What Happens If USPS Tracking Doesn’t Update For Days

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In order to maintain track of your purchases, the United States Postal Service (USPS) issues a tracking number. However, when this number stops updating, how can you receive assistance? If your tracking number isn’t updating, here are the reasons why and what you can do about it!

Why Is The USPS Tracking System Not Updated in 2022?

Inclement weather, a box not being scanned, or a package being delivered to the wrong address can all prevent USPS tracking numbers from being updated.

Before contacting USPS, make sure you have the accurate tracking number and wait five days to check whether it has been updated. For more information on why your tracking number isn’t updating, how often it should be updated, and what you can do about this issue, please continue reading below!

How Can I Verify That I Used The Right Tracking Number?

Being able to track your purchases before they arrive is essential if you don’t have the correct tracking number. Verify the USPS shipment receipt and the USPS confirmation email to ensure you have the correct tracking number.

A typical USPS tracking number is 20-22 digits long, with no letters or spaces. USPS Express Mail tracking numbers are 13 characters long and begin with two letters followed by a “US” to denote your package has been delivered.

If you’ve missed a box, the USPS will leave you an orange slip on your door, and if you purchased insurance on a shipment, the sales receipt will also have your tracking number.

How Often Is The USPS Tracking System Updated?

A postal worker scans the box when it arrives at a new facility or is placed onto a vehicle to update your tracking number. Updating the tracking number with the most recent data may take up to 24 hours after a package has been scanned.

But, tracking updates may take longer than 24 hours if adverse weather systems, such as snowfall, prohibit the item from being transferred securely, or if the facility in which the parcel is being held is understaffed or at capacity.

You may also see more frequent updates to your tracking number if transportation or the tracking system is moving quicker than normal.

The more stops your delivery makes along the way, the more tracking notifications and updates you’ll receive. Last but not least, if you ordered your product from a nearby place, it may only update once or twice before it is sent out.

USPS Tracking Is It Precise?

Every time your box moves to a new location or is put onto a truck, the USPS updates your tracking number. Despite the fact that it is accurate in terms of letting you know which facility the item is now at or is on route to, it does not allow you to track every move the package makes in real-time.

What Should You Do If Your USPS Tracking Number Is Not Updated?

USPS recommends that you wait at least five days before contacting them regarding tracking, but if your tracking number hasn’t been updated in more than five days or is overdue, it’s a good idea to get in touch with them.

Contacting USPS Customer Service is one option you might consider. You can contact 1-800-ASK-USPS to get this done.

If you’re having trouble locating a shipment, make a note of the tracking number you received when it arrived. You should expect a response from USPS within 24 to 48 hours from this point.

Sending an email to the USPS’s contact email address can let you get in touch with someone about a tracking number that isn’t updating.

This option is best for those who prefer face-to-face communication and prefer to visit their local post office and speak with a postal worker. Be sure to bring your tracking number with you, as they will need it to locate your package!

How Long Does A USPS Package Have To Be Considered Lost Before It Is Considered Lost?

Tracking information is considered lost if it doesn’t get updated after seven days of you reaching out for help tracking your delivery. A Missing Mail Search Request can be sent here if you’ve misplaced your parcel.

Sender and recipient postal addresses, your tracking number, and contents of your box should all be included in the package description to help the USPS identify it, as well as ensure that the delivery can be tracked

What Happens If The USPS Delivers To The Incorrect Address?

By contacting your local post office and requesting to talk to a supervisor, you can find out whether and where your parcel was delivered and reclaim it.

The supervisor should be able to observe where the box was delivered based on where the scanner’s mail carriers used to have a GPS attached.

Unless the recipient of the delivery phones USPS to report that the box was delivered to the wrong address, there is nothing that can be done. Other topics on USPS services include whether or not the tracking codes are reused if tracking updates are made and what is “informed delivery” from the postal service.

Bottom Line

Before taking any action, double-check that you have the accurate tracking number for your USPS package, since it may not be updated due to poor weather or overflowing facilities.

If your tracking number hasn’t been updated after five days, you may contact USPS customer service by phone, email, or by visiting your local post office.

Once seven days have passed without an update, you can submit a Missing Mail Search Request to see whether your parcel has been recovered. When a box is delivered to the wrong address, you can contact USPS to find out where it was and retrieve it.

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