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Where Is Great Value Products Made

By David Krug 8 minute read

This commitment is shown in the low pricing Walmart offers on everyday necessities. As a way to assist consumers save even more money, Walmart sells a wide variety of foods under the Great Value brand.

You may ask if Walmart’s generic foods and big-name brands have different quality levels. So, who is it that creates Walmart’s Great Value merchandise? In this comprehensive guide, I’ll disclose the reputable companies behind Great Value items.

How Do Walmart’s 2022 Value Products Get Made?

Great Value foods like peanut butter, cheese, coffee, and salsa are most commonly made by ConAgra and Sara Lee. Walmart owns and operates a dairy facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which manufactures milk for the retail giant. The likes of Danon, Ziploc, General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Kraft are also touted to be Great Value foods.

If you’d like to learn more about the 27 important Great Value goods, keep reading!

1. Walmart’s Great Value Water Is Sourced From Natural Springs

The Basswood Springs in Platte County, Missouri, is the source of Walmart’s Great Value spring water.

You can buy a gallon of this for $0.80 and use it to fill several bottles. Because of the water’s pH balance after ozonation treatment, it is less likely to contain dangerous contaminants.

The Sacramento Municipal water supply is also used for Walmart’s Great Value filtered bottled water. Niagara Bottling is renowned by Canadian consumers for producing Great Value water.

2. Great Value Root Beer Made By Cott 

You can save a lot of money by drinking Walmart’s store-branded beer. Great Value root beer, according to Cott, is made by the company. Twelve 12-ounce cans cost just $2.28, while an eighty-eight-ounce bottle costs just 74 cents.

You won’t be able to tell the difference between Walmart’s Great Value root beer and the nation’s favorite A&W beer! While A&W’s root beer costs more than $11, you can save about $10 by drinking Great Value root beer.

3. Ziploc Are Likely Manufacturers Of Great Value Zipper Bags 

While A&W’s root beer costs over $11, you can save over $10 if you buy Great Value root beer instead.

4.Danon’s Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Is Exceptional.

You may be surprised to learn that Danon, the well-known manufacturer of Great Value and Greek yogurts, is really a subsidiary. When you pick Great Value, you’ll get the same great yogurt at a better deal.

Great Value’s 32-ounce containers of low-fat vanilla yogurt cost just $1.74, but Danon’s cost nearly a dollar more, at $2.78, for the same amount of yogurt. Isn’t it true that every penny saved makes a difference?

There are 32-ounce pots and 4-6 ounce cups of mixed berry and greek yogurts with flavors including mixed berry, peach, key lime, blueberry, strawberry, banana, orange, and cherry.

5. Great Value Ice Cream Tastes Like Breyers!

Wells is the manufacturer of the Great Value ice cream varieties such as vanilla, cookies and cream, unicorn dazzle, fudge tracks, and strawberry shortcake! Wells’ Great Value ice cream has been tried and true for more than three decades!

As a lover of Breyers ice cream, I recommend you try Walmart’s Great Value ice cream as well. When you buy Great Value ice cream (48oz tub) for $2.97 instead of Breyers for $4.18, you can save up to 30%. (48oz tub).

6. UTZ Makes Potato Chips That Are a Great Value. 

Is UTZ also in charge of making Walmart’s Great Value potato chips, according to rumors? While you may not notice a change in taste, you’ll definitely notice a difference in price. UTZ chips cost 22 cents a pound, whereas Great Value chips only 16 cents a pound, which is a significant savings.

UTZ potato chips are often offered in bulk, and regular consumers are likely aware of this. Consequently, Great Value potato chips are an excellent pick for a fast snack on a budget..

7. Great Value Peanut Butter Is Made By Peter Pan’s Manufacturers! 

Peter Pan peanut butter is $4.68 for a 40-ounce jar, but you can purchase a 64-ounce Great Value creamy peanut butter for $4.34 (that’s 6.8 cents per ounce!). Aside from that, ConAgra produces Peter Pan and Great Value products at the same plant.

A good selection of peanut butter is available for around $10 per jar at Walmart, with flavors ranging from smooth to organic to crunchy to powdered.

8. Procter & Gamble Manufactured Great Value Paper Towels 

For its Great Value budget brand, Walmart may have teamed up with Procter & Gamble, the same business that creates Charmin toilet tissue, to manufacture home basics like paper towels. There are now 31 paper-making facilities operated by P&G in the United States.

Great Value paper towels sell for $5.22 for a four-pack of everyday usage, whereas 24 heavy-duty paper towels cost $14.97 (less than a penny apiece!).

9. Walmart’s Dairy Plant Produces Great Value Almond Milk

A high probability exists that Walmart will produce almond milk under its Great Value Brand in addition to cow’s milk when it establishes its own dairy facility.

However, depending on where you live, you may not know exactly where the milk you buy at the grocery store comes from. Meadow Gold Dairy and Borden Dairy Company, two more well-known dairy producers, also produce their own brands.

All of us are now aware of just how expensive almond milk can be. This is fortunate since Walmart’s Great Value brand has made half a gallon (with a chocolate twist) available for only 1.98.

10. ConAgra Produces Great Value Salsa 

Peter Pan, a well-known producer, is rumored to have bought ConAgra’s Great Value salsa.
A wide variety of Great Value salsas are available, from mild to thick and chunky to mango and pineapple to organic and roasted garlic.

Purchasing Great Value items allows customers to save a significant amount of money compared to purchasing name-brand salsa.

11. Great Value Spices Taste The Same As McCormick 

According to recent research, there is no way to tell if McCormick or Great Value spices are the real deal.

