Where To Get Watch Links Removed

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With so many items and services that help customers “save money and live better,” you may ask if Walmart provides watch repair services..

As a result, you may be asking if Walmart removes watch links from items. See what I found out!

When Will Watch Links Be Removed From Walmart’s Website?

In the year 2022, Walmart will not be removing the watch connections from its products. As a result of low demand, Walmart no longer offers this service at their jewelry counters. As an alternative, shoppers can visit Kohl’s or Nordstrom for free watch link removal and purchase watch repair kits from Walmart.

Keep reading to find out more about watch repair kits for do-it-yourself and other locations!

What Retailers Remove Watch Links?

Innumerable retailers offer the service of removing watch bands. However, most jewelry stores and even key-cutting establishments offer the service.

Even if you bought the watch from the store where you’re getting it fixed, you’ll still have to pay a fee. The cost varies from store to store, but it’s often between $10 and $15.

Here are few places where you can get watch links deleted for free:

  • JCPenney
  • Macy’s
  • Kohl’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Dillard’s

Are Watch Repair Products Available at Walmart?

Yes! Walmart no longer offers in-store removal of watch links, but it does sell watchmaker toolkits so that you can perform it yourself.

Some of these kits come with additional equipment such as a watch link pin remover, a band holder, and a hammer.

As many as a hundred parts are included in some of the kits, allowing you to do a variety of watch repairs.

On the Walmart website, you can also purchase watch repair toolkits from Walmart and from third-party vendors.

What Are My Options for Disabling the Watch Links on My Computer?

Many people choose to have their watch band links removed by a professional because of the difficulty of the task!

If you have the necessary tools, which you can get at Walmart, you can easily remove the watch links at home.

Depending on the sort of watch you are dealing with, you will have to delete the links in a different way.

Pins of various shapes and sizes, such as round, flat, and screwed, will be used to make different watch bands. To alter the size of your watch, locate the pins used by your timepiece and remove the links using the instructions provided in your toolkit.

Is Walmart a Good Place to Get a Watch?

As well as providing watch repair toolkits, Walmart also offers genuine watches. If your local store has a jewelry counter, or if watches are exhibited on racks and shelves, you can find a large variety of timepieces.

Walmart offers a wider variety of watches, some of which are sold and distributed by independent third-party retailers.

When it comes to purchasing a timepiece, Walmart is the place to go!

Our information on whether or not Walmart can replace watch batteries, Walmart’s Apple Watch return policy, and where to find watch batteries in Walmart are also available.

Bottom Line

Walmart no longer offers the option of removing watch linkages, which was previously available for a modest fee or free of charge.

Walmart sells watch repair kits you may pick up in-store or order online if you need to modify the size of your timepiece.

If you prefer, you can take your watch to one of the many watch repair shops in the United States. These shops frequently offer free removal of watch links.

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