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Why Are Walmart Shoppers So Weird

By David Krug 4 minute read

Despite the fact that Walmart is a popular destination for many Americans, some people consider it a “trashy” place to shop.

As a result, I’ve done some research into why so many people consider Walmart to be a bad place to shop. See what I found out!

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Walmart Is Known As “Trashy”

1. The Play.

Sadly, Walmart is viewed as trashy by many people because of its difficult customers. This is a common Walmart customer attitude, as evidenced by the many videos that have gone viral of “Karens” in stores.

Because so many people shop at Walmart every day and have smartphones with them, any incident can be recorded and shared in a matter of seconds. This is clearly demonstrated in the following examples!

2. Walmart-Related Criminal History

There have also been stories about Walmart’s employees or stores being involved in crimes that have been featured on national news outlets.

Even though these types of crimes, which can range from theft to murder, are extremely rare, the media attention they receive should serve as a warning to everyone!

3. Because people believe Walmart is trashy, they behave accordingly.

Because of Walmart’s reputation as a “ghetto” place where people shop without shoes, shirts, or even pajamas. Because of this, customers will be less concerned about how they look when they visit the store in the future.

Ultimately, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, because if someone thinks Walmart is trashy, they’ll care less about their appearance.

Because of this, people will go to Walmart every day without showering, dressed in shabby clothing, and half-asleep.

4. It’s too crowded!

It can be overwhelming and intimidating to interact with people from all walks of life at Walmart because of the thousands of people who visit each day.

Unfortunately, there are many Facebook groups titled “seen in Walmart” where people are happy to describe people’s appearance or behavior as trashy. As long as these people don’t know any better, Walmart will continue to be viewed as shabby by others.

5. Products with Lower Prices Draw People from Lower Socioeconomic Groups

It’s no surprise that people from lower-income areas shop at Walmart because it offers some of the lowest prices in the country.

As a result of its wide appeal to people from all walks of life, Walmart has earned the label “trashy” (see below).

6. Pay for Employees

Although Walmart’s minimum wage has increased three times in the last few years, the company’s overall pay is still low compared to other workplaces.

As a result, Walmart’s reputation may be tarnished by poor customer service and bad experiences for employees.

7. Reducing Employee Hours

For some people, Walmart’s decision to shorten employee shifts and thus reduce their take-home pay is trashy. Some may view this as a ‘cheap’ move by the upper management toward Walmart employees and a show of disrespect!

8. Item Mispricing

There was a small scandal on Walmart’s website recently, where a large number of items were reduced in price without notice.

Many customers eagerly placed their orders, but due to a technical error, Walmart has decided not to honor the new prices.

Due to their own error, customers complained that Walmart was being “cheap” by not lowering the price of their orders, which they felt was unfair.

9. Lack Of Product Warranty

The lack of warranty on Walmart products is a major gripe for customers! Adding this to the previously mentioned low-quality materials, you have yet another reason why Walmart is considered to be unclean.

10. Small businesses suffer as a result of this.

As the largest retailer in the United States, Walmart enjoys a monopolistic position in the marketplace.

Walmart has put many small local businesses under pressure, and some have been forced to shut down as a result of their low prices and money-back guarantee for lower-quality products.

11. A New Supplier Is Involved

Some of the brand’s former customers have expressed their displeasure with low-quality imported goods that were once made entirely in the United States.

As a result of Walmart’s once-proud claim to being the world’s most affordable retailer, many have branded them “trashy.”

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Bottom Line

According to some former customers, Walmart has a trashy reputation because it has cut corners on materials and items, and where these have been sourced, in order to keep prices low.

In spite of the low prices, some people find that it lacks any redeeming qualities. Walmart’s refusal to participate in any worker’s rights unions and its disruption of the local economy by several small businesses, combined with the fact that the company’s employees are unquestionably underpaid, have led some to label it a “trashy store.”

David Krug