or a year, a 15-cent increase in the price of Certified Mail might be significant to medical or legal firms that use it frequently.

In addition to the rise in First-Class postage, the USPS also announced an increase in holiday shipping rates. Priority Express, Priority Mail, First-Class Package, Parcel Select, and Retail Ground rates were increased beginning on October 3 and concluding on December 26, 2021.

Temporary price spikes don’t seem so horrible because they’re just temporary, but the Postal Service may decide to maintain them in the future if they prove to be beneficial.

Regrettably, the Postal Service’s charge hikes are very awful. Despite the fact that their services aren’t very costly to begin with, this demonstrates just how deep the USPS’s financial hole is. I would not be shocked in the least if future years brought about further rate hikes.

USPS Delivery Times Are Slowing Down

In addition to the pricing hike, they also announced that delivery times will be slowed. As an illustration of how this may affect the average individual, a birthday card that formerly arrived in one day may now take two.

When you’re accustomed to sending something with a one-day delivery rate, having it take two days comes as a bit of a surprise.

In order to slow down delivery times, fewer vehicles will make after-hours or late-night deliveries, and mail will be transported by air less frequently.

All of this is done to save money, but it is alienating and upsetting Postal Service consumers.
Worst of all, it might jeopardize certain rural populations, particularly the ill and elderly who rely on the Postal Service for medication delivery.

Some USPS Postal Workers Have a Reputation for Laziness

Internet message boards are filled with complaints about USPS postal couriers’ laziness and impoliteness. One Reddit user, r/drowning idiots, went off the rails, ranting about how mail carriers handled their shipments.

However, many individuals rallied to the rescue of the carriers, citing hard hours, difficult working conditions, and other factors.

In the year 2020, a video showing a man’s postal carrier “flipping, hurling, and kicking” a parcel, covertly recorded from a window and a camera doorbell, went viral. It is not a good look for USPS, and the male employee is extremely sloppy, impolite, and inconsiderate.

Nevertheless, in my experience, the USPS postal carriers have been the most considerate.
Instead of delivering packages in front of my front door, they leave them just inside the porch, where they are not visible from the street.

I believe this is dependent on the individual who delivers your letter. But I believe there are a greater number of “proud” mail carriers who take pride in their profession than “lazy” ones.

Rare Theft Occurs At USPS

Postal employee theft is prevalent in Louisiana, Chicago, and Pennsylvania, and that’s just on the first page of Google results. It does happen. Employees succumb to the temptation and take money, presents, and even credit cards directly from the mail.

Eleven employees (five of whom were accused) and 18 months of continuing theft were engaged in the Chicago case. However, I believe we hear about these occurrences due to their rarity. You do not read daily news articles stating that nothing was taken from your local post office.

Are all postal workers thieves? Certainly not. Do some, a very tiny fraction, succumb to temptation and commit the federal crime of mail theft? Yes, unfortunately.

Bottom Line

The United States Postal Service has a number of legitimate gripes, including rising postage costs, slower delivery times, and a contentious current Postmaster General.

However, many instances of USPS “sucking” are anecdotal, the exception rather than the rule, such as employees gone crazy or lethargic.

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