What Happens If You Get Caught Stealing From Home Depot

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Many retail chains have established a variety of rules to dissuade and stop shoplifters from stealing from their establishments.

You may be interested in learning about Home Depot’s shoplifting policy, given that it is one of the world’s largest home improvement businesses. So far, this is all I’ve been able to uncover.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022

When shoplifters are detained by Home Depot security until law enforcement comes, they are expected to face prosecution as of 2022 under Home Depot’s shoplifting policy. Besides security cameras and security guards, Home Depot has a number of loss prevention measures in place.

Stay tuned for further information on Home Depot’s loss prevention procedures, what happens to shoplifters who are discovered, and much more.

Is Home Depot’s Loss Prevention Program Effective?

A variety of loss prevention measures are employed in-store by Home Depot in order to safeguard company assets.

Asset-protection professionals, for example, keep an eye on the company’s loss prevention program, striving to prevent theft and deal with any issues that may occur as a result.

Power tools that are triggered at the register are also being trialed by Home Depot as a measure of loss prevention.

Customer loyalty will not be jeopardized by Home Depot’s use of this new POS activation approach, which enables the company to implement aggressive loss prevention measures.

Home Depot plans to roll out these power tools to all of its locations when it tests this new method of loss prevention.

Are security cameras monitored by Home Depot?

The security cameras in Home Depot’s stores are constantly monitored as part of the company’s loss prevention strategy.

All areas of activity at Home Depot are monitored by security cameras including check-outs, retail aisles, and parking lots.

For the benefit of its 300,000 employees, the company has invested $250 million in modernizing its stores in order to better safeguard them, reduce losses, and make use of the information gathered.

Loss prevention managers in Home Depot shops may watch the store’s CCTV footage from within the store or from a distant location thanks to the company Verint, which is used by the retailer.

In addition, Home Depot can more easily offer evidence to law enforcement of shoplifting or other occurrences in order to safeguard assets and prosecute criminals thanks to the use of security cameras.

Is Home Depot’s Security Tag Program Available?

Security boxes, spider wraps, and tags are just a few of the deterrents used by Home Depot to keep its merchandise safe.

These are attached to the company’s products to serve as a warning to store security personnel in the event that merchandise is stolen.

Is Home Depot equipped with facial-recognition systems?

Despite its commitment to loss prevention measures such as security cameras, Home Depot does not utilize facial recognition technology to identify customers.

However, Home Depot is involved in Fight for the Future and refuses to employ face recognition to protect individuals, despite the security precautions it can provide to merchants. Axios writes.

Is There Security at Home Depot?

Home Depot employs security guards in its stores in addition to other security measures.

They are termed Asset Protection Specialists, and their responsibilities include monitoring security cameras and collaborating with local law enforcement.

Home Depot’s policy prohibits these security guards from apprehending shoplifters, even though they are allowed to follow people about the store and enforce anti-shoplifting policies.

Additionally, Home Depot staff are prohibited from apprehending shoplifters since doing so puts their own safety in jeopardy.

Employees who are discovered apprehending shoplifters at Home Depot will be terminated in accordance with the company’s policy on employee termination.

What Do Home Depot’s Asset Protection Specialists Do?

Home Depot has an asset protection specialist on staff to help keep the store safe from shoplifters.

Among the responsibilities of the Home Depot asset protection specialist are the detection of shoplifting occurrences, the examination of security cameras, and the testing of the Electronic Article Surveillance.

These professionals, like the rest of Home Depot’s staff, are warned repeatedly not to put themselves in harm’s way in an attempt to catch shoplifters.

Asset protection specialists are required by Home Depot’s shoplifting policy to notify their manager or supervisor of potentially hazardous situations.

Is Shoplifting at Home Depot Punished?

Shoplifters who are caught in Home Depot stores are prosecuted.

When law enforcement arrives, Home Depot security will detain shoplifters until they are taken into custody by the authorities.

The type of criminal accusation you face will be determined by the dollar amount of the alleged theft from Home Depot.

A second-degree misdemeanor will be filed if the stolen goods are worth less than $100 at Home Depot, while a felony grand theft charge will be filed if the stolen goods are worth more than $300.

Depending on where you live, the criminal proceedings for shoplifting at Home Depot may differ.

What Happens If Home Depot Bans You for Shoplifting?

A ban from Home Depot is possible if you’re caught shoplifting there, according to various sources.

However, unless you commit a significant crime like armed robbery, you are unlikely to be barred from all Home Depot locations.

Home Depot loses how much to shoplifting?

Home Depot has not disclosed the actual amount it loses each year to shoplifting in order to protect its assets.

However, according to CNBC, Home Depot loses an average of $81 million a year due to stealing and other retail crime.

As a result, Home Depot may be able to avoid losses that would necessitate charging customers to cover the costs of theft and retail crime.

Do you know what the most common items stolen from Home Depot are?

Power tools appear to be the most often stolen items from Home Depot locations, according to online reports.

Shoplifters at Home Depot are known to target power tools since they are lightweight and easy to resale after they have been stolen.

For years, Home Depot has worked with pawn shops and other similar businesses to recover the goods that had been stolen or shoplifted.

Additionally, it has been stated that shoplifters at Home Depot prefer little, pocket-sized things.

Security tags in packaging can also be easily discarded, making it easy for the item to be stolen.

A scam in which shoplifters steal things from Home Depot and then return them for cash or store credit has also been reported.

Theft at Home Depot: What Are the Consequences?

If you’re caught robbing a Home Depot, expect to face criminal charges.

There is a good chance that security guards and video evidence will be utilized against you at Home Depot.

Theft from Home Depot will likely result in a criminal record and maybe jail time.

Home Depot has a number of rules that you can read about in our linked pages, such as their erroneous price policy, firing and termination regulations as well as the company’s purpose statement.

Bottom Line

Shoplifting and other forms of retail theft are not tolerated at Home Depot, thanks to a range of measures and tactics implemented by the company.

It is in the best interest of Home Depot to keep its customers safe from shoplifting, which can result in substantial financial harm.

Home Depot uses surveillance cameras and security guards to deter shoplifters from stealing from the store. Employees at Home Depot are instructed not to pursue shoplifters for fear of injuring or endangering themselves.

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