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Where Does Petsmart Get Their Reptiles

By David Krug 5 minute read

The health and social dynamics of a new pet can be determined by finding out where the animal came from.

Along with their adoption center partnerships, PetSmart also stocks and sells smaller pets in their retail locations. Then, where do PetSmart’s animals come from in the first place? I’ve compiled everything I could find!

Where will PetSmart’s animals come from in 2022?

Breeding facilities and animal rescue shelters are among the places PetSmart gets its animals from. The type of animal and the ethics surrounding its breeding will determine where the animal comes from. As a result, some of PetSmart’s smaller pets, like hamsters and rats, are obtained through the use of livestock breeding facilities.

Just keep reading to learn more about animal breeding mills and where specific animals come from!

What’s the source of PetSmart’s fish?

PetSmart’s advertised and sold fish is usually purchased from a fish market. This is a type of business that imports animals from breeders or other suppliers and sells them to pet companies.

According to former PetSmart employees, Fish Mart is the most popular source of fish for the retailer. Fish Mart is also a preferred vendor for many of the nation’s pet stores.

What is the source of PetSmart’s reptiles?

Reptiles by Mack, a company that has been breeding reptiles since 1985, is a source for PetSmart’s reptiles.

In the case of Reptiles by Mack, the reptiles are kept as babies until they are big enough to be shipped out to pet stores like PetSmart.

In the near future, Reptiles by Mack will likely provide PetSmart with the following reptiles:

  • Geckos with Crested Spots
  • Corn snakes,
  • Snakes with the Head of a King
  • pythons or ball python
  • There are Leopard Geckos out there.
  • Dragons with Bearded Skin
  • Snakes that Drink Milk

What is the source of PetSmart’s birds?

As part of the Kaytee Preferred Birds program, PetSmart purchases birds from other large-scale breeders.

Preparing birds for PetSmart contracts, the Kaytee Preferred Birds program provides them with the proper nutrition.

There are two Kaytee Preferred Birds locations in Florida and one in Las Vegas. You can buy everything from food and cages to treats for your birds from Kaytee’s own bird food business.

Do you know where PetSmart gets its small animals?

A variety of small animals are available for purchase in-store at PetSmart. In addition to guinea pigs, hamsters and rats, there are chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Many PetSmart customers have reported that when they inquire about the origin of these animals, they were told that they come from local, ethical breeders.

Despite this, many have raised concerns that these breeders are really just animal mills that aim to breed as many pets as possible for profit.

Do you know where PetSmart gets their cats?

There are no cats or kittens for sale at PetSmart, but they work with several adoption centers that list a number of cats that are up for adoption.

The Brown County Humane Society says that PetSmart works with local animal rescue shelters to rehome cats who have been abandoned or neglected.

In the Bloomington Eastside and Martinsville locations, the Brown County Humane Society animal shelter advertises any available cats for adoption.

Where Do PetSmart’s Dogs & Puppies Come From?

If you’re looking to adopt a dog or puppy, PetSmart is a great place to start.

Adoptions are handled by experts in most PetSmart stores’ adoption centers.

Due to PetSmart’s nationwide network of adoption centers, these adoption groups all have unique characteristics. To find the specific adoption group for an individual dog at PetSmart Charities, click the “learn more” button.

For instance, this New York-area husky is from ‘No Dog Left Behind.’

What Exactly Are Animal Breeding Mills?

Animal breeding mills are farms that breed animals in large numbers for the sole purpose of making a profit, rather than providing them with the proper care, treatment, and nutrition they require to live healthy and happy lives.

These animals are often kept in squalid conditions because of overpopulation. As a result, a wide range of issues, including the spread of animal diseases and illnesses, may arise.

How Moral are Animal Breeding Facilities?

The practices of animal breeding mills are viewed by many as unethical, regardless of how they are characterized.

The fact is that not all animal breeding mills mistreat their animals, claiming that they are well-versed in animal husbandry.

There should never be an excessive number of animals in the care of any one breeder. They will also give each animal the best possible care and treatment, ensuring that they grow up to be social and healthy.

When adopting or purchasing an animal, the best way to check for breeding mills is to visit the place where you’re getting it from.

Online reviews of a business are also a good way to get a sense of how the animals are cared for at the facility. Funding breeding mills that are unethical will only serve to keep them open.

Is PetSmart a Good Place to Purchase Animals?

As a final option, you can purchase live animals from PetSmart maintains that the live animals, fish, birds, and reptiles are sourced from responsible breeders, despite the fact that there are breeding concerns.

Before purchasing an animal from PetSmart, inquire about the animal’s health and upbringing.

Also, feel free to inquire with the PetSmart staff about the origins of a specific animal. You have every right to look up a company name or breeder information if they can provide it to you.

You can read more accurate reviews of the breeder organization if you do this. This will help you make a better decision before you buy the animal.

In spite of this, we strongly recommend that you adopt other animals from PetSmart’s charitable organizations, such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. All of these animals come from reputable animal shelters or charities.

See our guides on how much it costs to put a dog to sleep at PetSmart, the return policy for pet fish, and our comprehensive guide to the PetSmart Hotel for more information.

Bottom Line

From vendors and breeding farms, as well as animal rescue shelters and charitable organizations, PetSmart obtains its animals.

Internal and undercover investigations by PETA and other animal rights groups have shown that PetSmart’s live animals are not sourced from ethical breeding farms.

Therefore, if you are concerned about animal welfare, we recommend that you adopt where possible. Most PetSmart locations have a fantastic adoption center.

Many animal rescue shelters work together with them to make sure abandoned and neglected animals get the love, care, and attention they deserve.