Where Does Petco Get Their Guinea Pigs

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Petco deals with a high number of animals because it is a major provider of live pets in the United States.

For those of you who are considering purchasing a pet from one of their stores or online, we’ve done the research to address your questions.

In 2022, where will Petco acquire animals?

According to location, Petco purchases animals from a wide range of suppliers. As an alternative to selling pets, Petco procures its canines and felines from animal shelters and rescue organizations throughout the country.

Aside from rats and small birds, most of Petco’s other animals in 2022 will be sourced from commercial breeding facilities.

Find out more about Petco’s suppliers and the farms that provide them with their animals in the following sections!

Where does Petco acquire its cats?

Cats are obtained by Petco from local rescue shelters and other animal welfare groups since the firm has chosen to promote adoptions over the direct sale of cats.

This pet store has never sold cats and instead has always offered them for adoption as a part of their service to the community.

For the sake of population control, it is preferable to adopt cats who have been abandoned or strays because they breed so frequently.

For further more on Petco Love or the Petco Foundation, please visit:

When customers donate to Petco Love, the company donates a portion of the funds raised to Petco Love in return.

Where Does Petco acquire its canine inventory?

Because Petco promotes adoption rather than direct sales, the firm obtains dogs from local shelters and other animal welfare groups in the vicinity.

There are no dogs for sale at Petco, just as there are no cats there. Petco connects strays in need of homes with people wishing to adopt pets, in addition to the abandoned canines already at the shelter.

It was originally known as the Petco Foundation, and now Petco Love, which collaborates with local animal rescue shelters to discover dogs and link them with clients.

Under the terms of this agreement, Petco is responsible for collecting adoption fees and donations for local animal shelters.

Petco gets its ferrets from where?

Several sources claim that Petco only buys ferrets from Marshall Farms, also known as Marshall BioResources, for its ferrets.

North Rose, New York, is the headquarters of Marshall, which has worldwide subsidiaries in France, the United Kingdom, and China, as well as in Japan.

As the world’s largest ferret breeder, this firm supplies pet retailers like Petco and animal testing institutes with ferrets.

Marshall has been penalized by the USDA more than 20 times in the past for breaches of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA).

Since Petco avoids puppy mills because of ethical concerns about their treatment of animals, some animal rights organizations and others have called on Petco to cut connections with the firm.

Where does Petco get their rabbits?

Rescue shelters and other animal welfare groups near Petco outlets supply the store with rabbits and bunnies for adoption.

Previously, Petco sold rabbits from breeders and mills, but after criticism from rabbit welfare groups, it has now adopted the adoption approach.

Information from HRS and Petco talks shows that this decision took several years to come to fruition, according to our research.

Rabbits from rescue operations were delivered to one Petco site to test the idea and show that it worked during discussions in 2002 when the HRS put out and tested out a model like this.

If the results of this test run were favorable, Petco was meant to transition to supplying rabbits for adoption rather than selling them directly.

After Petco withdrew from this arrangement, negotiations were delayed for a long time until the firm ultimately announced that it will stop selling rabbits and bunnies.

Animals available for adoption at Petco are a result of Petco Love’s collaborations with local rescue organizations, just like the company’s canines and felines.

Where Does Petco Get Their Birds?

In order to supply Kaytee Pet Supplies with birds, Petco uses the Kaytee Preferred Birds program, a Kaytee subsidiary. Among Kaytee’s pet food and treat, products are some geared at birds and other tiny animals, such as rabbits.

If you’re looking to buy a pet parrot, the Kaytee Preferred Birds program has agreements with breeders to provide the birds and then distribute them through stores like Petco, according to an online bird enthusiast site.

Where Does Petco Get Rodents?

Because of previous complaints launched against Petco involving rats, we know that Barney’s Pets and Fish Mart are two of the breeders Petco purchases rats from, and both of these breeders are well-known.

Cases in Portland, Maine, and San Diego, California, both cited Barney’s Pets as suppliers.

Where does Petco acquire its guinea pigs?

A number of breeders, such as Fish Mart and Barney’s Pets, supply Petco with guinea pig animals for sale. The majority of the rodents come from the same sources every time.

Where does Petco source their reptiles?

A wide range of breeders and big pet exporters supply Petco with reptiles, some of which are detailed here.

  1. There is a supplier in Costa Mesa, California called California Zoological Supply (CalZoo) that solely distributes reptiles to pet retailers, such as snakes, lizards, iguana, bearded dragons, and chameleon species.
  2. A Petco reptile supplier called Segrest Farms supplies only to pet stores and is based in Gibsonton, Florida. There’s a lot of emphasis on fish here.
  3. Located in San Diego, Sandfire provides Petco with a wide variety of reptiles, such as snakes, dragons, and geckos.
  4. Punta Gorda, Florida-based Lasco Inc. Center for Reptile and Amphibian 
  5. Propagation (C.R.A.P. ), a breeder in Boerne, Texas, provides Petco with a variety of reptiles, including tortoises, turtles, and lizards. C.R.A.P.

Where Does Petco get its fish?

Breeders like Segrest Farms and Fish Mart supply Petco with their fish, which is why Petco sells them. For tropical freshwater fish, Segrest is the largest supplier in the world, while Fish Mart supplies many pet retailers.

Petco’s fish return policy, if Petco accepts animals, and if Petco sells dogs and puppies are all topics we’ve covered in previous postings.

Bottom Line

Petco obtains animals from large-scale breeders or suppliers working with the firm unless the animal is offered for adoption, in which case it is accessible through partnerships with animal welfare groups. Petco rehomes animals from animal rescue shelters and offers them for adoption.

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