Spices and seasoning goods are notoriously pricey, but due to Walmart’s Great Value, you can spice up your recipes to the next level using spices. A normal 0.80-ounce jar of Great Value basil leaves costs 98 cents ($1.23 per oz), but McCormick’s basil costs $2.44 ($3.94 per oz) for the same amount.

12. Great Value Flour Made By ConAgra

If you’re looking for Great Value flour elsewhere, consider the well-known ConAgra brand’s U.S. flour milling business, which also happens to be situated in the United States. Walmart’s alternative to grocery shopping is by far the most cost-effective. In the United States and Canada, Great Value flour is readily available.

Instead of paying $9.10 for 10 pounds of Gold Medal flour, why not save $5.98 by purchasing generic Great Value flour from Walmart? 5lb packages of Great Value flour are available for around $5, including all-purpose, unbleached and self-raising almond and coconut flours.

13. Great Value Ketchup Tastes Like Heinz! 

For example, ketchup is probably manufactured by ConAgra because the company offers a number of Great Value goods. Apparently, Great Value ketchup is just as good as Heinz ketchup.

There was a striking resemblance in the component lists of the two items we analyzed!
A 64-ounce bottle of Heinz Ketchup costs $4.49, whereas a 64-ounce bottle of Great Value Ketchup costs $5.84. This is a significant difference in price.

14. Sara Lee Manufactures Great Value K-Cups 

Great Value k-cups from Walmart are a great option if you’re on a budget but still want a tasty way to start your day. Sara Lee is said to be the manufacturer of Walmart’s Great Value coffee by Master Chef, according to an internet article.

Donut shop, Columbian, Breakfast Blend, Blonde Roast and more are all available in a variety of Great Value k-cup flavors at Walmart! Great Value packs 48 cost $14.92 (31 each cup), which is far less than Starbucks 44 k-cups, which cost $28.98 (66 per cup). That’s a great deal!

15. Great Value Laundry Detergent Made Eco-Friendly By Agaia! 

Great Value laundry detergent was created by Walmart and Again in 2013 as a result of this relationship.

If you’d like a clear or lavender scent, you can get 100 fluid ounces of eco-friendly liquid detergent for $7.98, which is enough for 64 washes. Tide’s identical product, which costs $11.97 for 92 fl oz, is no longer available. Comparatively, Great Value costs 8 per ounce while Tide comes in at $18 for each ounce.

16. Great Value Light Bulbs Are Made By Savant Systems, Formerly GE Lighting 

The Bucyrus Lamp Facility in the United States, where Savant Systems just purchased the plant from GE Lighting, presently produces the majority of Great Value light bulbs. However, according to a Savant Company, Walmart plans to outsource the majority of its Great Value light bulb manufacture to China.

Instead of spending a fortune on name-brand bulbs, try Great Value’s alternatives. For a total of 12 light bulbs, customers may expect to pay up to $10.88 (or 90 cents each). All light bulbs accomplish the same thing, after all!

17. Great Value Cheese Is Produced By ConAgra 

Great Value cheese appears to be made in several different states, according to various sources. At Walmart, you may get several varieties of Great Value shredded and crumbled dairy products.

When you buy Great Value medium cheddar cheese in 16-ounce packages for just $3.36, you won’t have to deal with costly cheeses again. It is certain that you will enjoy the flavor (and the price). As a bonus, it’s a great source of protein and calcium!

18. Sara Lee Makes Walmart’s Great Value Coffee

For Walmart’s Great Value brand, Sara Lee provides the low-priced coffee. Roasted ground coffee from Great Value costs $16.50 per ounce and comes in 48-ounce containers. You can save even more money if you buy a two-pack for $14.88 (15 cents per ounce).

If you take into account the cost differential, Walmart’s branded ground coffee often costs more than $12 for smaller quantities.

19. Great Value Coffee Creamer Is Made By Sara Lee

To enhance your cup of joe without squandering all of your hard-earned money, consider using Great Value coffee creamer.

Sara Lee is likely the manufacturer of Walmart’s Great Value coffee creamer. Sara Lee is well-known for producing several of Walmart’s Great Value coffee goods.

Walmart’s Great Value coffee creamer is a great alternative to Nestle’s Coffee-Mate. For $1.50, Great Value coffee creamer is dairy- and cholesterol-free and saves consumers about $15. How can you say no to a price of 10 cents per ounce?

20. Great Value Cookies Are Just Like Girl Scout Cookies! 

If you’re craving Girl Scout cookies, Walmart has Great Value cookies in flavors inspired by the popular cookie company.

Great Value cookies cost just $1.38 a box, instead of the usual $4. If you’re looking for some great value fudge-covered peanut butter cookies or a variety of other treats, Walmart has them!

Sara Lee and ConAgra are likely to create Great Value cookies because they make a lot of Great Value necessary items.

Where Are Great Value Products Made? 

The location of the Great Value product’s maker is rarely stated on the label. Walmart, on the other hand, claims that all of their items are manufactured in the United States. In the United States and Canada, there are several manufacturers of high-quality, low-cost products.

Is Great Value A Good Brand? 

There are some great value items created by the same companies that make big-name brands. Great Value foods, on the other hand, are typically prepared with the same components as branded products, so you won’t notice a difference in flavor. It’s the low pricing that sets Great Value apart from the rest of the pack.

Bottom Line

Foods like cheese, peanut butter, coffee, and salsa are made by Sara Lee and ConAgra, two of the best-known Great Value food makers. In Fort Wayne, Walmart’s dairy facility makes milk.

Agaia, on the other hand, manufactures Great Value laundry detergent and other cleaning products. Danon, McCormick, Wells, General Mills, and Ziploc are a few other names in the industry.