Why Did Walmart Stop Selling Fish

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Shop at Walmart and you’ll find everything you need to care for your dogs, from food to toys to supplies.

Besides pet products, you may question if Walmart also carries live animals. Were you wondering if live fish are available at Walmart? I’ve already done my homework. Take a look at what I found!

In 2022, will Walmart be selling live fish?

As of 2022, Walmart will no longer be selling live fish. Around 1,700 of Walmart’s U.S. stores used to carry live fish, but the retailer has stated that it would no longer offer pet fish in 2019. Walmart no longer sells live fish, but it does provide a large variety of pet fish supplies.

As a result, Walmart no longer offers live fish for sale. To learn everything there is to know about Walmart selling live fish, keep reading!

What Caused Walmart to Stop Selling Live Fish?

Until recently, Walmart was responsible for 30% of all pet fish sales in the United States.

However, the shop has announced that it would no longer be selling any kind of live aquatic plants or pet fish.

To begin with, there was a demand from the general public. It appears that sales of live fish were declining, maybe as a result of the sickly appearance of many of the fish when they were displayed in retailers.

This turned off potential purchasers as well.

Activists for animal rights were also a factor in this decision.

It was a decade-long effort by PETA to stop the sale of live fish in retailers that were unable to properly care for the creatures.

Walmart was advised to stop selling its fish because so many of them seemed ill in-store or died on the route to the supermarket.

Which Fish Were Last Sold by Walmart at the Store?

In March 2019, Walmart said that it would begin reducing the number of live fish it sells.

However, not all stores were able to make the transition at the same time.

Despite Walmart’s vow to stop selling live fish, shop managers were initially given the authority to decide whether or not to remove the aquariums from their locations.

A delay of seven months meant that the move wasn’t completed until October 2019, seven months after the announcement.

Exactly what kind of fish was sold by Walmart?

Many of Walmart’s tropical and freshwater fish have to be imported and transported from other nations.

In addition to Thai-native Betta fish, African and South American-sourced Tetra, Oscar, and Cichlid fish also had to be imported.

Is Fish Available at Walmart?

Yes, you can find a wide variety of fish supplies at Walmart. Supplies for fish can be found in Walmart’s pet department or on the company’s website. The following products are available for purchase:

  • Fishbowls
  • Fish tanks
  • Fish food
  • Filtration systems
  • Aquarium gravel, plants, and décor
  • Aquarium stands has a detailed buying and information guide for first-time fish buyers if you’re not sure what you need to buy.

An aquarium for freshwater fish may be a terrific pet for children, and this tutorial explains why, how to choose the perfect tank, and how to care for it properly.

So, if you’re on the market for a new pet fish, Walmart’s guidance is worth a look.

What Other Live Animals Do Walmart Carry?

Not at all. Walmart does not sell any live animals such as dogs and cats or rats and mice. For the first time since they stopped selling live fish, Walmart is now exclusively selling pet supplies.

Walmart is not the place to go if you want to buy a live animal. In order to purchase a live animal, such as a fish, you must go for a chain or local pet store.

What Has Happened to Walmart’s Live Lobster Tanks?

Some time ago, it was deemed that keeping live lobsters in tanks for customers to choose from was cruel.

As a result, no food store, including Walmart, carries live lobsters anymore.

Lobster tanks have been removed from all Walmart and other grocery stores due to customer concerns.

Buying a live lobster necessitates a trip to the local seafood market.

Where Can I Get Fish That Aren’t Frozen?

Since Walmart has stopped selling live fish, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Fortunately, there are a number of sites where you may buy fish for your aquarium, including your local pet store.

However, the majority of supermarkets in the United States have decided to stop selling live fish.

Petco and PetSmart are also good options if you want to buy healthy fish that have been well cared for.

In addition, you can buy pet fish online from reputable sellers who have extensive expertise shipping live animals. For instance:

  • Live Aquaria 
  • Aquatic Arts 
  • Imperial Tropicals 
  • Aquarium Co-Op 
  • AquaBid

The Walmart dog policy and the question of whether Walmart sells live bait can all be found in our other guides for more information.

Bottom Line

Pet fish used to be one of Walmart’s most popular items. However, Walmart stopped selling live fish in its stores in 2019 amid an outcry over the maltreatment of the creatures.

However, Walmart still carries pet fish supplies in its shops and on its online!

In addition, if you’re looking for a certain type of fish, there are plenty of pet stores and online fish retailers to choose from nowadays.

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