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Many contemporary conveniences and features are provided by shipping services like UPS, one of the greatest and most well-known of which is the tracking function.

You may not be accustomed to messages like “exception” from the UPS tracking application, so what does it indicate and what can you do about it? You can find out by continuing to read!

In 2022, what does “exception” mean for UPS?

If your package’s delivery date is delayed, you’ll get a “exception” notification from UPS. Exceptions in 2022 may include an illegible or incomplete address, damaged goods, or labels that have been changed or omitted. UPS may need further information from you if you get an “action required” message.

Be sure to read on for further helpful information if you have gotten an exception notification from UPS or if you’re just curious how to avoid or cope with such an incident.

What is a Delivery Exception at UPS?

When a package is delayed, a delivery exception is a tracking notice that informs the recipient.

“…in the UPS network, however there was an unanticipated problem which may result in a change in the scheduled delivery date” is how UPS defines a delivery exception. The cause for the delivery exception is usually indicated in the “Shipment Progress” section of the UPS website, which may be accessed here.

To keep you updated on when your shipment will arrive and if there are any more complications, UPS will automatically update the arrival date based on current information regarding the exception.

Do you know the different kinds of UPS exceptions?

Many factors might cause a shipment to be returned, including customs hold-ups, government holidays, severe weather, damaged or missing labels, and even the absence of a designated recipient.

Delivery exceptions fall into one of four categories, and each category offers a distinct set of options for dealing with them.

1. Incorrect or Damaged Address or Label Exceptions 

As one of the most typical delivery exceptions, inaccurate or damaged labels are to blame for preventing your courier from actually making delivery.

Make sure you double-check your address and that any labels you attach are secure and simple to read in order to prevent an exception due to an erroneous address or a damaged label.

2. Increased Demand Exceptions

In the run-up to the holidays, UPS and other delivery service providers see an increase in demand exceptions, as more parcels are being delivered.

When shipping your goods, be diligent and double-check that all of the information is legible and proper to avoid any delivery exceptions because of higher demand.

3. Loss and Damage Exceptions

There is no such thing as an enjoyable delivery exception, but loss and damage exceptions are the most upsetting. Due to the rare nature of loss and damage exceptions, we cannot guarantee that your product will arrive on time or in perfect condition.

Be patient with your courier if an accident occurs, even if there’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening.

4. Pick up/Delivery Exceptions

When a courier is unable to locate the address indicated as the pickup location, an exception may be made to the pick-up policy. This only applies if you are sending the product.

There are several causes for delivery exceptions, including severe weather, poor traffic conditions, and the receiver not being able to accept a product because they’re unable to sign for it.

To eliminate delivery exceptions, it is best to have a clear, easily accessible location for pick-ups so that they may be picked up quickly.

What Does Exception Action Required Mean at UPS?

You should be ready to call UPS if you receive an exception warning that also specifies “action required.”. When a courier is unable to locate you because of a missing or wrong address, you’ll need to take action on your own.

As a result, UPS is urging you to get in touch with them so the issue may be remedied.
As a UPS My Choice member, you can often supply all the essential information through your account.

Call UPS customer support at 1-800-742-5877 and explain that you’re calling regarding a delivery exception if you’d like to talk to someone on the phone.

How Do I Resolve a UPS Exception?

Not panicking is the most crucial thing to remember when you receive a UPS exception notification.

It’s worrying to think that something went wrong and your product won’t arrive when it should, but in the vast majority of cases, delivery issues are resolved within a day or two at the most.

It is important to be concerned only if UPS sends you a warning that action is necessary or if your exception involves erroneous, missing, or unreadable address information.

The online chat feature or UPS’s customer support hotline are both available on this page if you need assistance. You may also check out our entries on UPS shipping limits, whether UPS delivers to the door, and if UPS updates tracking for further information.

Bottom Line

UPS sends you a delivery exception message when your shipment has encountered an unexpected issue that might delay its arrival.

Incorrect/damaged address or label, greater demand, pick-up/delivery, and loss/damage exceptions are all examples of delivery exceptions. This implies that UPS needs you to get in touch with them so that they can gather additional information about what’s going on so that your issue may be fixed.

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