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Hart, a brand of hand and power tools catered to do-it-yourselfers and homeowners, will be available on Walmart shelves by the end of 2019.

Hart tools are currently available in more than 4,000 Walmart locations across the United States and are commonly purchased by Walmart shoppers. Knowing who produces Hart tools for Walmart could have piqued your interest. Here’s what I was able to uncover!

Who Will Produce Hart Tools for Walmart in 2022?

As of 2022, Techtronic Industries Limited (TTI), a prominent Hong Kong-based tool manufacturer with facilities in China, will make Hart tools. In the United States, Walmart is the exclusive retailer of Hart tools, which are available both in-store and online through TTI.

Learn more about Hart tools, their quality, where and how you can get them, how much they cost, and so much more by continuing to read!

Today, where are Hart Tools produced?

Although Hart has long claimed to be an American tool brand, since 2007, TTI has been manufacturing Hart products outside of the United States.

Manufacturing facilities for TTI may be found in China but are also spread across Vietnam and the United States as well as Mexico and Europe. The company’s headquarters are in Hong Kong.

When Did TTI Start Making Hart Tools?

Since TTI purchased Hart in 2007, it has been producing Hart tools. A California-based manufacturer of framing hammers, Hart was formed in 1983.

When it comes to hammer innovation, the Hart name is synonymous with cutting-edge innovations that push the boundaries of the industry.

Is Hart Tools manufactured in America?

Currently, Hart Tools are manufactured in Hong Kong by Techtronic Industries (TTI), a Hong Kong-based company. Hart hand and outdoor tools are manufactured mostly in China by TTI.

Where Do Hart Hand Tools Get Their Inspiration From?

The motto “born in the USA” appears on the sticker that comes with each of Hart’s hand tools, which are made in the USA.

However, Hart hand tools are manufactured in Hong Kong and China by TTI, while being created in the United States.

Is the Walmart Hart Tool Set a Quality Product?

If you’re looking to get your hands dirty in the home improvement and DIY arena, Walmart’s Hart Tools are a great option. The quality of Hart tools, on the other hand, is lower than that of high-end brands like DeWalt.

Black & Decker, for example, is a better rival in terms of quality, but these are still adequate for most domestic tasks.

Note that these tools are not intended for use on professional contractor sites, but they will serve you well in all other situations.

Where Can I Buy Hart Tools?

Since Walmart has a partnership with TTI to be the exclusive vendor of Hart Tools goods, you may buy them at any of the more than 4000 Walmart stores across the United States. also has Hart tools, and you can order them online and have them delivered to your home (you have to wait 2 business days for free shipping).

Please be aware that if you’re ordering potentially dangerous power equipment like chain saws or drills, Walmart may require an adult signature at the delivery address.

You can also go to your local Walmart and pick up the Hart item for free if the relevant Hart product is in stock and accessible. Just go to Walmart’s website to find out where you can pick it up at the nearest location.

What Is The Walmart Price Of Hart Tools?

When compared to other high-end manufacturers like DeWalt, Hart Tools are a great value for anyone who wishes to do their own home improvements and DIY projects with these tools.

For an indication of what to expect in terms of pricing, the following Hart tools are listed below:

  • $8.88 for a 25-foot tape measure
  • Magnetic-end professional tape – $13.88
  • $148 for a 215-piece mechanic’s tool kit
  • $94 for a single-battery drill and impact driver set

What batteries are compatible with Hart Tools?

The Hart Tools battery system comprises both 20V and 40V rechargeable batteries that may be purchased at any Walmart location.

Note that standard batteries cannot be used to power Hart Tools; only Hart-supplied batteries can be used.

Bottom Line

After acquiring the Hart trademark in 2007, Techtronics Industries (TTI) now manufactures Hart tools in Hong Kong and China. In the United States, Walmart is the exclusive retailer of Hart tools, selling them both in-store and online.

Hart instruments are appropriate for home improvement and do-it-yourself jobs, but not for professional contractor work.

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