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What Is Number Share

By David Krug 4 minute read

Customers of Verizon Wireless may be curious about the various features and services, such as Number Share, that the company offers.

Inquiring minds want to know: What is Verizon Number Sharing?? Do you want to learn more about Verizon Number Sharing? Continue reading to learn what I’ve discovered if you agree!

In 2022, what is Verizon’s market share?

If you’re traveling in 2022, Verizon Number Share will let you keep your phone safe on the go by sharing your number with up to five different devices. If you have a Verizon phone, you can use it as a host, and other authorized devices can use it as a client.

Inquiring minds want to know more about Verizon Number Share, such as what devices qualify and how much it costs. You’ll learn all of this and more if you stick around to the end of the article.

What is Verizon Number Sharing?

Using Verizon Number Share, up to five additional devices can be linked to the same mobile number.

You can also check notifications, make phone calls, send and receive text messages, and check your email with Verizon Number Share.

This feature of Verizon Number Share is great because your device doesn’t have to download an app before it can access your phone number.

How Much Does Verizon’s Number Sharing Plan Cost?

Using Verizon’s Number Share service will cost you $10 a month for each connected device that uses your mobile number.

Instead of sharing your cell phone number, you can pay $10 per month to have the connected device have a separate mobile number.

Verizon Number Share is compatible with what devices?

A compatible and authorized device is required to begin using Verizon Number Share by Verizon, and those eligible devices are as listed below.

  • Series 3-6 of the Apple Watch
  • Apple Watch S1
  • Hum
  • Gen 5 LTE Smartwatch from Fossil
  • This is an upgraded version of the Montblanc Summit 2+
  • Palm
  • Stainless steel case for Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm
  • Stainless steel watch face of Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm
  • Stainless steel 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
  • Stainless Steel 44mm Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
  • Galaxy Watch3 41mm by Samsung
  • A 45 mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • This is the Samsung Gear S3
  • The Light Phone II
  • Pro TicWatch (Only through Amazon)

Only these devices are eligible for the Verizon Number Share service, but more devices will be added to this list in the future, so be sure to keep an eye on this page.

How do I stop Verizon from sharing my phone number?

In order to turn off number sharing on Verizon devices, you must be the account owner or manager.

Go to My Verizon and sign in with your Verizon account information.

“Manage Connected Devices” will appear as an option when you click on it.

Drag the connected device to the tray icon at the bottom of the page and release it.

That device will be charged $10 per month as a standalone phone with its own phone number once number sharing has been disabled.

Turning off Number Sharing will prevent Palm and Apple Watch from working, so make sure to keep them connected to a smartphone at all times.

Additionally, Verizon Number Share can be disabled in the My Verizon app in the following ways:

  • Activate your My Verizon App
  • Enter your password in the “Accounts” section.
  • Once you’ve clicked “Manage All Devices,” click “Manage Device.”
  • Select the device you don’t want to share anymore to make it a stand-alone plan with its own phone number.
  • Once you’ve digested the new information, click “Continue.”
  • Click the “Done” button.

Can I share my Verizon number with someone else?

Verizon Number Share requires all of your devices to be linked to the same account, since you’re sharing a cell phone number.

You must also have either a standard account or a business account that includes a Shared Data Plan from Verizon.

In order to use Number Share, you must purchase a Connected Device Plan for $10 per month for smartwatches on Verizon’s Unlimited Plan.

Can I use my Verizon smartphone’s number-sharing features?

If you want to use Number Share on your phone, you’ll have to do without the following:

  • Filtering incoming calls
  • Forwarding calls
  • Voicemail
  • Family members of Verizon’s Smart Family
  • Putting a stop to incoming phone calls
  • Stopping the transmission of messages

In order to learn more about Verizon MiFi, you can read our posts on what is Verizon Wireless, and whether or not Verizon locks phones.

Bottom Line

If you have a smartwatch, for example, you can use Verizon Number Share to share your cell phone number with it and use it to make calls, send texts, and receive notifications.

There are a few smartphone features that aren’t available on the device, such as call blocking and voicemail. At $10 per month each, you can have up to five connected devices per line on your account.

David Krug