When Does Home Depot Sell Christmas Trees

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All of your preparation and renovation needs may be met at Home Depot, which has a wide variety of seasonal supplies. What kinds of Christmas trees does Home Depot sell if I’m seeking to buy a tree for the holidays? Everything I’ve learned about this subject is here!

In 2022, Home Depot will begin selling Christmas trees.

Real and artificial Christmas trees of various sizes and prices ($10 – $200) are available at Home Depot as of 2022.

In addition, Home Depot obtains its supply of Christmas trees from vendors in North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington State from the middle of November through the end of December.

Read on if you want to know more about when Home Depot obtains Christmas trees, the price of real and fake trees as well as much more.

When Will Home Depot Begin Purchasing Christmas Trees?

During the months of November and December, Home Depot obtains its supply of Christmas trees just in time for the holiday season. To guarantee that the trees are of the highest quality, they are purchased from local farmers and suppliers.

What Christmas Tree Varieties Does Home Depot Sell?

Christmas trees of many kinds are available at Home Depot, including both fake and real trees, both in-store and online.

Christmas Trees Made of Artificial Materials

Christmas trees at Home Depot come in a number of shapes, such as the traditional Half and Full, as well as more unusual ones like the Upside-Down, Corner, and Spiral varieties.

A wide range of colors, from the standard green and white to more daring hues like multi-colored, metallic, and brightly colored varieties in shades such as blue, pink, and even black.

Apart from that, Home Depot offers Christmas trees with a variety of lighting options, such as LED, incandescent, and fluorescent.

Christmas Trees Made From Real Leaves

Home Depot focuses on the sale of genuine Christmas trees in its stores and online. A major attribute of each Christmas tree variety helps Home Depot consumers choose the perfect tree for the holiday season.

Black Tree and Colorado Blue Spruce are among the varieties of genuine Christmas trees that Home Depot offers. Spruces, according to Home Depot, have exceptional needle retention and can carry decorations up to a weight of a pound.

Additionally, Home Depot carries fir Christmas trees, including the Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, and White/Concolor Fir. The needles of fir trees have a glossy finish and have been described as having a nice scent and a distinctive look.

Lastly, Home Depot sells pine trees like the Eastern White Pine and the Scotch Pine, which have a long-lasting scent and are beneficial for allergy sufferers.

Are Balsam Hill Christmas Trees available at Home Depot?

However, Home Depot does not provide fake Balsam Hill Christmas trees, despite the fact that it offers a variety of artificial Christmas trees.

Christmas trees from Balsam Hill are non-allergic and flame retardant, thanks to the synthetic elements they’re comprised of. There are, however, actual Balsam Fir trees for sale at Home Depot in a range of sizes and styles.

At Home Depot, how much do Christmas trees cost?

Home Depot’s costs for artificial and real Christmas trees vary based on the material, size, shape, and color of the tree.

Christmas Trees Made of Artificial Materials

In the $50 to $200 range, most Home Depot Christmas trees are available. Home Depot, on the other hand, offers fake Christmas trees ranging in price from $10 to $5,000.

You can buy an enormous artificial Christmas tree from Home Depot for $17,278.12: the Northlight 252-inch Pre-Lit Giant Commercial Grade Christmas Tree.

In terms of popularity, these are the most popular Home Depot artificial Christmas trees:

  • Jackson Noble Fir Christmas Tree (priced at $299) by Home Accents Holiday 7.5ft
  • 7.5ft Wesley Long Needle Pine Christmas Tree (priced at $149) from Home Accents Holiday.

Christmas Trees Made From Real Leaves

Home Depot sells real Christmas trees for $10 to $200, which are less expensive than fake trees since they aren’t as long-lasting.

It’s worth noting that they are generally priced by height, with usual sizes ranging from 5 feet, 6 feet up to 8 feet and 9 feet up to 11 feet tall.

For as little as $10, you can get a genuine Christmas tree at Home Depot, which often costs up to $200 for locally grown Fir 7.5ft trees.

At Home Depot, the most popular genuine Christmas trees are:

  • Live Balsam Fir Christmas Tree (priced at $54.98) 7-8ft Freshly Cut
  • Abies Fraser Fir 6-7ft Freshly Cut Christmas Tree ($56.98)

Where Do Home Depot’s Christmas Trees Get?

Home Depot sources Christmas trees for its stores and website from a variety of sources, including local tree farms around the United States and Canada. North Carolina, Oregon, Michigan, and Washington State are home to the bulk of Home Depot’s Christmas suppliers.

How Do I Select A Christmas Tree From Home Depot?

The Home Depot tree choosing procedure can take your preferences into consideration. You should think about such details as needle size/color/type/type of allergy-friendly needles.

When purchasing an artificial Christmas tree, choose a design that will survive rather than one that will quickly decompose. In certain cases, pre-installed lighting is included in the price of fake Christmas trees.

Our Christmas Trees at Home Depot a Good Buy?

In-store and online, Home Depot has a wide selection of Christmas tree goods that have received positive ratings.

Customers love their best-selling real and artificial Christmas trees, as seen by the 4- to 5-star evaluations they’ve received on the Home Depot website.

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Bottom Line

Both artificial and real Christmas trees are available at Home Depot, both in its shops and online. It is possible to get artificial Christmas trees in a variety of shapes, colors, and features, including LED lights.

Real Christmas trees from local tree farms are also available at Home Depot and maybe ordered in various heights or types according to your preferences.

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