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What Aisle Is Castor Oil In

By David Krug 2 minute read

It’s no surprise that Walmart customers sometimes have difficulty finding products like castor oil, given the store’s 180,000-square-foot size.

Castor oil can be found at Walmart and other grocery stores if you know where to look for it in advance (or if you already know where to look for it).

Where Do You Find Castor Oil At Walmart?

Hair treatments and vitamin supplements are two places customers can find castor oil in Walmart’s health, beauty and cosmetics section. Castor oil can also be found in the B7, H15, G7, G19, and G14 aisles, amongst other places. Walmart’s pharmacy is also known for stocking castor oil.

Follow the steps in this article to find out where to buy castor oil at Walmart and other grocery stores.

Locate Castor Oil Using Walmart’s App

Download the Walmart + App to your smartphone if you’re pressed for time and want to know where the castor oil is located before you get there.

Use the app to locate your local Walmart by entering the zip code, then type “castor oil” in the search bar.

You’ll know exactly where to find the castor oil if it’s in stock at the store you selected, thanks to the app’s location-based features.

However, if you don’t have the app, you can always ask a Walmart employee for assistance in finding caster oil.

When and where can you buy castor oil?

Stores like Kroger, Publix, Trader Joe’s and Meijer have castor oil in the vitamin aisle and beauty-based products in the hair treatment aisle for customers looking for castor oil and other health-related products.

Walmart carries which castor oil brands?

With Walmart’s wide selection of branded castor oil, including Shea Moisture, Humco, Artnaturals, and Tropic Naturals, you won’t know where to start.

It’s also possible to purchase castor oil that is made from Jamaican black castor oil.

Many castor oil products with ratings of 4.5 or higher cost as little as $7 to $10 thanks to Walmart’s competitive pricing.

Check out Walmart’s website to see all of the castor oil products they have to offer.

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