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What Does Delivered To Agent Means USPS

By David Krug 3 minute read

In order to receive a package, you can use the USPS’s many various options, like a Post Office hold or Signature Required. It is, however, sometimes impossible for clients to manage its distribution manner. Take the phrase “Delivered To Agent” for instance.

Please read this message carefully if you’re wondering what it implies. In any case, here’s what I’ve learned about the subject!

What Will USPS Delivered To Agent Mean in 2022?

It signifies that your USPS mail carrier gave the item to someone else — a neighbor, a doorman, or a coworker at your place of work – before delivering it to you. They are then designated as “delivery agents” and given the responsibility of completing the delivery process as outlined in the contract.

Find out what a USPS delivery agent is, what to do if your item has been handed over to a delivery agent, and other frequently asked questions by continuing to read!

What Is A USPS Delivery Agent?

Contrary to popular belief, a postal delivery agent is someone who collects a package on your behalf and guarantees that it is delivered to you.

For example, it may be a coworker, receptionist, roommate, or even your child if they’re over the age of 12 years old. If a potential delivery agent doesn’t appear to be trustworthy, postal carriers are less likely to appoint them. In the event that a mistake is made, you can contact your local post office to file a complaint.

If Your USPS Package Is Delivered To An Agent, What Should You Do?

Don’t freak out if you receive a message on your USPS tracking that says “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery.”

To help you figure out who to talk to, take note of where the package was delivered.
Send a text message to your roommate or roommate’s phone to see whether the shipment has been delivered to your address.

See whether your workplace has it if it was sent to your work zip code. When in doubt about where your parcel has been delivered, contact your local post office and they’ll be able to help.

Is Your USPS Package Delivered to the Agent, but You Didn’t Receive It?

There are a few possibilities if your package reads “Delivered To Agent,” yet you go home and find it missing. First and foremost, it’s possible that someone who lives in your house received it on your behalf, placed it somewhere out of the way, and then forgot about it altogether. Because of this, you should chat to everyone at the delivery place, whether it be work or home, in order to spark their memory. Allow one extra business day if they insist nothing was sent.

Additionally, postal workers may view themselves as delivery agents, which might add an extra day to the timeline. If there is no one at home to accept the delivery, your postal carrier may scan the item and leave it on the truck for later.

As a result, you’d notice “Delivered To Agent” and should expect to get the shipment the next business day. The Post Office can begin searching for it if you contact them and register a claim online after a few working days if you haven’t received it.

Picked up by a shipping agent is a USPS designation. What Does It Mean?

Picked Up By Shipping Agent” or “Picked Up And Processed By Agent” are two more possible delivery confirmations from the US Postal Service (USPS). The second third-party source is the same, but the method here is unique.

Parcel Return Service customers who are returning parcels via USPS will receive “Picked Up By Shipping Agent” instead of “Delivery.” Consolidated at a USPS facility, according to the USPS website, are parcels with tracking numbers that display this identification and a specified delivery address.

A “third-party supplier” will then pick them up and deliver them to the distribution location where they were originally sent. 

Bottom Line

USPS’s “Delivered To Agent For Final Delivery” stamp on your parcel is a simple way of saying that someone at your home has received your package and has been entrusted with getting it to you.

However, if you can’t discover your parcel after one business day, you can make a missing package claim with your local Post Office.

David Krug