What Banks Cash EFS Checks

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Thousands of truck drivers rely on EFS checks to pay for their vehicle’s fuel, maintenance, and repairs.

Walmart is able to cash a variety of check types at its money centers, so you may question if Walmart can accept EFS checks. Here’s what I’ve discovered thus far!

In 2022, will Walmart accept EFS checks?

As of 2022, Walmart will no longer accept EFS checks at any of its stores or money centers. Walmart, on the other hand, is able to cash pre-printed checks such as payroll and government checks. At a nearby truck stop or bank, you can deposit an EFS check.

Keep reading to learn more about the checks that Walmart will cash and the locations where you may cash your EFS check.

Where Can I Cash My EFS Check Locally?

EFS checks may be cashed at most truck stop businesses during normal business hours. It’s a good idea to have a government-issued ID with you when cashing your EFS check.

EFS checks can be cashed at any of the truck stop businesses listed below:

  • Pilot Flying J Travel Centers (Limit:  $999.99)
  • Love’s Travel Stops (Limit:  $999.99)
  • TA-Petro (Limit:  $300)
  • Road Ranger truck stops and travel centers (Limit:  $999.99)

Can You Deposit an EFS Check at a Bank?

Most local banks, such as Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and the U.S. Bank, will cash an EFS check if you provide it to them.

This EFS check must first be reviewed and verified by a local bank employee before it can be cashed. Bring your government-issued picture ID with you to the branch.

What is the cost to cash EFS checks?

In most cases, truck stop merchants and banks will charge you either a flat nominal sum or a percentage of the check’s value for cashing an EFS check.

As an example, Love’s Travel Stops and Road Ranger charge $3 or 3% of the check’s value, whichever is larger, whereas Road Ranger charges $3 for every $100 of the check.

Merchants may waive the cost in some situations if you purchase a certain amount of gasoline or other services from them.

To learn more about the fees charged by a particular retailer or bank, you can reach out to them directly.

See our other guides on whether or not Walmart accepts Comdata checks, Wells Fargo checks, Canadian checks, and out-of-state checks for additional information.

Bottom Line

Currently, Walmart cannot accept EFS checks because of their money center check regulations, however, they are allowed to cash tax refund checks and government checks.

If you need to cash an EFS check, you should go to a bank or a truck stop merchant. You must present a government-issued picture ID before you can cash a check, so be sure you have one with you.

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