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The anticipation of receiving mail at your new address is a big part of the moving experience. It’s possible that your letter mail has been divided between your old and new addresses if you’ve recently relocated.

You may notice that if you track a package with the US Postal Service that the Tracking results say “Forwarded.” To be clear, what does “forwarded” mean when used in reference to the United States Postal Service? You’ve come to the right place.

In 2022, what will the US Postal Service mean by “Forwarded?”

In the United States Postal Service, the term “forwarded” is used to indicate that a customer has recently changed their address and the USPS has rerouted mail to their new address. But it could also mean that the label had the wrong zip code on it. The package has been forwarded to you after USPS discovered the error.

Whether you’re curious about what “Forwarded” means, how long it takes for the action to take place, or how you can track your package’s progress, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for.

What Does “Forwarded” Mean in the USPS?

In the wake of a new address

Once a person moves, whether across town or around the country, they must notify the Postal Service of their new address.

Mail will continue to flow unhindered if this is done a few weeks ahead of time.

Sending out mail for a year at no charge gives the newly relocated person plenty of time to update their contact information with everyone who needs it.

There is no doubt that we are all human and have at one time or another misplaced a shipment’s saved address before realizing what we’d done.

USPS mail forwarding after a move is great because even if you make a mistake like this, the Postal Service is there for you.

If your package is addressed to your old address, they will do everything they can to deliver it to your new address.

The Incorrect Zip Code.

Another common reason for USPS mail being forwarded is that the sender mistyped the zip code on the package.

Since packages are almost exclusively scanned by machines, even a single digit off can indicate a completely different location than the one intended.

As long as no one intervenes, the machines scan and sort as they were designed to.

Finally, a person can step in at any point during or after the delivery process to correct a mistake that has been made, even if it’s too late.

When the parcel has been marked “Forwarded,” it will begin its journey to your doorstep.

If Your USPS Package Is Forwarded, Will You Receive It?

In other words, the goal of USPS Forwarding is to deliver your package to the correct location.

As long as you’re not too far from the wrong address, it could take at least a few days for the mail to arrive.

As long as it’s being scanned and sorted, you should be able to keep track of it.

Do USPS Forwarded Packages Take Longer to Arrive?

Newly forwarded USPS packages take longer to arrive depending on how far they have yet to travel.

Even if you relocated to a new neighborhood in an existing city, you can expect the package to arrive in the next few days.

It’s possible that your package ended up in a different state entirely if the zip code was entered incorrectly.

To get to the bottom of that, I’ll need some more time (someone on the USPS side has to figure out the actual, intended address before it goes any further).

As a result, it may take longer than a few extra days – it may take weeks.

Consider whether the wrong address is still valid, and thus can be delivered to the new resident’s mailbox.

There is a risk that they will bring it inside and put it on hold at the Post Office for forwarding.

Do You Have Any Idea If Your USPS Package Has Been Forwarded? Tracking is the only way to be certain if your package has been forwarded by the Postal Service.

On the USPS home page, click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner and paste your tracking number into the box.

The following link will take you directly to your tracking information page. Fortunately, if it says “Forwarded,” USPS has your package and is working to deliver it to you.

How Can You Tell If Your USPS Package Was Delivered to the Correct Address?

The full address of the package’s final destination is not provided by USPS Tracking, but the city, state, and zip code are.

An update is made when the parcel reaches its new destination. A similar experience would be had if you had stayed within a few miles of each other.

Changing your postal code, city, or state will have an effect on the updated destination. It’s important to pay attention, even if the only difference is a zip code.

Why Did USPS Redirect Your Package When You Have Not Moved?

USPS may have sent your package to a different address even though you haven’t moved or submitted a change of address form.

It is most likely that the sender made a mistake when entering the zip code on the package’s label, which is the most common cause.

Your parcel will be rerouted to your correct address by the Postal Service (creating a new label for it) as soon as this issue is brought to their attention.

It’s also possible that one of your roommates or family members is leaving.

For example, they could mistakenly submit a new address for you, causing your mail to be forwarded.

Any newly relocated roommates or family members can double-check your packages if you’re receiving them at an address you don’t recognize.

We’ve written about USPS forwarding IRS, whether USPS first class has insurance, and what USPS dead mail is if you want to learn more about the postal service.

Bottom Line

It’s usually a good sign that the USPS is working on your behalf to get mislabeled packages delivered to the proper address.

Any address changes should be reported to the Post Office as soon as possible if you’re concerned about your mail being forwarded.

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