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Target’s strategy of building large shops helps it to sell a wide selection of products and draw thousands of consumers every day.

If you’ve ever wondered, “What city has the largest Target in the country, and how big is it?” then you’re not alone. Here’s the answer to this intriguing question!

The most important place to hit in 2022 will be where?

At the time of this writing, the United States’ largest Target store is slated to open in Annapolis, Maryland. If this shop is over 200,000 square feet, it dwarfs the standard Target location’s 130,000 square foot size by quite a little!

Please continue reading for more information on how a standard Target differs from the more expensive SuperTarget, as well as which cities and states have the most Target locations!

What Is The Maximum Size Of A Target Store?

Nearly 4.5 acres of retail space cover the largest SuperTarget in Hoover, Alabama, which is around 191,000 square feet larger than the largest Target store.

For more information about The Valley Forge Shopping Center’s 165,000-square-foot Target store in King of Prussia (Pennsylvania), please see:

While SuperTargets used to provide more services and items than their regular-sized counterparts, this practice was discontinued in 2012.

To compete with Walmart Supercenters, a hypermarket-style experience was created by integrating groceries with additional checkouts and facilities.

For the first time since rebranding in August of 2015, Target announced that all of its shops would simply be referred to as “Target.”

As a result of this announcement, modern locations have simply been referred to as Target, although older stores may still display SuperTarget banners.

Is there a city that has the most Targets?

With a total of 21 Target locations, Chicago, Illinois, has the most in the country.

Los Angeles, California; Minneapolis; and Minnesota; each have 17 stores.

In addition, San Jose, California, has the fewest Target stores, with just 11 of them.

In addition, California, Texas, and Florida are the states with the most Target stores, each with a total of 310.

In terms of size, what can be considered the tiniest possible target?

The tiniest Target may be found in Wicker Park, Chicago, and is only 12,800 square feet in size.

Around 2018 or so, Target started opening smaller stores in urban locations where a larger Target would not fit.

Students may easily visit 30 of the company’s small-format stores located near college campuses, out of the company’s total of more than 140 across the United States.

It’s easier to buy at these smaller stores because they’ve done their homework on the area and know which things are most popular there (since the store has limited space and inventory).

In order to find out what they need to provide the community, teams of employees conduct research on other local businesses and solicit feedback from visitors.

As a result, two Target stores six blocks apart may be completely different.

See our linked entries on some intriguing Target data, Target’s competitive advantages, and the reasons why Target failed in Canada to learn more about this beloved store.

Bottom Line

The largest Target is in Annapolis, Maryland, and measures over 200,000 square feet (around 4.5 acres of land).

To better serve small communities and metropolitan regions, Target is increasing the number of its small-format stores across the United States.

Newer large-scale Target stores are renamed and rebranded as “SuperTarget,” while older stores of the same size were previously referred to as “SuperTarget.”

Depending on the location of the shop, SuperTarget may still be visible on the exterior of the building.

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