Where Can I Buy Costco Gift Card

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As someone who loves Costco, you want to share that enthusiasm with someone else. However, buying a Costco gift card should not need a trip to the warehouse club. As a result, where can you get a gift card to Costco?

Here are the results of my investigation.

In 2022, where else can you get Costco Gift Cards?

As of 2022, Costco will no longer offer gift cards to other retailers (such as Walmart, Target, and so on). Costco’s gift cards cannot be sold outside of the company since they require a Costco membership to acquire.

For more information on how to receive Costco gift cards and whether or not you must be a member to use one, continue reading.

Why Can I Only Purchase Costco Gift Cards At Costco?

Gift cards purchased via Costco are guaranteed to be in stock and will not be subject to any extra fees.

In addition, Costco runs offers on gift cards from time to time, allowing members to save a few dollars on gift cards. Costco gift cards may be purchased online or in-store. So it’s possible to buy Costco gift cards online, but you’ll have to pay a premium to do it.

Do I Have to Be A Member To Use A Costco Gift Card?

No, you can’t use a Costco gift card if you’re not a member. Costco gift cards may only be purchased by members.

As a non-member, using a Costco gift card should be as simple as showing your gift card at the entrance and demonstrating that it has a balance. The gift card can also be used online.

What’s The Difference Between A Costco Shop Card And A Costco Gift Card?

There is no difference between Costco shop cards and gift cards. Because they never expire and can be refilled, Costco gift cards are an excellent alternative to carrying cash or credit cards.

How Much Can I Put On A Costco Gift Card?

Costco gift cards are available in denominations ranging from $25 up to $1,000. Renewing memberships and purchasing items are both possible with these tokens.

Can I Spend More Than My Costco Gift Card?

Yes. Because of this, you must first use your Costco gift card and then pay with cash or debit. You may be told by your boss that you have to cash out the gift card’s remaining amount, but this isn’t the policy.

Can I Redeem My Costco Gift Card For Cash?

No, Costco gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. Instead, you’ll have to make a transaction with the gift card.

When you buy something using a gift card, you may be required to cash it out by your manager. If you use a Costco gift card one time and nothing happens, then this isn’t an issue.

Can I use my Costco gift card to fill up my tank?

Yes, you may use your Costco gift card at the Costco gas station to purchase petrol. Gift cards can be used instead of membership cards at the pump. Non-members can now use the Costco petrol station using a Costco gift card even if they aren’t members.

Bottom Line

As a member, you may only purchase gift cards for Costco stores, and you must do so there. On eBay and Amazon, you may be able to discover vendors, but you’ll have to pay a higher price for these cards.

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