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What Do Costco Employees Wear

By David Krug 4 minute read

Employees at several retail chains in the United States are required to dress in a certain way and may be subject to extra rules, such as a ban on jewelry and tattoos, depending on their specific regulations.

There are many questions about the Costco dress code for employees, such as: What is the dress code for new hires or for those who are interviewing at Costco? The results of my investigation are in!

2022 Costco Dress Code

In 2022, some Costco staff will be forced to wear a vest in the manner of a waistcoat.

Apart from that, employees are required to wear closed-toe shoes throughout the warehouses and can wear jeans and a casual yet professional top.

Small stud earrings are permitted despite the fact that jewelry is prohibited at Costco.

Keep reading if you’d want to learn more about Costco’s dress code, whether or not you may color your hair, and what to wear to an interview!

What is the uniform of Costco?

While Costco does not need a specific uniform (aside from the Costco vest), there are a few guidelines to follow while dressing for work, including the following:

  • No jewelry  
  • Practical non-slip shoes 
  • Jeans or pants with no holes or rips  
  • Modest smart-casual top, blouse, or shirt 
  • Long hair tied up 
  • Beard nets if you have facial hair and are working near food

Are uniforms used by Costco employees?

Some Costco personnel are forced to wear a Costco vest and name badge rather than complete uniforms.

This is mostly due to the fact that most Costco employees work part-time, making uniforms and name tags less expensive and easier to handle.

Can I work at Costco while wearing jewelry?

When it comes to wearing jewelry in the workplace, Costco has a strict dress code requirement.

Jewelry may be risky when handled by staff who are managing merchandise or moving things around.

What footwear should I wear to work at Costco?

When working at Costco, it is important to wear shoes that are both comfortable and useful. 

In order to keep workers safe in the warehouse, the firm suggests that they wear non-slip shoe trainers or boots.

Due to health and safety considerations, heels and open-toe shoes especially flip-flops are not permitted.

Can I change my hair color while employed at Costco?

The online study suggests that Costco does not have a hair color preference. Before getting your hair colored, though, make sure to speak with the management of the salon.

What Should I Wear for My Costco Job Interview?

Dress for the interview in a way that reflects the position for which you’re seeking. Managerial positions require more formal attire, such as business attire like a suit or blouse/dress.

If you’re interviewing at Costco for a part-time or warehouse position, come prepared in business casual or a suit and tie.

How Should I Dress for My Costco Orientation?

When it comes to Costco orientation, you don’t have to care about how you look since you’ve already gotten the job.

If you want to look your best, don’t wear anything with holes, rips, or obvious graphics, such as a t-shirt or button-down shirt paired with jeans or sneakers.

May I use acrylic nail polish at Costco?

Costco employees are prohibited from wearing any type of nail polish (even acrylic) while on duty for health and safety concerns.

Costco’s food safety manual states that employees in the food department must have short and well-clipped nails while on the job.

Can I put on nail polish while working at Costco?

Nail polish is discouraged by Costco; nonetheless, this restriction is enforced differently in each of its stores. Ask your management or coworkers about the nail varnish policy in your store.

When it comes to wearing nail polish, keep in mind that a neutral color scheme and tone are required for a professional appearance.

Allowing long hair at Costco?

The length of employees’ hair is not currently regulated by Costco. So, even if you have long hair, it must be pulled back or somehow secured for your own protection.

Can Employees of Costco Wear Earrings?

Employees at Costco are permitted to wear tiny earrings, such as studs, as long as they do not interfere with their work or pose a health and safety risk.

If your boss asks you to remove these earrings before your shift begins, make sure they look clean and polished.

Does Costco allow tattoos?

There appears to be no formal policy at Costco regarding tattoos. Because of this, the ideal people to ask are the Costco hiring manager, your coworkers, or your line manager if you are already working there.

Store-specific policies on tattoos may differ from those at other locations, so they can offer you an accurate response.

May I Grow A Beard While Working For Costco?

Most of the time, Costco does not require its employees to shave their beards. A beard net may be essential for cleanliness if you’re working in the food department and are directly handling food.

How should I style my beard for a job at Costco?

Costco interviewers and hiring managers say that facial hair should be clipped and not unkempt or overgrown.

Costco has a strict policy against facial hair, which states that you must be clean-shaven and professional-looking.

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Bottom Line

Costco’s dress code requirement for employees is stylish yet relaxed. Most employees can wear jeans or slacks with a casual but professional shirt if there are no rips or overt patterns on them. 

Costco personnel are advised not to wear jewelry owing to health and safety concerns, however, little stud earrings are permitted. Tattoo and nail polish policies differ from store to store.

David Krug