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What Is The Hub USPS

By David Krug 5 minute read

It is likely that your eyes are hooked to your tracking information if you’re excitedly awaiting an item to arrive. Look for updates such as “In Transit,” “Departed USPS Regional Facility,” or the much sought-after “Out For Delivery” while looking.

But what does the phrase “Arrived at Hub” actually mean? If you’d want to know what this implies for your bundle, continue reading this post!

What Does “Arrived at Hub” Mean at USPS In 2022?

The US Postal Service’s mail delivery network consists of a collection of regional facilities, or Hubs. In these facilities, mail is sorted according to its eventual destination and is prepared for the next step in its delivery journey. When a package’s tracking information shows “Arrived At Hub,” it’s been delivered to a USPS distribution facility in 2022.

If you’re curious about parcels labeled “Arrived At Hub,” be sure to keep reading to the end to learn more!

What Is a USPS Hub?

In order to fully understand the tracking information you could receive from USPS Hubs, it’s necessary to first understand what a Hub is and what it’s used for. To put it simply, a Hub is a sort of central post office that transports mail to the several smaller post offices it serves.

USPS can deliver mail to its final destination as fast and cheaply as feasible by routing it via Hubs, such as Network Distribution Centers (NDCs), Area Distribution Centers (ADCs), and Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs).

What Does “Arrived at Hub” Mean at USPS?

This signifies your shipment has arrived at a USPS postal processing facility if you see “Arrived At Hub” on your tracking information. Sorting and scanning parcels and pallets of mail are the responsibility of these operations.

The “Arrived at Hub” status update is disappointing due to the amount of activity that occurs when a package arrives at a USPS Hub. Your shipment has been processed and will be delivered within hours if you receive this message, for example.

It might also signify that your parcel has yet to be sorted, which could take days depending on the amount of mail and the number of employees available. This means that you may expect to get your shipment on the same day that it says “Arrived at Hub” on your tracking when it comes from Amazon or was shipped by Priority Mail.

How Long Will My Package Stay at a USPS Hub?

A USPS Hub shouldn’t keep your shipment there for more than a few days in most situations. There are, however, examples of customers waiting for months or even years for their delivery to arrive. That being said, there are several variables that can affect how long it lasts.

The sort of mail service that your shipment was shipped through is one consideration. Your parcel will be on its way to you within a few days whether it was shipped using Priority Mail, Priority Express, or Amazon’s service. If your box was shipped using a non-priority service, it may take a few additional days for USPS staff to sort it.

The quantity of work that a specific Hub has to deal with also has an effect on how long your package stays there. Due to overcrowding and understaffing, some hubs may take longer to process and sort shipments. Also true during the hectic Christmas season, when mail volume is at an all time high

How Long Does It Take for a Package to Deliver After It Has Arrived at the Hub?

It’s hard to predict exactly how long it will take your item to travel from a Hub to your mailbox because of the many factors that affect the delivery of parcels at USPS Hubs (e.g. mail class, workload, or staff absences).

Most packages are delivered the same day or the next day if they are being held in a hub in your state or town (also known as a “Destination Hub”). If, on the other hand, your shipment is located in a Hub across the nation, it may take several days before you receive it.

Where Will My Package Go After It Arrives at a USPS Hub?

It all depends on where the USPS Hub is located in respect to the delivery address when your shipment is processed there. A mail carrier will normally pick up your parcel from the Hub if it is located near your home or business. If the Hub is too far away, it will most likely be sent to another facility for sorting.

Can I Pick up a Package From a USPS Hub?

Picking up your box from a USPS Hub may be enticing (particularly if one is nearby), but it is not possible. These locations are not only off-limits to the general public, but they are also unable to accept mail.

In these facilities, barcodes and other mechanical technologies are used to sort thousands of parcels each day. It’d be like looking for a needle in a haystack attempting to locate a single parcel here. Using the Shipment Intercept function, you may ask your local post office to hold your package until you are ready to receive it.

What Should I Do If My Package Is Stuck at a Hub?

Depending on their postal class, parcels often spend one or two days at a Hub. If your shipment hasn’t moved after entering a Hub for three days or longer, you should get in touch with USPS to find out why.

Even if the tracking information hasn’t been updated, the firm may be able to notify you that your package has moved. Similarly, if your delivery is in limbo, you may speed things up by opening an enquiry.

At 1-800-ASK-USPS, you may speak to a customer support representative (1-800-275-8777).

Bottom Line

Seeing “At Hub” in your monitoring information might imply a variety of things, so be patient if that’s what you’re seeing. After you see this update, you may expect your shipment to arrive within a few days. However, if it doesn’t, you should get in touch with USPS to find out why.