What Is Cap 1 Position At Walmart

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In order to be a successful retailer, Walmart has developed a well-oiled management structure that keeps track of everything from the top down.

Walmart does this by dividing its employees into groups based on their job level in order to support the smooth running of activities.

A good example of this is Walmart’s creation of the CAP 1 position in the inventory department, which raises the question of what exactly the Walmart CAP 1 position is. Check out my findings on the position’s description below!

In 2022, what is CAP 1 at Walmart?

As of 2022, CAP 1 at Walmart refers to employees who are responsible for ensuring Walmart’s inventory accuracy in order to provide excellent customer service.

First shift CAP 1 colleagues are responsible for arranging and managing inventory, providing customer service, and keeping an ordered shopping environment for other CAP associates.

If you’d like to learn more about the definition of CAP 1 at Walmart, the tasks and responsibilities, the hourly salary, and more keep reading!

What Does CAP 1 Stand for at Walmart?

As a Walmart CAP 1 worker, your major role is to ensure that consumers are able to find whatever they need on the store’s shelves.

Walmart’s Customer Availability Process (CAP) is best served by CAP personnel making sure that store items are readily available on the shelves for consumers.

CAP 1 employees, on the other hand, guarantee that inventory is properly stocked and that aisles are neatly organized after CAP 2 associates have unloaded trucks and segregated them.

What are the responsibilities of CAP 1 employees at Walmart?

CAP 1 Walmart workers are primarily responsible for making sure that the store’s shelves are well-stocked and that customers can get help when they need it when shopping for their everyday supplies.

Other Walmart CAP 1 employees’ roles and responsibilities include:

  • To make sure all products are properly labeled and priced.
  • Helping shoppers make purchases while they are in the aisle.
  • Keeping an orderly record of all inventories.
  • Finding and locating products when necessary for consumers.
  • Cooperation amongst coworkers, supervisors, and customers, as well as suppliers, is essential to a successful organization.
  • Keeping the retail area neat and orderly is a priority.
  • Maintaining a high level of client satisfaction by resolving any issues that may arise
  • Completing important duties in the warehouse by using warehouse equipment correctly.

What Does Walmart’s CAP 1 Stocking Mean?

At Walmart, the term “CAP 1 stocking” refers to stocking for CAP 1 workers, which includes stocking up all dairy and frozen items, as well as a portion of the meat department.

Cap 1 stocking also requires securing all bins by capping them and lacing them with excess inventory from the third shift.

What Are Walmart Cap 1 Associates’ Working Hours?

CAP 1 Walmart employees work from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m., the first shift. Company policy dictates that CAP 1 employees can work up to 40 hours per week.

What is the salary for the CAP 1 position at Walmart?

Walmart’s CAP 1 workers are paid between $10 and $12 an hour.

What Does a Walmart CAP 1 Supervisor Do?

The Walmart inventory control process is managed by CAP 1 supervisors, who are in charge of all CAP 1 employees’ tasks and responsibilities.

As a result, warehouse managers and supervisors collaborate closely in order to plan, organize, and help their workers in order to keep inventory moving smoothly and efficiently operate warehouse operations.

In addition, the supervisor encourages CAP 1 employees to perform their tasks and to take the lead in training as needed.

What is the salary of a Cap 1 supervisor at Walmart?

Walmart’s CAP 1 managers are reported to make $16 an hour, however, the retailer pays anything from $10 to $16.

Does Walmart test CAP 1 employees for drugs?

In order to establish a candidate’s eligibility, Walmart may perform a background check but does not administer drug tests to CAP 1 workers.

Walmart is only allowed to administer drug tests to certain personnel, such as those in the maintenance department and those working in the pharmacy, in accordance with corporate policy.

What is the difference between CAP 1 and CAP 2 workers at Walmart?

The biggest difference between Walmart’s CAP 1 and CAP 2 employees is that they have different shifts and different jobs and responsibilities.

When it comes to the customer availability process, CAP 1 personnel are responsible for making sure that things are stocked appropriately on the shelves.

CAP 2 colleagues, on the other hand, make certain that things are recovered from warehouses and made available in-store.

Frozen, dairy and meat goods are all that CAP 1 colleagues stock; on the other hand, CAP 2 associates stock everything from pharmaceutical products to chemicals to paper to health and beauty products to groceries, and so on.

Is The Walmart CAP 1 Position Difficult?

Walmart CAP 1 is not a difficult job title to obtain. Employees must, however, be able to operate in a fast-paced setting with great communication skills and engage clients in a nice manner.

We’ve also written about how to acquire a W-2 from Walmart in our postings on Walmart CAP 2 and CAP 3.

Bottom Line

Walmart CAP 1 associates, on the other hand, are those that work the store’s first shift and are responsible for making sure goods are properly stocked.

Aside from helping consumers find what they’re looking for, store workers can also offer advice on what to buy or troubleshoot problems customers may be having.

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