When Does Costco Stop Taking Amex

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As a Costco customer, it might be difficult to understand the many payment options. Costco has shifted from accepting American Express to Visa multiple times over the years.

Is American Express still accepted at Costco? The following is the outcome of my research!

In 2022, does Costco accept Amex?

In 2022, Costco will no longer accept AmEx credit cards at any of its stores. Costco will no longer accept AmEx credit cards, so consumers will have to pay for their purchases using Visa credit cards or other means of payment in the future.

For Costco members who wish to use their AmEx cards to take advantage of particular privileges that their individual cards may provide, it can be a huge headache.

This is especially true for Costco members who have been using their Amex cards for years. Learn more about this unexpected policy shift by reading on.

Costco terminated its contract with Amex.

Costco canceled its exclusive agreement with AmEx in the summer of 2016. Costco and Visa teamed together when the two sides were unable to come to terms on contract renewal.

Existing Previously allowed to use Amex credit cards at Costco locations, Costco members could no longer use those cards. Visa credit cards are the only ones accepted by Costco in its physical shops at the moment.

For online purchases and orders, Costco accepts numerous non-Visa credit cards, however, Amex is not one of them.

With Visa and Costco’s agreement, Discover, Mastercard, and other credit cards will no longer be accepted as payment.

Despite Costco’s transition from AmEx to Visa, the corporation appears to be thriving with its present alliance. It’s irritating for both current and new members, though.

In the past, AmEx had a similar arrangement with Costco to Visa’s current one. Customers are now unable to use their cards in shops or online.

When making an online purchase, the only credit cards accepted by Costco are those issued by Mastercard and Discover. You can’t obtain this bonus if you’re using an Amex credit card.

Does Costco accept Amex debit cards?

You may be shocked to find that your Amex debit card is accepted at Costco, given their rigorous regulations on credit cards.

There is no problem with Costco accepting debit cards from a variety of suppliers. For those who use Amex debit cards, this is a tremendous relief.

Costco also accepts Mastercard and Discover debit cards with pin protection. Debit cards from American Express at Costco and on the internet have fewer restrictions than those from other major credit cards.

When it comes to debit card services, many clients are at the whim of their banking institution. Costco will take any and all services.

Amex debit cards may be used at the following establishments:

  • Costco warehouse store shopping in person
  • At, customers may purchase at their convenience from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Costco gas stations can be found when driving

This is a terrific approach for Costco to retain consumers who bank with organizations that provide debit cards that are serviced by AmEx.

The last thing a client wants to hear after purchasing groceries or other goods is that their method of payment is not accepted. Costco customers who pay with Amex debit cards don’t have to be concerned about this.

Despite their excellent policy for Amex debit card users, Costco still refuses to accept Amex credit cards as a form of payment.

In the meanwhile, consumers who want to buy food using their Amex credit cards may want to think about going to a different supermarket.

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Bottom Line

Costco and Amex have ended their 16-year exclusive collaboration. There are people who have been using their credit cards at this location for years and have never had an issue with it.

It is important to know that AmEx credit cards are not accepted by Costco before signing up for a membership.

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