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Behr, Glacier Bay, and Hampton Bay are just a few of the in-house brands available to shoppers at Home Depot, which promise excellent items at cheap costs.

If you’re a regular buyer of Hampton Bay products from Home Depot, you’re probably curious about the company that creates them. The information I’ve gleaned is as follows.

In 2022, who will manufacture Hampton Bay products for Home Depot?

As of 2022, a wide range of companies, including Sunjoy, Fedders Corporation, and Woodcrafters, will produce Hampton Bay items. As a result of the large variety of products sold under the Home Depot Hampton Bay brand, which encompasses everything from fans to cabinetry to furniture to lighting, numerous manufacturers in the United States and China are involved.

Read on if you’d like to learn more about the products supplied by the Hampton Bay brand, including where things like cabinetry and furniture are created and more!

Who is the owner of the Hampton Bay company that sells its products through Home Depot?

Hampton Bay is one of Home Depot’s in-house brands and is owned by the retailer. All Hampton Bay fans, lighting fixtures, and furnishings are manufactured and sold by Home Depot as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

There are no other furniture or home improvement stores that carry or sell Hampton Bay products.

Home Depot’s Hampton Bay brand is made by whom?

As stated by Hampton Bay, the company’s emblem is used to identify various products sold but not created by the brand. Instead, Home Depot contracts with a variety of third-party manufacturers and distributors to produce these items.

The intricacy of the manufacturing process and the components required dictate that not all Hampton Bay items are manufactured in the same location or by the same supplier.

Keep in mind that Hampton Bay’s products are made in both Asia and the United States, as can be seen below. The parts can be manufactured in China and then assembled in the United States.

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Is Hampton Bay AC manufactured for Home Depot by a third party?

Home Depot’s sale of Hampton Bay air conditioners may be limited to certain seasons in certain locations. Fedders Corporation, situated in New Jersey, is the primary manufacturer of these.

LG and GE are two of the other air conditioner manufacturers that Home Depot carries. Although these manufacturers no longer provide air conditioners for the Hampton Bay name, they remain competitors in the Home Depot sales hierarchy.

For Home Depot, who makes the Hampton Bay cabinets?

Under the Hampton Bay brand, Home Depot sells cabinetry for the kitchen and bathroom. These items, like others from Hampton Bay, are supplied by a company that is unaffiliated with Home Depot.

There are facilities in the United States and elsewhere that produce Hampton Bay cabinets, mostly in California, Florida, Texas, and Asia.

California-based JSA Industries and its Texas-based Woodcrafters joint venture manufacture the units for Hampton Bay cabinets. China is the primary source of manufacture for Hampton Bay cabinets, as evidenced by the company’s labeling.

Who is the manufacturer of Home Depot’s Hampton Bay ceiling fans?

Six categories of ceiling fans are available from Hampton Bay, including those with flush-mount installation, lights, indoor, outdoor, remotes, and QuickFit installation.

In order to pinpoint a certain third-party seller as the source of Hampton Bay ceiling fans, it may be difficult to identify a specific supplier or vendor. Due to Hampton Bay Lighting and Fans’ stated provision of these goods, a subsidiary of the main Hampton Bay corporation,

However, it appears that Hampton Bay ceiling fans are constructed in the United States from components manufactured in Asia, primarily in China.

Hampton Bay’s ceiling fans have been a mainstay in Home Depot’s in-house product line because of their widespread popularity. These Hampton Bay ceiling fans are sold at a reasonable price and have a wide range of satisfied customers.

What Company Makes Hampton Bay Patio Furniture for Home Depot?

Patio furniture from Hampton Bay, such as the following, may be found at Home Depot at an affordable price:

  • Seating on the patio
  • Tables for outside use
  • Out-of-door seating
  • Cushions
  • The use of gazebos and umbrellas
  • Rugs that can be used outside
  • Heating and lighting equipment for the outside
  • Protective coverings for furniture

It’s possible that numerous third-party suppliers make each piece because Home Depot sells so many outdoor goods from manufacturers all around Asia and the United States.

Please be aware that the Hampton Bay patio furniture sold by Home Depot is made in China, as indicated by the product labeling and delivery details.

Determine where your item was made by checking the “Made in” label on the production or serial number. A lack of this indicates that the components of your product were manufactured at different sites.

How Are Hampton Bay Gazebos Made?

The majority of Hampton Bay’s patio furniture is made in China, including their gazebos. There, Home Depot distributes them in both the United States and Canada.

Many people believe Sunjoy used to manufacture Hampton Bay-branded products, however, Home Depot has yet to corroborate this information.

Who Makes Home Depot’s Hampton Bay Lighting?

As with the firm’s ceiling fan offerings, Hampton Bay lighting is generally manufactured in-state by the company itself. Despite this, the components for these lighting fixtures are manufactured outside of the United States, most of which are located in China.

As a result of Hampton Bay’s localized headquarters, the company’s lighting fixtures can be sold at a lower price than those of its competitors’ offerings.

With Hampton Bay Lighting and Fans as a part of the Home Depot supplier network, customers may quickly reach the company for technical support and customer service helplines.

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Bottom Line

As one of Home Depot’s low-cost in-house product lines, Hampton Bay sells a wide range of furnishings, fixtures, and ceiling fans.

Although it is a brand, it isn’t a manufacturing corporation. Prior to being sold in-store and online, Hampton Bay products are assembled by a variety of manufacturers located around the United States and abroad.

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