What Split Pay Is Compatible With Walmart

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Retailer Walmart is one of the most popular in the United States, selling a wide variety of goods at low prices.

We’ve all heard about Walmart Pay recently, and you may be wondering, “What is Walmart Pay?” All the information I’ve gleaned from my research is here!

In 2022, what will Walmart’s pay scale be?

Starting in 2022, Walmart customers will be able to use Walmart Pay, an integrated digital wallet, to make contactless payments in-store. With Walmart Pay, you can use your debit, credit, or gift cards in any Walmart location with confidence.

In this article, you’ll find out how to use Walmart Pay, how to link your bank accounts and cards, and how to earn rewards through the app.

In what ways does Walmart pay?

In order to use Walmart Pay, you must have a mobile wallet that allows you to link your debit, credit, and even gift cards.

A digital receipt will be emailed to the customer’s mobile device after the transaction has been completed using Walmart Pay, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Note: the video below shows you how to set up Walmart Pay and use it in-store. It will give you a better understanding of how it works.

You don’t have to worry about your payment information being compromised because Walmart Pay uses multiple levels of SSL for security updates.

What Is Walmart Pay Setup?

If you don’t already have the Walmart app, you can download it for free from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Following a few simple steps and using an integrated payment method, it’s easy to set up a Walmart mobile wallet.

Following these steps will help you get started with Walmart Pay:

  • After downloading and opening the Walmart app, go to the “Services” menu.
  • “Walmart Pay” is the only option.
  • Get started by following the onscreen instructions.
  • If you’re already a user, log in or create a new account.
  • It’s possible to choose from a wide range of payment options: debit, credit, and gift cards are all available.
  • Please be patient until the initial setup is confirmed.
  • For the next step, select “Got It” from the drop-down menu.
  • Your Walmart Pay is now ready to use!

Having Walmart Pay set up means you don’t have to bring your wallet to any Walmart store.

What Is Walmart Pay’s Card Addition Process?

New cards can be added to Walmart Pay mobile wallets quickly and easily. To add the card, simply follow these steps:

  • Access Walmart Pay in the Walmart app by signing in with your Walmart account information.
  • Click on the “Credit or Debit Card” button.
  • Alternatively, you can type in the card information by selecting “Type card info instead” and capturing it with your smartphone’s camera.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your personal information, including your name, address, and security code.
  • For added security, use a four-digit PIN or a biometric ID to gain access to the payment options.

Tap “Add Payment Methods” at the bottom of the app screen to add additional cards, and then follow the same steps as before.

What Are the Benefits of Walmart Pay?

You can use Walmart Pay as a touchless payment method for self-checkout and associate-assisted checkout after your items are scanned at the checkout register.

Sync your mobile wallet with Walmart Pay by scanning the QR code on the debit reader or kiosk display screen.

Note that you will be required to provide your unique PIN or biometric identification that you use to unlock your phone in order to use this service.

You’ll hear a beep when the transaction is complete, and an electronic receipt will appear in your Walmart app.

How Safe Is Walmart Pay?

When it comes to mobile wallets like Walmart’s Walmart Pay, it’s as safe and secure as any other.

In order to keep your personal and financial information safe, it has multiple layers of security in place.

As an example, you must use your Touch ID or security passcode to access or change any payment method in Walmart Pay.

In addition, Walmart’s entire app is constantly updated to improve security methods and data encryption over secure networks known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Is Walmart Pay Compatible With My Credit/Debit Card Type?

Any major credit or debit card, as well as Walmart Gift Cards, eGift Cards, and prepaid cards, can be used with Walmart Pay. A Walmart Pay account can’t be linked to a checking account directly.

The following are major credit card issuers that can be used:

  • AMEX
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • VISA

Walmart Pay can be used in what locations?

At a self-checkout kiosk or with a sales associate, you can use Walmart Pay at any physical Walmart or Supercenter store. Using Walmart’s convenient store locator will help you locate your nearest location.

Is Walmart Pay Available Online?

In order to use Walmart Pay online, even at, you must scan the QR code on the mobile wallet of Walmart Pay to process payments.

In order to use Walmart Pay, you will need to use the linked credit, debit or gift card directly.

Is Walmart Pay Accepted for All Purchases?

Walmart Pay is not compatible with gas station purchases, so you can’t use it to buy gas.

Sam’s Club purchases and EBT/SNAP/WIC purchases cannot be paid for with Walmart Pay.

Is Walmart Pay Cash Back Possible?

Using Walmart Pay at the check-out counter will not, alas, net you any cashback.

Although Walmart Pay purchases are not eligible for cashback, if you have a rewards credit card linked to your Walmart Pay account, you can still earn reward points or cash back whenever you shop.

Is it possible to use Walmart Pay to split a payment?

Splitting payments between your linked Walmart Pay card and another payment method is possible right at the register with Walmart Pay. Pay with Walmart Pay. You can use cash, EBT/SNAP/WIC, or Walmart Gift Card balances to accomplish this.

Can You Return Purchases Made Using Walmart Pay?

You can return purchases that were covered using Walmart Pay, either in-store or by starting a Mobile Express Return on the Walmart app.

Make sure you’ve got a transaction barcode handy by going to your Purchase History in the app. Then, scroll down until you come across it.

Is it possible for Walmart employees to make payments with Walmart Pay?

Walmart associates and employees can indeed use Walmart Pay and link their associate discount card to the mobile wallet to continue getting their discount.

In the Walmart app barcode scanner, associates can scan the special associate discount QR code (available here at, enter their Walmart identification number, and begin shopping!

Is Walmart Pay Compatible with Coupons?

Using Walmart Pay and paper coupons together is not possible because of the incompatibility of digital coupons.

Is There a Walmart Pay-Specific Checkout Lane?

No, Walmart Pay customers do not have access to a separate checkout line. There is no longer a choice between self-service kiosks or sales associate registers when it comes to paying for goods and services.

What’s the difference between Walmart Pay and the Walmart App?

Because Walmart Pay is a part of the Walmart app, it’s hard to tell apart from the rest of the app’s features. This causes some confusion.

But the main difference between Walmart Pay and the Walmart app is that Walmart Pay is strictly a mobile wallet that stores your payment information.

There are thousands of products available for purchase through the Walmart app on your smartphone, including groceries, which can be picked up or delivered to you. As an alternative, you can use Walmart Pay to make touchless payments in Walmart stores only.

What are the best ways to maximize Walmart Pay?

Try linking a credit card that offers generous reward dividends or cash back to Walmart Pay and setting it up as your default payment method.

As a result, when you’re done shopping at Walmart, you’ll have earned a large number of rewards that can be redeemed at a later date.

For example, if you link the Capital One Walmart Rewards MasterCard and the Walmart Rewards Card, you can earn cashback.

Other guides on whether or not Walmart accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay are available on our website. In addition, you can check out our comprehensive review of Walmart Plus to see if the hype is justified.

Bottom Line

The Walmart app offers a convenient way to use Walmart Pay as a mobile wallet. Free and available on both iOS and Android, this feature provides secure and touchless payment options.

When making purchases in-store, you can only use Walmart Pay at self-service checkouts or at an associate’s register.

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