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Where Is Food Coloring In Walmart

By David Krug 2 minute read

Food coloring is the finest method to jazz up any cake, whether you’re baking with kids or following a unique recipe. When you’re looking for the best food coloring at Walmart and other grocery stores, refer back to this page!

Where Can I Purchase Food Coloring at Walmart?

Near vanilla essence and sprinkles in the baking aisle are food coloring options from which Walmart consumers may choose.

Some Walmarts even have food coloring in the party department near the baking supplies or the home utensil aisle among the baking and pastry equipment, just to name a few. Keep reading to see which food colorings are the best at Walmart and where you can get them at other supermarkets!

To Locate Food Coloring, Use The Walmart App!

Download the Walmart Plus app for Apple and Android phones before traveling to your local Walmart and have the entire store at your fingertips.

Using the Walmart store’s zip code, log in to the app and register the location. Go online and look at what’s available at your local supermarket. If a product you click on is in stock, you’ll be given the aisle and shelf number.

If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to establish one using an email address and a password that only you know. Alternatively, you may approach a member of the staff for help.

Where Do Grocery Stores Have Food Coloring?

There are several grocery stores that put food coloring items in the baking aisle next to other decorating supplies like icing and sprinkles so that customers may easily get them. Aside from the cupcake wrappers, several supermarkets also have food coloring on hand in the cooking tool section.

Which Food Coloring Is The Best At Walmart?

Walmart offers an impressive plethora of colors for budding bakers to enjoy. The Wilton Color Right Performance 8-piece food coloring set comes with yellow, red, blue, orange, green, pink, brown, and black food coloring options. 

However, if you’re all about the flavor, Walmart sells food coloring infused with vanilla extract, lemon, or spices. Additionally, if you’re cooking with the kids, the Pepper Pig Food Paint for just over $5 provides strawberry, peach, and blueberry flavored coloring.

No luck in-store? You can head over to to view an extensive range of food coloring. If you are looking to do some baking, you may also be wondering where you can find yeast, Xantham Gum, coconut oil, ghee, and castor oil in Walmart and other grocery store chains.