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What Does Departed From Facility Mean

By David Krug 4 minute read

If you’re not familiar with the US Postal Service’s jargon, tracking your package can be as confusing as reading Greek.

Departure: “USPS Destination Facility,” for example. Is it getting closer? What’s the plan here?

What does “Departured USPS Destination Facility” mean? I’ve got the answer for you.

In 2022, what will the demise of the USPS’s Destination Facility mean for mail delivery?

Once your package has left a sorting facility near your location, it is on its way to the nearest Post Office to be sorted out by a postal worker before being delivered to you. This is the last step before the package is delivered.

Please continue reading to find out more about what it means to arrive or depart from a USPS destination facility as well as what it means to arrive at a regional facility.

Defintion: What Is a USPS Delivery Point?

The last stop for a parcel before it reaches its final destination is a USPS destination facility.

A Quora commenter stated the following:

“A USPS Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) that serves a specific geographic area defined by one or more three-digit Zip Code prefixes is known as a destination Sectional Center Facility (SCF).”

SCFs transport mail between post offices and distribution centers, he said.

USPS parcels are sorted into groups by zip code at the USPS destination facility before being delivered to one Post Office at a time.

As a result of the Postal Service’s recent operational changes to remain financially viable, your package may not always arrive at a designated facility.

A distribution facility can also refer to the final stop before the post office, and if it’s in your city, it means the same thing.

Once again, it’s very likely that your package is on its way to your local Post Office for delivery.

There are some people who claim that if the parcel is at its final destination (or a distribution center in your city), it will be delivered the following business day.

Your package will be picked up at the Post Office the following morning and loaded onto a truck for delivery if you notice that it has Departed Destination Facility late at night.

In other words, the fact that your package has arrived at a USPS facility is a very good sign!

What Does It Mean When It Says Arrived Or Was Processed At A USPS Facility?

This means that your package has completed the second-to-last leg of its journey and is ready to be delivered.

For the purposes of this discussion, I’ll use the terms “arrived” and “processed” interchangeably; I’ve had packages scanned in both ways before they left, arriving and then processing before they left.

Anyhow, this is a good thing! It means that your package will arrive within a few days.

Regional Distribution Centers for the United States Postal Service (USPS)

Regional distribution centers are like checkpoints on the road from sender to recipient.

Regional distribution centers for the Postal Service primarily serve as rest and sorting points for packages en route.

Parcels enter, are scanned and sorted (you’ll see an update in USPS Tracking after scanning), and then are sent on to the next location.

Regional distribution centers are sometimes the cause of package delays or holdups. A parcel may remain here if there has been an interruption in the transportation chain.

If something goes wrong, you can rely on USPS to get things back on track. They have your best interests at heart.

After more than a week, you may want to contact USPS to find out what’s going on with your package.

A USPS Regional Distribution Facility Arrival Means What?

An “Arrived At USPS Regional Distribution Facility” status on USPS Tracking indicates that a package is being scanned and sorted.

As part of the Postal Service’s network of distribution centers, parcels are transported to their destinations.

USPS uses scanning and sorting to keep their shipments organized, but it also keeps their customers informed.

USPS Label Created, Not Yet In System – What Does It Imply Mean?

There are a number of phrases that indicate that your package has arrived at its final destination, such as “Departed Regional Distribution Facility” (or near to its final stop).

“Label Created, Not yet In System” indicates that your package has only just begun its journey to you.

This means that the United States Postal Service has not yet received your package.

Rather, the sender is likely to have purchased the postage online and scheduled a pick-up for the package.

It’s also possible that the Post Office is overburdened and the package isn’t making it into the system on time.

“USPS in possession of item” is the next scan after “Label Created.” Your order will be put on the truck for transport and will arrive at your door.

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Bottom Line

An “Departed USPS Destination Facility” confirmation email is reassuring to its recipient because it means they can expect their package the following day!

The delivery Post Office takes possession of the package at the USPS destination facility and delivers it to your front door.

David Krug