What Does Costco Computer Warranty Cover

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Electric products can be found at Costco warehouses. Because of the guarantee, you can feel safe about acquiring a laptop or computer as a necessary piece of electrical equipment.

However, how does Costco’s guarantee for laptops and computers operate in practice? My investigation has unearthed all of the information you need!

Warranties on laptops and desktop computers from Costco till 2022

Computers, laptops, and tablets purchased by Costco members in-store or online are covered by the warranty coverage offered as part of Costco’s Concierge Services. You can get your laptop or computer fixed for free if it breaks during the first two years of purchase. Terms and limitations apply to the warranty.

Costco’s PC warranty has certain terms and limitations, so what are they? Learn more by continuing to read!

Are Costco’s Computer Warranty Terms and Conditions Clear?

You can get your laptop or computer fixed for free through the Costco Concierge Service, but there are certain caveats.

Concierge Services are only available to Costco members, for starters. However, this is unlikely to be a deterrent given you need to be a member to buy items from Costco in the first place.

The terms and conditions specify more exclusions. Costco, for example, will help you get your laptop fixed if it breaks down, but only if it’s malfunctioning.

As a result, if any of the following occur with your laptop or computer:

  • Damage caused by a third party.
  • Misused or neglected
  • Computer infections
  • Fire, lightning, water, and/or sand-induced failures
  • Connection to the internet is unreliable.
  • Wear and tear is inevitable.

Does Costco provide insurance for laptops and computers?

Costco carries additional protection for your laptop or computer, if you need it. If you buy a laptop or computer from Costco, you have the option of adding an Allstate Protection Plan at the time of purchase or within 30 days afterward.

Alternatively, if you purchase your PC or laptop from, you must purchase protection within 30 days of receiving the item.

Costco’s Allstate Protection Plan costs $99.99 and covers the following:

  • A three-year period of security
  • Drops, spills and mechanical and electrical problems are all covered.
  • It is possible to make quick fixes or replacements.
  • There are no additional fees.

The Costco Visa Extended Warranty and the Costco SquareTrade warranty are two other choices provided by Costco.

The Costco Laptop, Tablet, and Computer Warranty: How Good Is It?

A benefit of buying at Costco is the availability of concierge services.

Costco’s Concierge Services, especially when it comes to more expensive things like laptops and desktops, make Costco’s products a little more competitive.

As a result, Costco’s electrical goods are not only more affordable than those sold at other retailers, but they are also more appealing because they come with a longer guarantee.

Costco’s laptops and computers are more affordable because of this. It also means that you can leave the store with your new purchases with confidence.

What Other Costco Products Have a Warranty?

When you buy electronics from Costco, you’re not only getting a warranty on your laptop or PC. Other white goods like televisions and projectors are also covered, including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Ranges 
  • Cooktops
  • Microwaves with an extended reach
  • Dishwashers
  • Thermostats
  • Washers
  • Dryers

Touchscreen tablets and refrigerators with a capacity of less than 10 cubic feet are exempt from warranty coverage.

See our linked entries on returning items to Costco without a receipt and what Costco does with returned items to learn more about what Costco does with returned products.

Bottom Line

On laptops and PCs purchased in-store or online at, Costco offers a basic warranty.

You have two years from the date of purchase to get a laptop or computer you bought from Costco fixed if it breaks. In the event of wear and tear, viruses or other non-manufacturer-related damage, the guarantee will not apply.

Costco’s laptops and computers can also be protected with Allstate’s three-year protection coverage.

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