Where Can I Use Safeway Gift Card

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The Safeway store has a lot of services and departments. They have a pharmacy, a department for flowers, a hot food service, and more. In all of these departments, you can buy things with a Safeway Gift Card.

Safeway also has its own gas station, which is another service they offer. Then, customers might wonder if they can use their Safeway Gift Card to buy gas.

If you shop at Safeway and want to know the answer to this question, keep reading to see what I found out.

Can a Safeway gift card be used to buy gas in 2022?

As of 2022, people with Safeway gift cards can use them to buy gas and snacks at Safeway gas stations. But Safeway gift cards can’t be used at the gas pumps; you have to use them at the register.

Read on for more information about where you can use your Safeway Gift Card and what you can buy with it.

Can I use a gift card I got at Safeway at other stores?

Safeway Gift Cards can be used at any store owned by Albertsons Companies, which is the parent company of Safeway. Here’s a list of these stores:


  • Carr’s
  • Jewel-Osco
  • Pavilions
  • Randalls
  • Shaw’s
  • Star Market
  • Mr. Tom Thumb
  • Vons
  • ACME
  • Lucky
  • Super Saver
  • United Grocery Stores
  • Market Street
  • Amigos

Customers should remember that California Tom Thumb stores are not affiliated with Safeway, so they won’t accept Safeway Gift Cards as payment.

Can I Buy Alcohol With My Safeway Gift Card?

With a Safeway Gift Card, you can buy alcohol at any store location that sells it.

Safeway will only sell alcohol to people who are old enough to drink in their province, so customers are asked to bring a valid ID with them when they buy alcohol.

Keep in mind that this is only true for US stores. There is no alcohol for sale at Safeway stores in Canada.

Can I use a gift card I got at Safeway at a Starbucks kiosk?

The Starbucks kiosk at Safeway does not accept Safeway Gift Cards, which is a shame.

Customers can still save money, though! They can get both their Starbucks Rewards and their Safeway Just For U Rewards by:

You can get the Starbucks app for your phone and sign in or make a new account.

Get the Just For You app and sign in or make an account.

At the Starbucks kiosk checkout, you can pay with your Starbucks app by entering your Just For U phone number or scanning the app.

Customers should remember that this is only for stores in the US.

Safeway doesn’t have a Just For U Rewards program in Canada right now.

They can still use their Starbucks app and earn rewards at the Safeway Starbucks kiosk.

Can I use a gift card from Safeway in the US in a store in Canada?

Safeway Gift Cards can be used at all of their more than 1700 stores, even the ones in Canada.

This means that a customer who was given or bought a Safeway Gift Card with US dollars can still use it to buy things at a Safeway store in Canada.

If you want to find out more, you can also read our posts about whether or not Safeway cashes checks and accepts EBT.

Bottom Line

Safeway gift cards can be used to buy anything in the store, including gas at their gas station. Safeway gift cards can also be used to buy alcohol, flowers, and other things in other departments. Gift cards can’t be used at the Starbucks kiosk right now.

Safeway Gift Cards can also be used at any store owned by Albertsons Companies, which is the parent company of Safeway. They can be used in every store in the US and Canada, no matter where they were bought.

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