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When Does Costco Restock

By David Krug 5 minute read

Costco has a wide variety of products, so customers may wonder about the availability and restocking of those items.

Knowing when Costco replenishes its shelves is critical to planning the most efficient trip to the warehouse. What is Costco’s restocking policy? The results are in!

In 2022, when will Costco be restocking?

In 2022, Costco will begin replenishing its shelves at around 4 a.m., an hour before the warehouse doors open, on a daily basis. You can expect Costco to stock up on everything from fruits and vegetables to meat and cleaning supplies to alcohol. Costco is well-known for stocking shelves around the clock during the holiday season.

Continue reading to learn more about Costco, the restocking procedure, and the best times to shop!

Is Costco’s inventory replenished daily?

It is true that Costco restocks their inventory daily. Larger items are unpacked and restocked early in the morning by Costco’s logistics teams; departments are cleaned and restocked; new merchandise is face-out; cardboard and other packing materials are disposed of;

The warehouse is stocked with restocking materials, but no major restocking can be done during business hours due to safety concerns.

Costco employees continue to stock smaller items, essentials, and food goods throughout the day, at a slower pace, after the initial stocking each morning.

During major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter, 24-hour restocking is only available.

What New Products Have Been Added?

This includes everything from baby goods, books, cleaning supplies to clothing and electronics. Costco restocks all of their merchandise every day, which includes everything from baby goods to clothing and electronics.

Despite the fact that Costco replenishes its shelves on a daily basis, popular items tend to sell out quickly. Arrive at Costco early in the morning to ensure that you get what you want.

Items that are not reordered

Everything is replenished each morning, but only the most important or unusual items will be replenished during business hours.

Costco will do everything it can to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to purchase an item if there is a shortage or a problem with the manufacturer.

Any item with an asterisk in the top right corner of the price tag at Costco means it will either not be restocked, the manufacturer has discontinued it or Costco will no longer carry it.

So, if the price of a favorite product includes an asterisk, consider stocking up!

What Is The Best Way To Check Availability At Costco?

The phone menu option for Membership can be selected when phoning the store to find out if an item is currently in stock.

If you know the item number or description, Costco Member Services will be able to check on stock more quickly.

Check for real-time inventory information. It’s important to remember that some products are only available in-store and not online.

When Do Costco’s Shipments Arrive?

Every morning, Costco warehouses receive between three and six initial shipments, which are rushed to the floor and used for inventory replenishment.

Shipments typically arrive daily and employees will work to replenish essential and specialty items during their shifts, which can vary from location to location.

Smaller Costco locations that don’t see as much foot traffic may only receive shipments three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

At Costco, which day is the best?

Costco has a tendency to attract large crowds and long lines of customers at peak times. The best time to shop at Costco is between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on weekdays, when the store is less crowded.

It is best to avoid shopping on Monday mornings, when parents stock up on supplies for the week or take advantage of senior shopping day deals.

You can avoid the lunchtime rush and get your shopping done before people arrive after work on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m.

To avoid crowds and empty shelves, some Costco managers advise customers to visit the store within an hour of its 8:30 p.m. weeknight closing time.

The Costco wait time calculator can help you find out if your local Costco is covered.

How Often Is Costco’s Online Store Updated?

Stock levels are constantly updated throughout the working day as receives pallets and shipping trucks arrive at depots.

Whenever receives new merchandise, its live inventory will reflect the most current stock levels.

Check the website frequently throughout the day for the most up-to-date stock information, as orders are also being processed.

Around 9:00 a.m., noon, and 2:30 p.m. are the best times to check Costco’s website for updated stock levels.

Inventory is constantly updated, but these are prime times for new goods to arrive and be entered into the system, so keep an eye out.

Does Costco Online Restock Items That Are Out of Stock?

It is true that Costco replenishes its out-of-stock items via the internet. A product that is not listed on means that it is either not available for purchase on the internet, or that there are no more available at the time you search. will display an updated price and availability listing when the item is back in stock. Check the Costco website frequently throughout the day to see if there are any changes in stock or updated inventory.

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Bottom Line: Costco’s Restocking Schedule

Costco replenishes its shelves on a regular basis. Staff replenishes essential items throughout the day by replenishing large goods and pallets that are stocked in the early morning or late at night, as needed. They update their online stock record several times a day, as pallets are unloaded and recorded and orders are fulfilled, relying on the shipment trucks that bring merchandise to their depots.

David Krug