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When Does Hobby Lobby Close

By David Krug 4 minute read

People might expect Hobby Lobby to go out of business because of the company’s history of being embroiled in several legal battles. In fact, the recent shutdown of the whole corporation has further strengthened this notion. Read on to find out more about what the company’s future holds if you’re so inclined.

Is Hobby Lobby Prepared to Close Its Doors in 2022?

In 2022, Hobby Lobby will not close its doors. The company’s shop expansion has increased in recent years, which was used to make this determination. It’s a good indicator of the company’s profitability that Hobby Lobby is continuing to raise compensation for its employees.

Facebook hoaxes are responsible for the vast majority of claims of closure. Learn more about whether or not Hobby Lobby is going out of business in this article, including the reasons why people think it is, the likelihood that it is not, and more!

How long has Hobby Lobby operated?

David Green, the company’s founder, launched the first Hobby Lobby in Oklahoma City in August of 1972. They have been producing handmade frames from their house since 1970 when the creator and his wife began working in the arts.

Was Hobby Lobby forced to close and lay off employees?

In April 2020, Hobby Lobby will close all of its locations and place virtually all of its employees on unpaid leave. Stay-at-home orders were issued across the country as an immediate response to a global catastrophe that was first being reported here.

It was announced officially that “emergency leave compensation and the usage of company-provided paid time off benefits and vacation” will be discontinued as a result.

This explanation did not reference the fact that the employees had been laid off in any way. As far as we know, the employees were given furloughs in July and returned to work when the businesses reopened.

Is Hobby Lobby Financially Good?

The financial state of Hobby Lobby is unknown because the firm does not issue financial records. However, we can infer this information from other sources. Although the corporation has shuttered a number of outlets in recent years, the total number of locations has increased.

From roughly 840 stores at the beginning of the year to more than 900 presently, for example. It’s also worth noting that Hobby Lobby has kept up its current pattern of hiking the minimum wage, bringing it to $18.50 an hour.

This firm is content with its present market and client base, as seen by the fact that it only supplies to 48 states and does not provide international delivery.

Is Hobby Lobby Permanently Closing Stores?

At the current point, Hobby Lobby is not permanently closing its stores, but there are several reasons why people believe that the firm is going out of business.

During this time, stay-at-home orders were issued across the country in response to a global occurrence that had been observed in various locations.

After first refusing to shut down, Hobby Lobby eventually agreed to shut down, citing the fact that the company supplied school supplies and textiles.

As a result, the corporation reversed its position at the beginning of April, when it shut down all of its stores and furloughed nearly all of its employees without pay and other benefits.

Misinterpretation on social media led some to believe that the company was shutting down permanently when it made this statement.

After more than a year, a Facebook post circulated the rumor that Hobby Lobby was permanently closing.
USA TODAY published a letter from the company’s CEO, David Green, back in 2012.

To avoid having to pay for a worker’s birth control, the corporation indicated in this letter that it would sue the federal government.

Some bogus information was inserted to make it appear that this piece had been published lately and in response to the current happenings. This post drew some unintentional inferences about what the author meant when he said “liberal media.”

A call to action to spread the disinformation was immediately followed by this reference, which is often only seen in posts that the author intends to become viral on social media.

Facebook had to intervene when a post titled “Hobby Lobby, We May Close” became so popular that it had to be taken down. Politifact also examined this post for accuracy.

Hobby Lobby had already reopened and was in operation long after it had closed in April 2020 when this post went viral. Since the litigation was settled in 2014, the firm was not compelled to close its doors as a result of the outcome.

Is Hobby Lobby in Fargo Closing?

Fargo’s Hobby Lobby, as far as we know, will not be shutting down. In 2003, the firm established a site at 4427 13th Ave, and business appeared to be booming.

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Bottom Line

The minimum wage at Hobby Lobby has increased steadily over the years, and the number of stores has increased as well. The fact that Hobby Lobby isn’t growing into new areas may be a hint that it doesn’t need to for the time being.

Misinformation on social media has led many to believe that the company is about to go out of business. These rumors, however, have now been disproved.