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What Does Missent Mean USPS

By David Krug 3 minute read

Even though the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a giant in the postal sector and a dependable delivery option, mistakes do happen.

This is the reason why tracking may send you a “missent” message, but what does it actually imply and what can you do to address it?

USPS in 2022: What Is “Missent” Meant to Mean?

If you receive a “missent” tracking message from USPS, it implies that your item has been mistakenly put onto the wrong truck and is on its way to you. The product may have been placed in the wrong bin or on the wrong conveyor belt, resulting in this error. Within a few days, this problem is usually fixed and there is no need to take any more action.

If you’ve ever had mail go missing, you know how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry; there’s a simple solution you can try.

What Causes Missent Mail?

Postal deliveries are frequently misrouted due to human error. There is a lot of room for mail to be misplaced when USPS facilities handle up to 500 million pieces of mail per day!

As a result of clerical errors at the post office or postal service, mail and shipments are sometimes missing. Due to the vehicle’s absence from your region, a “missent” notice is created.

Getting a “missent” notification from the USPS is a good sign, since it means that they’ve already identified the problem and are preparing to send the package back to their facility for redelivery the following day.

After My Mail Is Missent, What Happens Next?

When your letter is sent to the wrong address, the best thing to do is to be patient.
Because of the “missent” notice, USPS is already working to fix the problem and will keep you updated.

In most cases, you won’t have to do anything because this is a frequent problem. Once they’ve finished their route for the day, they’ll return your box to the facility with the USPS postal worker who placed it wrongly on their truck.

After that, your parcel will be sorted and dispatched out the next morning, just when the office opens.

Is it possible that my mail was delivered to the wrong address based on the missent notification?

In the event that mail is mistakenly delivered to the wrong address, the notice does not indicate this is the case! The “missent” message indicates that the box was put on the wrong vehicle, but USPS was able to catch the mistake before the product was delivered improperly.

Despite the fact that your shipment may arrive a day or two later than usual, this does not always imply that it was sent to the wrong location. A “missent” message from the USPS signifies that the mistake has been spotted before it gets out of hand and is being dealt with by the postal service.

As a result, if a “perfect storm” of human mistake results in a misdelivered product being delivered to the wrong address, you should know what to do.

Mail Sent To The Wrong Address: How Can It Be Recoverable?

It’s not unheard of for a postal worker to erroneously deliver a piece of mail that was sent in error. It’s usually better to phone or go to your local post office if you get a “missent” message and subsequently a “delivered” notification but do not have your item.
Get in touch with the post office and talk to a manager about what’s going on.

If your parcel was delivered to the wrong address, the supervisor should be able to find it using the GPS incorporated into the scanners used by postal carriers.

Bottom Line

When you receive a “missent” warning from USPS, it signifies that your item was accidentally sent to the wrong vehicle at the shipping facility, resulting in a minor delay in delivery.

Within a few days of receiving the mail, it will be returned to the sender. It’s possible that a shipment marked as “missing” was really delivered to the proper address, although this is extremely unusual. Please contact the post office in your area if your parcel was delivered to the wrong address.

David Krug