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Safeway is a good place to go if you’re seeking for things like groceries, general products, and coffee shops like Starbucks. Safeway, an American grocery company, was founded in Idaho in 1915 and has almost 1,000 stores across the country.

With no prior knowledge of Safeway, you may be asking what sort of shop it is and why it is different from other merchants. Here’s what I’ve found out about Safeway after doing some investigation!

What Is Safeway?

2022 marks Safeway’s 100th year of business as a grocery chain in the United States. Robert G. Miller is the current CEO, and Albertsons Companies, one of the major grocery and medicine stores in the United States, is the company’s parent company. Safeway also provides services such as Western Union, Starbucks, and more at its shops.

Continue reading to learn more about Safeway, including when it was started, who owns it now, what services it provides, and where it obtains its food.

What is Safeway recognized for?

Retailer Safeway sells everything from grocery items and meals to household goods and more at reasonable prices.

Vaccinations, medication refills, and health screenings are just a few of the services that Safeway provides in addition to grocery shopping. The following are also available at Safeway:

  • Bakery
  • Dairy
  • Delicatessen
  • Dry cleaning
  • Frozen foods
  • Lottery
  • Photographic
  • Produce
  • Flowers
  • Meats
  • Snack foods
  • Western Union

Do you know what sets Safeway apart from the competition?

Albertsons owns a majority stake in Safeway, which has an effect on the costs and compensation it pays to its employees.

As a result, Safeway’s pricing may be higher than those of other merchants since it costs more to stock its shops. It’s possible to find safeways items in other stores owned by Albertsons, such Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb or Carrs.

Customers may shop at Safeway in 19 states and enjoy a unique shopping experience because it is smaller than most other businesses. Because Safeway adopted product pricing by weight, which is being utilized today, it is considered a pioneer in the fruit and vegetable category.

Finally, on Fridays, Safeway shoppers may take advantage of exceptional deals and savings by purchasing vegetables for $5.

Safeway Is What Kind Of Store?

In addition to selling a wide range of items, including food and general commodities, Safeway also provides a variety of in-store services.

When the founder’s son acquired the shop and proceeded to grow the franchise, Safeway became a much larger company.

Safeway Owner

After Albertsons bought Safeway in January 2015, it became a part of the Albertsons family. Private equity firms bought Safeway and sold it to Cerberus Capital Management.

It is worth noting that Albertsons Companies, which owns Safeway, is one of the major grocery and drug retail chains in the United States.

When Was Safeway Established?

In April 2015, Marion Barton Skaggs established Safeway in American Falls, Idaho. The company has been in operation for over a century.

Initially, Safeway was established to combat the Skaggs belief that purchasing food on credit raised prices, enabling customers to pay cash for groceries at the point of sale.

Additionally, Skaggs was a pioneer in self-service, allowing his items to reach customers and providing aisles for buyers to peruse. In addition, shoppers at the Safeway origin would be handed baskets and pay at the register.

Then, Safeway began its expansion in 1918, when Skaggs handed the company to his son and constructed a second store in Burley, Idaho.

By 1921, numerous establishments that would later be included under the Safeway name were already open. On July 1, 1926, the 673 Skaggs-owned stores merged with Safeway to form the biggest grocery store network, which M. B. Skaggs oversaw as chief executive.

Safeway Services Offers

In addition to providing culinary services, Safeway also provides speciality sections to guarantee that its clients have all they require when shopping.

For instance, some Safeway locations may have Starbucks coffee shops and gas stations in addition to a Safeway Pharmacy.

Additionally, you may be able to have images processed at Safeway. However, not all Safeway locations offer the same services; thus, before visiting, check to see if your local Safeway store offers the service you seek.

Bottom Line

Safeway is a grocery chain that operates mostly in the United States and is owned by Albertsons. As a subsidiary of Albertsons, many Safeway items are available in other stores owned by Albertsons.

Safeway also provides fresh and organic products at its stores and services, such as coffee shops, gas stations, pharmacies, and picture services.

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