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To satisfy the needs of its customers, Target has begun transforming some of its stores into “Super Targets” with more than 1,900 locations. How are Super Targets different from a conventional Target store, and what can you expect to find at one? You may see the results of my investigation here!

In 2022, What Is A Super Target?

There will be more Super Targets by 2022, which are larger versions of Target stores with more square footage and a greater variety of merchandise.

Customers may also expect to find a grocery department, an on-site bakery, and a deli counter at Super Targets, which enhances their shopping experience. Stay tuned for additional information on which states have Super Targets when the first one opened, and much more!

And which states are considered “super targets?”

In addition to conventional Target locations, some states in the United States have Super Targets, including: 

  • Alabama 
  • Colorado 
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana 
  • Kansas 
  • North Carolina 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas 
  • Virginia 
  • Mississippi 
  • Missouri 
  • Minnesota  

How Many Are Super Targets?

According to a number of studies, there are 239 Super Target locations in chosen states, making up little under 13 percent of all Target stores in the United States. Consider the fact that many Super Target locations provide items and conveniences that are not accessible at ordinary Target stores.

What Is The Difference Between A Target Store And A Super Target Store?

A Super Target is significantly larger than a typical Target and features a broader selection of merchandise, including extensions of traditional Target departments such as groceries. Additionally, Super Target stores may include delis with a wider selection of meat on sale for customers.

Customers have remarked that there are more goods accessible than at typical Target shops, even though the products are not particularly different from those in regular Target stores.

A Super Target Is How Big Is It?

They are referred to as “Super Targets” since they are often larger than conventional Target shops and so have more inventory to choose from.

Regular Target shops are about 130,000 square feet in size, whereas Super Target stores can be 175,000 square feet or more. Because they expect a huge number of consumers to visit their stores, many Super Targets have double doors at their entrances.

What Is A Super Target’s Interior?  

There are numerous similarities between the aisle layout and merchandise in Super Target and the standard Target store, according to customers.

On-site bakeries and delis are also available in Super Target locations, which allow shoppers to choose from more options for meat and fruit. It has been noted by customers that Super Target is known for its wide variety of meat products.

When Was the First Super Target Established?

The first Super Target store was opened in 1995 in Omaha, Nebraska, and was created to be the same size as a Target Greatland store, but with a wider variety of produce. 

This was also the first time that Target has offered fresh food in stores including Deli items, meat, and fresh produce like fruit and vegetables. 

Super Target stores also offered facilities for customers such as banks and photo studios, and expanded their restaurant and dining options for shoppers.  

Other than that, some Super Target stores also featured health clinics where customers could purchase medication.

Until these features were brought to regular Target stores as well, Super Targets were the only places to find Target favorites in larger quantities with the addition of groceries. 

Which Super Target Store Is The Biggest?

In Hoover, Alabama, the largest Super Target is over 191,000 square feet or roughly 4.5 acres. Even more impressive is that the world’s largest Target store, located in Annapolis, 

Maryland is nearly double the size of a typical Target location. The world’s tiniest Target is a small-format shop in Chicago’s Wicker Park, located at the other end of the scale. This business is less than a sixteenth of the size of the biggest Target, at only 12,800 square feet.

Is Super Target Still in Business?

It remains to be seen how long it will take for Target to rename all its stores to just be called “Target” instead of being differentiated in any manner.

Target stated in 2015 that it was changing its locations to remove the Super Target name, saying “large or small, our stores have one thing in common: They’re all Target”.

Also, note that Target is no longer building Super Target locations as part of their unifying rebranding. Instead, they are expanding their normal Target stores.

If you’re interested in learning more about Target, we’ve compiled a list of 23 Target facts, as well as information about Target Circle and whether or not Target is a franchise.

Bottom Line

A Super Target is a larger than average Target store, featuring extra amenities and products for customers such as groceries and more meat products, as well as features like banks and health centers. 

Super Target stores are in several states across the United States, with the largest Super Target store in Hoover, Alabama.  

Super Target stores have been operating since 1995, however, they have now been rebranded to be simply Target, losing their ‘Super’ identifier in 2015. 

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