Who Has Cheaper Paint Lowes Or Home Depot

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Fresh paint in an eye-catching hue may transform a room in an instant. An external paint job on the shed or garage may breathe fresh life into a drab space.

Many of us turn to Lowe’s and Home Depot when we need to paint our homes.

On the surface, these two stores appear to be quite similar; in reality, they have a wide range of products to meet a wide range of customer demands and wallets. Lowe’s vs. Home Depot paint comparison is here for your convenience.

In 2022, Lowe’s vs. Home Depot Paint

Types and Prices of Lowe’s vs. Home Depot Paint

With the prices linked, let’s go through every store’s stock of paint one by one to see how much it costs.

Five major brands are available at Lowe’s. These are only a few examples:

  • Sherwin Williams
  • Infinity — $50.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one, with their “One-Coat Protection” guarantee
  • Showcase — $36.98 per 1 gallon; Advanced stain and scrub resistance; Can also bears “One-Coat Coverage” on label
  • Ovation Plus — $29.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one, but without the one-coat coverage
  • Ceiling — $35.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one, no one-coat coverage
  • Valspar
  • Signature — $39.98 per 1 gallon; Paint plus primer
  • Ultra — $32.98 per 1 gallon; Paint plus primer
  • Reserve — $39.98 per 1 gallon; Valspar’s one-coat paint and primer
  • 2000 — $19.98 per 1 gallon; Works well in residential and commercial properties; Works well over existing painted surfaces
  • 4000 — $15.98 per 1 gallon; The cheapest Valspar paint, 4-hour recoat time
  • Giani
  • Cabinet paint — $39.95 per kit
  • Brick Transformations — $39.95 per kit
  • Beyond Paint – Cabinet, and Countertops
  • All-In-One Flat – $41.21/qt.; $102.95/gal.
  • All-In-One Satin — $29.95/pt.
  • Rust-Oleum
  • Stops Rust — $10.98 per 1-quart can; Protective enamel for rust prevention
  • Metallic Accents — $53.21 per 1-quart jar; For furniture, ceilings, walls, trim, doors, etc.
  • Home — $42.02 per 2-step kit; Floor paint to transform vinyl, linoleum, concrete, etc.

When shopping for home improvement supplies, keep an eye out for the many exclusive brands that only Home Depot offers.

These are only a few examples:

  • Behr
  • Marquee — $45.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one; One-coat guarantee
  • Ultra — $36.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one; Scuff defense
  • Premium Plus — $33.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one
  • PPG
  • Timeless — $38.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one; One-coat coverage
  • Diamond — $25.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one; Low odor
  • Glidden
  • Premium — $25.98 per 1 gallon; Paint and primer in one
  • Essentials — $19.98 per 1 gallon; Paint only (separate primer needed)
  • Ceiling — $25.98 per 1 gallon

The Rust-Oleum brand is also available at Home Depot. Despite this, they have a large selection of spray paints from Rust-Oleum, ranging in price from $4.48 to $6.39 for 12-oz cans of the brand.

Exterior Paint: Lowe’s vs. Home Depot

There are around 12 primary varieties of exterior paint available at Lowe’s:

  • Exterior House Paint
  • Exterior Paint & Primer In One
  • Porch & Floor Paint
  • Barn & Fence Paint
  • Garage Floor Paint
  • Garage Door Paint
  • Industrial Brushing Enamel
  • Marine Paint (for boats)
  • Concrete Paint
  • Metal Paint
  • Stone Paint
  • Brick Paint

These are from well-known names in the industry, including Valspar, Sherwin Williams, Giani, and Rust-Oleum.

The following types of exterior paint are available at Home Depot:

  • Deck Paint
  • Patio Paint
  • Garage Floor Paint
  • Masonry Paint
  • Brick Paint
  • Roof Paint
  • Front Door Paint

These are made by Rust-Oleum, Behr, Romabio, and a brand named Olympic, among others.

Comparatively, a gallon of Behr-brand vs a gallon of the Lowes-brand paint will set you back roughly $32 and $40, respectively.

Paint Matching Services at Lowe’s versus Home Depot

Paint matching services are available at both Lowe’s and Home Depot, as is to be expected.

When you bring in a quality sample of an existing color and the merchant finds an exact match or comes very, very near, you are doing paint matching.

You may bring in a color you noticed this morning and Home Depot will match it. Ideally, you should carry a one-inch piece of paint chip with you for safekeeping in order to receive the greatest results.

Take a picture of the object or image that inspired you, or bring it into the room. Make a test patch of the new paint and let it dry on a piece of paper to see whether the color changes after the paint is dry.

You may color-match paint from either Home Depot or Lowe’s if it arrives from one of their locations or from neither!

By the way, this service is completely free of charge. If they locate the paint color you’re looking for, you’ll probably buy it straight away.

Lowe’s vs. Home Depot Paint: Superior Quality and Overall

Consumer Reports’ top paint brands include Sherwin-Williams and Behr from both Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Aside from the hues, Sherwin Williams has also been featured several times on the Good Housekeeping list of the finest interior paints.

Additionally, Country Living has praised Home Depot’s Behr Marquee and PPG paint for their coverage and longevity, respectively.

I, on the other hand, have firsthand knowledge of the quality of paint purchased from both of these establishments.

For my home office, I selected Sherwin Williams Showcase paint. I usually go with Behr, but for the sake of saving money, I decided to test Sherwin Williams.

A lot of the dried-on paint came off when I attempted to remove the tape off the floor and window trim.

That has never happened with Home Depot’s Behr Marquee. Its one-coat promise has always held true for me, and the final outcome has always looked wonderful. Behr Marquee from Home Depot is the best paint for interior walls I’ve ever used.

This paint is more costly, even if it is of comparable quality as Sherwin Williams’ Infinity which comes with a one-coat warranty. Every time I’ve purchased Behr Marquee, it was on sale for around $39.

Go for the Behr Marquee, which is a paint and primer in one, as well as providing good coverage with only one coat.

We’ve written on Home Depot giving free paint samples, Home Depot vs. Lowe’s, and whether or not Home Depot mixes paint in the past if you’re interested in learning more.

Bottom Line

In addition to offering a wide variety of high-quality paint, Lowe’s and Home Depot are two of the largest shops in the country.

As far as painting goes, you can’t go wrong with either business when it comes to your home’s inside and exterior.

Home Depot’s Behr Marquee, priced at $45.98 per gallon, is the finest paint for the interior of your home, hands-down.

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