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Who Supplies McDonalds Chicken

By David Krug 3 minute read

The chicken nuggets at McDonald’s contain pink slime, which has been consistently debunked as incorrect. The source of McDonald’s chicken is a frequently asked question; continue reading for the answer.

Who Supplies McDonald’s Chicken?

McDonald’s largest chicken supplier is Tyson Foods, and the corporation is now an even greater asset for McDonald’s than it was in the past. Moreover, in 2018, Tyson purchased Keystone Foods, another major supplier of chicken to McDonald’s.

Approximately one-fifth of Tyson Foods’ goods consist of tiny birds, which are mostly utilized for chicken sandwiches.

Where Does McDonald’s Source Its Chicken Nuggets?

McDonald’s is somewhat secretive about their chicken nugget sources, however we do know that Tyson Foods provides a significant portion of their chicken.

In addition, chicken nuggets are manufactured in states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Is McDonald’s Chicken Produced in China?

This is one of the several erroneous assertions that McDonald’s has had to refute in recent years. China is not a source of chicken or chicken products for McDonald’s.

In addition, McDonald’s chicken comes from American farms that provide Tyson Foods and formerly Keystone Foods with birds.

McDonald’s Chicken Farm Mistreatment

There have been claims of animal cruelty leveled against McDonald’s in relation to the treatment and slaughter of the chickens used in its products.

Also in 2015, McDonald’s and Tyson Foods broke up their business relationship with a Tennessee chicken farmer who was seen on film torturing his animals. However, the abuse was recorded on camera by an undercover film, and as soon as the footage was made public, both corporations immediately pulled this farmer’s name from their list of chicken suppliers.

Other undercover recordings have also sparked outrage among animal lovers, with suspicions that McDonald’s is complicit in the mistreatment of hens.

What are McDonald’s chicken nuggets made of?

There are no artificial ingredients in McDonald’s chicken nuggets; they are made with only genuine chicken and no preservatives or tastes. With that said, the chicken nuggets are made using ground chicken flesh that comes from the ribs and breast as well as the tenderloin.

There are also a variety of oils and grains in McDonald’s nuggets: soybean, corn and canola oils as well as vegetable and soybean oils.

Is McDonald’s Chicken Antibiotic-Rich or Not?

As a 2015 policy, McDonald’s chicken does not include any human antibiotics. To keep their flocks healthy, chicken growers employ an antibiotic called ionophores, which has never been given to humans.

Is McDonald’s Chicken a Fake Food Product?

It is important to note that the chicken used in McDonald’s sandwiches is made from 100% actual chicken breast and rib flesh.

McDonald’s employs only white-meat chicken in its products, which have been USDA-inspected and verified.

Is McDonald’s the largest chicken purchaser?

McDonald’s is not the largest purchaser of chicken in the world, but they are in second position, just behind KFC.

McDonald’s is the second-largest purchaser of chicken, which is astonishing given KFC’s success and the fact that the restaurant specializes on chicken.

Is there dairy in McDonald’s chicken nuggets?

According to the ingredients list, McDonald’s chicken nuggets contain no dairy. However, because it is cooked in the same fryer as the crispy chicken sandwiches, cross-contamination is possible.

If you are extremely allergic to dairy, you should avoid chicken nuggets owing to the possibility of cross-contamination from other chicken products.

Bottom Line

Since Tyson Foods’ 2018 acquisition of another chicken supplier, Keystone Foods, McDonald’s has bought the majority of its chicken from Tyson Foods.

Additionally, chicken for American McDonald’s outlets is grown by American farmers. McDonald’s exclusively employs 100 percent real white chicken that has been USDA-inspected and verified, so it is neither imitation chicken nor chicken from China.

Additionally, as the majority of McDonald’s chicken is breaded, it is not gluten-free and should be avoided by anyone on a gluten-free diet.

David Krug