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There are a lot of restrictions and regulations in place at Instacart to ensure the safety of both consumers and shoppers.

You may have observed as an Instacart client that you never receive a physical shop receipt; instead, you receive a digital one via the app or email from Instacart.

As far as Instacart is concerned, what is their policy on receipts? And how serious is it taken by them? What we’ve got here is a fascinating solution.

The Instacart Receipt Policy in 2022: What’s the Deal?

It is not permitted for Instacart shoppers to include customers’ receipts in their deliveries. To get an itemized bill, consumers simply look in the Instacart app under each individual order. 

Customers whose accounts have been suspended because they sent a receipt with a delivery may have their services terminated.

Surprised? You may be asking why Instacart doesn’t include the store receipt, as well as where precisely you can discover your order receipts and what consumers do with the store receipts. If you stick with it, the story just becomes more exciting!

Is The Receipt Given To The Instacart Customer?

In-store receipts given to customers by mistake are a big no-no, and if you’re caught, you risk having your account deactivated.

In the following part, I’ll explain why this is the case, but first, let’s look at a related question: What do customers do with their in-store receipts?

You’re required to take a picture of the receipt at the register for Instacart, so they may cross-reference it with the app receipt if necessary, according to The Money Ninja. As a result, it appears that the receipts can be thrown away after that.

Using receipts with applications like iBotta, Checkout51, Receipt Hog, etc. is a great method to get even more money from the receipts you receive from your shopping.

IBotta is the fastest way to earn money, according to an informed consumer on one Reddit thread, and you can even input receipts from places other than grocery stores.

Why Isn’t Instacart Providing Purchase Receipts?

Workers at Instacart have a variety of views about the company’s receipt policy, but no official statement has been issued. When it comes to price markups, Instacart doesn’t want customers to be able to see them clearly.

Additionally, Instacart doesn’t recognize some in-store promotions and offers, so consumers may feel enraged after realizing that they paid more for goods that had been marked down in-store.

I know this because I’ve been there. The family pack of bratwursts my customer had chosen was on sale since it was nearing its expiration date.

However, because I purchased them through Instacart, I had to pay the entire cost. Shoppers are actually encouraged to remove any markings that suggest that an item may be sold at a lesser price in the shop.

It’s disheartening to realize that, due to Instacart’s mark-ups, you really spent more than you should have. Giving out store receipts has the additional drawback of making it easier for someone to return an item by using the receipt as a form of identification.

On Instacart, if it’s posted for less than the consumer paid, they won’t get the full refund.

Are the Instacart and store receipts the same thing?

According to many stores, the price of a product is different from the price on the store receipt (the more expensive charges are from Instacart).

If you need to return something or get a refund for something you bought via Instacart, utilize your Instacart receipt. It’s possible that you won’t obtain your full refund if the receipt is used.

Instacart Receipt: Where Can You Find It?

What’s the location of your Instacart receipts? They’re in a terrific spot. To access Orders, launch your app and choose it from the menu.

You may do things like report a problem from this list of all your prior orders. The Chat log, an option to re-add all products to the cart, and an option to view the receipt may all be found if you scroll down after clicking on the order you’re searching for.

If you go all the way to the bottom of the page, you’ll get a breakdown of your order’s components, including any additional fees or charges like a bag fee or hefty fee.

This is the receipt you’ll need if you need to return something you bought via Instacart. For every transaction, you’ll receive a digital receipt to the email address that you’ve registered with your account.

Do Instacart customers have to save their receipts?

Neither the receipt from the retailer nor the receipt from Instacart are required for Instacart customers. In-store receipts can be captured and then thrown away after purchase, according to my investigation.

Customers receive an email receipt and a copy in their Orders area of the Instacart app as proof of purchase. Customers don’t have to do anything about this, and the Shopper app will keep track of their orders for them.

Bottom Line

Customers are not allowed to provide in-store receipts with their deliveries, and doing so might result in their accounts being deactivated.

Instacart’s receipts for Instacart orders may be found in the Orders section of the app, and consumers are encouraged to use these instead. Receipts are sent to customers via email as well as regular mail.

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