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To keep customers happy, Walmart is constantly looking for new ways to improve their shopping experience. Walmart launched the Savings Catcher feature in order to assist consumers save more money by facilitating a price matching scheme.

A concern was raised: How do you scan a Walmart receipt in the program? In light of this, I decided to do my own investigation. As a result, here’s what I discovered!

How Do You Scan A Walmart Receipt In 2022?

As of 2022, you will not be able to scan your Walmart receipt when seeking a price match, but you will be able to do so when you exit the shop. Customers may first seek cash backs by scanning receipts with the Savings Catcher app or Walmart Pay and pointing out lower pricing for the same goods at rivals.

Check out the rest of this article to learn more about how to scan Walmart receipts and merchandise!

Can You Still Scan Walmart Receipts?

Unfortunately, you can’t use the price difference between Walmart and other locations to get a price match when you scan your receipt. The Walmart Savings Catcher app, which allowed consumers to scan their receipts and compare prices with other retailers and earn the difference in price on a Walmart eGift card, was retired by the retailer.

As a starting point, Walmart built the Savings Catcher app to “capture” lower quoted prices from other retailers. In order to assist its consumers save as much money as possible, Walmart implemented this initiative.

The program’s goals had already been accomplished, therefore Walmart said it would stop scanning receipts when it received price matches.

How Do I Upload A Receipt To The Walmart App?

When customers requested receipt scans and price matching with cheaper pricing, Walmart first enabled them to upload receipts via Walmart Pay on the Walmart app.

Savings Catcher was an app that users could use to seek a reimbursement for any price discrepancies they found between stated prices at Walmart and other retailers. Walmart Pay replaces Savings Catcher in this regard.

Savings Catcher was phased out by Walmart in 2018 in favor of Walmart Pay for price matching.

As a result, instead of scanning your original paper receipt, you may now produce an eReceipt utilizing the Walmart Pay scanner supplied at the checkout section. When it comes to uploading receipts using Walmart Pay, here are the steps users took:

  • At the checkout, use the Walmart Pay scanner.
  • Pay for your purchases using Walmart Pay on your mobile device (credit card, gift card, or debit card).
  • To create an e-Receipt, scan the QR code using Walmart Pay and then use the resulting e-Receipt.
  • After submitting a receipt from your Walmart Pay confirmation page or on your Walmart app, you’ll be able to see how much money you’ve saved!
  • A payback reward in the form of an eGift Card is given to customers who upload their receipts to Walmart’s website.

As a reminder, Walmart no longer matches prices when you upload your receipt to Walmart Pay.

What Is The Walmart App To Scan Receipts?

In the past, Walmart utilized the Saving Catcher app to scan consumer receipts and award cash backs for any item that was more expensive than in other stores. Walmart, on the other hand, eliminated its policy of price matching, making the Saving Catcher app ineffective.

However, Walmart consumers may now use the “Scan and Go” option to scan things while they shop. You may use the Walmart app to enter into your account, go to the Scan & Go function, shop, and produce your receipt at the self-checkout area after you have the Walmart Plus membership.

“Scan & Go” allows you to shop and depart Walmart without ever having to speak to a Walmart employee. As a result, here’s how to utilize Walmart+’s Scan & Go feature:

  • You may use the app to scan the barcodes of things you want to buy.
  • The Walmart app will create a subtotal after running a list of all the goods you’ve selected.
  • Stopping at the self-checkout to scan your QR code, pay, and get a receipt are all necessary steps once you’ve finished shopping.

Why Does Walmart Scan Your Receipt When Leaving?

It’s possible Walmart may need to verify evidence of purchase by scanning your ticket if your bag beeps at the sensor when you leave the shop or return a previously purchased item.

As a precaution, Walmart will need to scan your receipt and verify the contents of your bag to ensure that you did not snatch any things. The bag beeping at the sensor does not always signify that you’ve stolen anything.

In reality, you or the cashier may have neglected to scan an item in the self-checkout section.

Is It Required That You Scan And Present Your Walmart Receipt When You Exit?

There is no legal need to provide and scan your receipt when you exit the business. However, if a Walmart employee asks you to scan your receipt, it’s wise to comply.

Bottom Line

Finally, you may no longer use your Walmart receipt to request an in-store price match since Walmart no longer honors price comparisons. To save time and avoid interacting with other customers, Walmart + members are able to complete their shopping and checkouts entirely using the Walmart app.

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