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Plastic bags have been a hot-button issue for customers throughout the world in recent years, and they are increasingly demanding that retail chains recycle their plastic bags and products.

You may want to know if Target recycles plastic bags because it is one of the largest retail 

chains in the United States, with more than 1900 locations around the country. So far, this is what I’ve found out!

In 2022, does Target recycle plastic bags?

As of 2022, Target will recycle carrier bags, which are 100% recyclable and include 40% recycled materials. In-store recycling kiosks are also available for plastic bags and other products.

As an alternative, Target provides a variety of paper and reusable bags along with a 5-cent rebate if you use them at the register.

Continue reading to find out more about whether Target bags are recyclable, what other plastic bag alternatives Target provides, and if you can recycle plastic products at Target shops.

Which Plastic Bags are eligible for recycling at Target?

Plastic bags from Target’s checkout counters are recycled. To reduce the amount of plastic used in its regular single-use carrier bag by 40 percent, a retail firm makes retail bags using recyclable elements, which speed up their decomposition.

You may also recycle Target’s Ziploc-branded bags, but only if the bag is clean and dry before placing it in the recycling bin.

Target Offers Options to Plastic Bags?

With the help of Closed Loop Partners’ Center for the Circular Economy, Target announced in 2020 that it will join the “Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bad,” which includes CVS Health, Walmart, and Walgreens.

As a part of this, Target offers a large variety of reusable bags that are both stylish and durable. As a result, customers may expect to use the company’s reusable bags for many years to come.

As an alternative to single-use plastic carrier bags, Target sells fully recyclable paper carrier bags as an option.

Target fees for bags?

Reusable and sturdy red bullseye-emblazoned bags are 99 cents at Target. A widespread 8 to a 10-cent price increase for plastic bags in the United States has just taken place.

Reusable tote bags from Target are also available in a variety of geometric patterns for only $1.99. There is a variety of Game of Thrones-themed bags available for just $9.99 apiece.

Reusable bags, such as the $10.99-$20.99 10-24 Juvale shopping bags, are also available in quantity online for families. Target sells the Packit Freezable grocery bag for $25.49 to $29.99.

Target has also started a program to reward consumers who bring their own bags by giving them a 5-cent discount on their next purchase.

Can I recycle plastic shopping bags and other items at Target?

Since 2010, Target has installed recycling kiosks in its stores to enable consumers to dispose of recyclable cans, glass, plastic bags (including their own), and bottles.

Old MP3 players, printer ink, and cell phones are among the many products that may be recycled in order to keep them out of landfills.

The popular car seat trade-in program is promoted by the corporation twice a year. If you bring in an old car seat, you may be eligible for coupons or trade-in discounts.

Target has agreed to take on the responsibility of recycling the car seats in exchange. Too far, Target has recycled approximately 1,100,000 car seats (equivalent to 17 million pounds (lbs) of plastic)!

Target Recycles Additional Plastics?

On many of its items, Target employs sustainable cotton, and it plans to use 100 percent by 2022. All plastics will be recycled by 2025 at Target, as will the majority of general merchandise.

It’s also worth noting that Target has implemented a new forest products policy to assure the ethical sourcing of wood and paper as well as the use of paper in packaging and wood-based fiber goods.

In addition, the retail chain is constantly looking for methods to use recyclable textile technology to positively affect its clothing brands.

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Bottom Line

The plastic bags that customers get at the register are recycled by Target since they are constructed of materials that are 40 percent recyclable.

Target provides a selection of reusable bags for 99 cents or more as an alternative to single-use plastic bags.

Additionally, Target has recycling kiosks where shoppers may recycle plastic bags, bottles, cans, gadgets, and car seats.

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