What Kind Of Cheese Does Mcdonald’s Use

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However, even though McDonald’s is the world’s second largest hamburger joint, many misconceptions persist about their ingredients, such as whether the cheese is real or fake.

If you’ve ever wondered if the cheese at McDonald’s is real, we’ve got the information for you right here.

As far as McDonald’s cheese is concerned, will it still exist in 2022?

McDonald’s cheese is a blend of real American cheddar cheese, butter, water, milk, emulsifiers, food coloring, and whey powder. All of the ingredients are made with non-trans fat American cheddar cheese as the primary base ingredient. It is also worth noting that the cheese is only wrapped up in plastic at the cheese factory to prevent it from sticking to other cheeses.

There are a slew of other questions about McDonald’s cheese, such as what ingredients are in it. Keep on reading to find out more about it!

Is McDonald’s Cheese a Fake Product?

Only about 60 percent of the American cheddar cheese in McDonald’s cheese is real, and it doesn’t resemble any cheese you would find in a supermarket deli case.

In addition, McDonald’s adds other ingredients to the cheese to make it unique to McDonald’s and give it the flexibility and color we’ve come to associate with the fast-food chain.

In McDonald’s Cheese, What Exactly Is in It?

This cheese contains other ingredients, such as water and salt, in addition to American cheddar cheese.

Additionally, McDonald’s cheese contains milk proteins, butter, whey powder, food coloring, natural cheese flavoring, and emulsifying salts..

For processed foods and cheese, emulsifiers and butter are essential for enhancing texture and color.

McDonald’s Cheese: Which Brand Is It?

As a result, you won’t find McDonald’s cheddar cheese on the shelves of your local supermarket. Instead, the cheese is made especially for the fast food chain.

Great Lakes Cheese, on the other hand, manufactures the vast majority of the American cheddar that McDonald’s consumes domestically.

Is McDonald’s Cheese Bought from the same Company?

In the United States, McDonald’s relies almost exclusively on Great Lakes Cheese, whose primary manufacturing facility is located in Hiram, Ohio, as its primary cheese supplier.

McDonald’s orders 18 million pounds of cheese from the Great Lakes Cheese Plant each year!

For McDonald’s to keep up with their cheese orders, the Great Lakes Cheese Plant has to produce cheese five days a week and 24 hours per day.

Due to the high volume of business generated by McDonald’s, the 1,800 employees at the Great Lakes Cheese Plant have never had to lay off any employees.

Why does McDonald’s cheese have a distinct orange hue?

American cheese that contains beta carotene, which is naturally derived and reddish-orange in color, is now used by McDonald’s in its hamburgers.

Because beta carotene is a naturally occurring pigment found in fruits and vegetables, substituting beta carotene for American cheese improves its nutritional value.

In addition, the cheese is colored with food coloring, giving it a darker and oranger hue than regular American cheese found in stores.

Is McDonald’s Cheese Free of Preservatives?

Burgers and other menu items, such as breakfast sandwiches, no longer contain sorbic acid, a preservative, thanks to McDonald’s.

As part of an effort to remove artificial ingredients from popular McDonald’s food items, such as the McDonald’s burgers and chicken sandwiches, this was a part of this effort.

Removing the sorbic acid, on the other hand, reduces the amount of time the cheese must sit on the prep tables from seven hours to just four hours on average.

Do you know if McDonald’s cheese is lactose-free?

If you are lactose intolerant, you should avoid McDonald’s cheese because it is lactose-free and contains milk.

However, McDonald’s allows you to customize your meal so that you can order menu items without cheese, such as a Big Mac without cheese being available.

Is there a regional variation in McDonald’s cheese?

Since McDonald’s works with local cheese producers in each country where it operates, the taste of its cheese may vary slightly from country to country.

As a result, McDonald’s is able to stay within local health and safety regulations by using local factories and farmers.

In addition, McDonald’s contributes to the economic well-being of the country by sourcing its cheese from local producers.

Is American Cheese the Only Cheese Available at McDonald’s?

American cheddar is the only cheese option available at McDonald’s in the United States, and the company has no plans to expand its cheese selection in the future.

Do Grocery Stores Carry McDonald’s Cheese?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy McDonald’s cheese at the store because McDonald’s has a special blend of American cheddar cheese and other ingredients that they use only for their own customers.

How close is McDonald’s cheese to a store-bought cheese?

Kraft Singles American Cheese, one of the most popular plastic cheeses on the market, comes pretty close to McDonald’s cheese in taste and texture.

It also melts in a similar way to McDonald’s cheese, which is why I prefer Kraft Singles over the McDonald’s variety.

In the same way, it’s a well-known brand name that can be purchased at a reasonable price at nearly any retail or grocery store in the country.

There is, however, a distinct flavor difference between McDonald’s and Kraft cheeses.

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Bottom Line

McDonald’s uses real American cheddar cheese produced mainly by Great Lakes Cheese, but only about 60% of the slice is actually cheddar cheese.

In addition, water, milk proteins, and emulsifiers are added to the cheddar cheese before it is shipped to various McDonald’s restaurants.

In addition, sorbic acid, a preservative, has been removed from the cheese and replaced with a naturally occurring beta carotene derivative.

Because McDonalds cheese is unique to the chain, you can’t buy it in stores, but you can get a close substitute by using Kraft Singles American.

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