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Where Is Corn Syrup In Grocery Store

By David Krug 3 minute read

As a former Walmart customer, you’ll know how enormous these stores are! When you’re trying to find a certain item, you may find yourself wandering aimlessly around the store’s maze of aisles.

Instead of asking yourself “On what aisle is corn syrup in Walmart” just read my guide on where to locate corn syrup in Walmart and grocery shops.

Where is corn syrup in Walmart? 

The baking section at Walmart is a good place to get corn syrup, along with golden syrup and flour. In addition, it is common to see corn syrup in the same vicinity as other sugar substitutes, as corn syrup is a popular sugar alternative.

While some Walmarts stock corn syrup in the breakfast aisle alongside hot cereal and maple syrup, others do not.

Keep reading to learn where to get corn syrup at Walmart and other major retailers.

Use the Walmart + App to Find Corn Syrup at Walmart

The Walmart Plus app is a great answer to the problem of navigating Walmart locations. The software is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded for free now! Select a shop by entering your zip code in the store finder. If corn syrup is available at your chosen retailer, you’ll be informed of the exact aisle and shelf position, as well as the current stock level.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone! A Walmart employee will gladly send you in the appropriate direction if they’re available!

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Where is corn syrup in other grocery stores?

As a general rule, you’ll find corn syrup in the baking aisle among cooking syrups and flour or next to sugars and sweeteners in most supermarkets. In addition, some supermarkets keep corn syrup in the same section as hot cereal and maple syrup in the morning department.

What is the best corn syrup at Walmart?

With the selling of dark and light corn syrup, Walmart hopes to meet the baking demands of every client. Consumers have given Blackburn’s light corn syrup a 5-star rating at a price of $21.99. You’ll get a total of 32 ounces of product.

At, the most popular dark syrup is the Karo corn syrup, which costs $12.95. Baking enthusiasts may get 1-5 gallons of corn syrup in bulk for $37-$122. The Wholesome organic sweetener, which costs less than $15, is a good option if you’re searching for something gentler.

Liquid corn syrup by the gallon is also available at Walmart. All of Corn Syrup’s products may be viewed right here on our website.

Bottom Line

Corn syrup is a natural sweetener that is used in the creation of many different foods and drinks, and is commonly used as an ingredient for baking, confections, and candies.

Because it’s commonly used for baking, you will generally find corn syrup in the baking aisle at both Walmart stores and other grocery stores, such as Kroger, Whole Foods, Safeway, or Publix, along with the other baking ingredients. Most grocery stores sell corn syrup, so there’s a good chance that your favorite grocery store will also sell at least a couple of different corn syrup options.

The most common brand of corn syrup available is Karo syrup. You can find Karo light corn syrup and Karo high fructose corn syrup, among other brands, at most stores. Karo syrup comes packaged in a bottle, same as most other brands of corn syrup.

If you’re shopping at Walmart specifically, you can usually find corn syrup in their in-house brand, Great Value. Great Value light corn syrup and Great Value dark corn syrup are both readily available at most Walmart stores, so there’s a good chance it will be available at your local store.

If you can’t find the corn syrup in the baking aisle, you might want to check the breakfast aisle, as some stores opt to stock it with the hot cereals and pancakes instead.

David Krug