What Cream Does Starbucks Use

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Heavy cream is available at all Starbucks locations and is utilized as an ingredient in many of the chain’s baked items, including scones.

In order to get the same flavor at home, you’ll need to know what kind of heavy cream Starbucks uses and where you can find it. If you want to know what I discovered, keep reading!

What Heavy Cream Does Starbucks Use In 2022?

In 2022, Starbucks will continue to purchase its milk and cream from local dairy producers. Because of this, Starbucks uses a different kind of heavy cream depending on where you live. Starbucks uses Borden dairy products such milk, heavy cream, and half-and-half in some regions of the United States, whereas Dairyland is used in numerous Canadian locations.

If you’re curious about the calories, fat content, and other options for Starbucks’ heavy cream, keep reading to learn all you need to know!

What Kind Of Heavy Cream Does Starbucks Use?

Drinks at Starbucks are enriched with flavor, texture, and nutritional value thanks to the use of heavy cream. Because Starbucks purchases its dairy products from local suppliers, the brand of heavy cream served in each of its locations may differ somewhat from one location to the next.

Starbucks, for example, uses dairy products such Borden milk, cream, half-and-half, and heavy cream in some US locations while Dairyland milk is used in some Canadian provinces.

What Kinds Of Cream Does Starbucks Use?

In addition to heavy cream and sweet cream, Starbucks also employs half-and-half and whipped cream in its beverages. The thick layer of cream that is skimmed from the top of the milk is called heavy cream. It’s thick, delicious, and high in fat, just like the name says.

Half of the mixture is heavy cream, while the other half is milk. Compared to heavy cream, it has a lower fat content and is lighter in weight. Vanilla syrup and heavy cream are used to make sweet cream. Unlike heavy cream, it has a more delicate flavor and contains vanilla syrup.

Many Starbucks beverages are topped with whipped cream, which is created with 8 pumps of vanilla syrup and heavy cream.

How Many Calories Are There In A Splash Of Heavy Cream At Starbucks?

It’s possible to obtain an estimate of how many calories are in a cup of Starbucks’ heavy cream by looking at the nutritional values of heavy cream from a trustworthy source. An ounce of heavy cream has around 60 calories, according to Dairy Pure, a major national dairy supplier.

Based on the volume of your drink, you may calculate the number of calories that heavy cream will contribute.

At Starbucks, what can you use in place of heavy cream in your coffee??

The flavor and richness of heavy cream are well worth the calories, but so is the fat content. As a result, you may choose to use a lighter creamer in its place. Starbucks offers a variety of heavy cream alternatives, both dairy and nondairy. Heavy cream can be substituted with any of the following:

  • Sweet cream
  • Half and half
  • Nonfat milk
  • 2% milk
  • Whole milk
  • Almond milk
  • Soy milk
  • Coconut milk
  • Oat milk

The calorie count and flavor of your beverage will vary depending on the ingredient you choose to substitute.

Is Sweet Cream The Same As Heavy Cream At Starbucks?

Although heavy cream is one of the components in Starbucks sweet cream, it is not the same thing. With the addition of 2 percent milk and vanilla syrup, Starbucks sweet cream is created. Sweet cream, which is made with vanilla syrup and sugar, has a distinct flavor from heavy cream.

Does Starbucks Charge Extra For Heavy Cream?

As a general rule, you won’t be charged an additional fee for putting heavy cream in your drink. In order to properly steam your cream, baristas may need to utilize additional cream, thus you may be charged for additional milk if you want this option.

Starbucks’ official policy is to charge for all dairy items weighing more than 4 ounces, and some baristas may charge you an additional fee for heavy cream.

Bottom Line

Coffee shops around the country utilize a variety of different brands of heavy cream because Starbucks sources its dairy products from a variety of local suppliers. The heavy cream used by Starbucks is always of the highest quality, so you don’t have to worry about it detracting from the flavor of your drink.

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