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Customers may expect a wide variety of items at the lowest feasible price from Walmart.

With almost 400 locations in operation, 343 of which are Walmart supercenters, Canadians may enjoy the benefits Walmart has to offer.

There’s a small policy difference between Walmart Canada and its U.S. neighbor, in case you didn’t already know.

So, how do you feel about the return policy at Walmart Canada? Everything you need to know is right here!

2022 Walmart Canada Return Policy

In 2022, Walmart Canada will allow customers to return most items after 90 days of purchase if they are not happy.

Customers can get a full refund from Walmart Canada if they present a receipt and the product’s original packaging. 

No receipt is necessary for a return or store credit. All of your queries about Walmart Canada’s return policy will be answered in this article!

Do I Need A Receipt To Return Merchandise To Walmart Canada?

As of June 2020, Walmart Canada customers will be required to have a receipt in order to make a refund.

Shop managers have the final say on whether or not to accept returns without proof of purchase, and if they do, the balance will be transferred to a store gift card.

Customers do not need to provide a receipt when returning Walmart-branded products such as Equate, Great Value, Our Finest, Parent’s Choice, and Your Fresh Market, according to Walmart Canada’s policy.

You can get a refund or a replacement if you return the items in their original packing and condition.

Can I Return Merchandise to Walmart Canada After 90 Days?

The 90-day return policy of Walmart Canada does not apply to items purchased after that time frame. After the 90-day time has passed, there are still some options for returning products.

While most goods at Walmart have a 90-day return policy, there are a few that have a 14- or 30-day return policy.

It is necessary to return electronic devices within 14 days of the date of purchase, such as laptops and tablets and printers and cameras and GPS devices, and prepaid cellular phones. In addition, contract post-paid phones must be returned after 15 days of purchase.

Other products that must be returned within 30 days include televisions and audio systems, headphones, and devices with combustible components such as mattresses and breast pumps as well as GPS drones, outdoor power equipment, and Walmart Vision Center products.

There must be a 30-day return policy for all third-party merchants, save for electronics, to allow buyers to return unsatisfactory items.

Can I return items with opened packaging to Walmart Canada?

Most unsealed products can be returned to Walmart Canada. A full refund may only be given for items that are complete with all of their original packing and accessories.

As a result, Walmart Canada does not allow the return of opened items such as games and portable video players and CDs, and headphones as well as movies, software, ink cartridges, and disposable contact lenses to be exchanged.

Items for feminine hygiene, hand and foot care, incontinence, massage, male grooming, oral hygiene, and female hair removal must be returned in their original packaging.

Which Merchandise Cannot Be Returned To Walmart Canada?

Walmart Canada has listed the following goods as non-returnable:

  • Prescription medication
  • Gift cards
  • Fireworks
  • Digital downloads
  • Earrings
  • Underwear of any kind
  • Swimwear without hygiene stickers
  • Sexual wellness items
  • Family planning products

Unless it has been recalled for a quality concern, Walmart Canada will only accept the return of beer, wine, and spirits to the store where they were first purchased in Canada.

As a result, Walmart Canada does not allow full-sized mattresses and major appliances, which weigh more than 100 pounds, to be returned in-store. You’ll need to get in touch with customer support to set up a pickup.

Can I return damaged merchandise to Walmart Canada?

If an item is found to be faulty or damaged in transportation, Walmart Canada will gladly refund the purchase price. It is possible that a return request may be refused if you have caused serious damage to a product.

Can I Bring Back Groceries to Walmart Canada?

Walmart Canada does accept returns of food goods. There is no time limit for food products, bakeries, delis, meats, and seafood, according to the firm. Refunds will only be issued to those customers who have an account with

Refund requests must be made online if you have any doubts about the freshness of an online buy.

How Do I Make A Store-Based Return At Walmart Canada?

At Walmart Canada, customer happiness is a top priority. Customers can seek returns in-store, as a result. Returns must be made within 90 days of delivery or purchase, whichever comes first.

The customer service counter is located at the front of the business, so all you have to do is walk there to get your request taken care of.

Make sure to include a receipt or the order number and, if appropriate, the debit/credit card you used to pay for any non-Walmart branded merchandise.

Depending on the financial institution you choose, the refund might take up to five days for you to see it in your bank account.

How Do I Return Online Purchases Made From Walmart Canada? accepts returns in-store and by mail for items purchased and sent through the website.

Sending back bulky products is much easier when you use the mail service. To get started, simply log into your account.

Select the products you’d want to return from the Manage Order page. Each order’s products must be handled individually.

Drop your package in a Canada Post mailbox once you’ve printed your free shipping label. Call tags can be used for larger items, which means a carrier will come to your house to pick them up when they’re ready to be returned.

Will Walmart Canada accept the return of items bought using a Walmart gift card?

Yes, Walmart Canada suggests that consumers preserve used gift cards until they are totally happy with their purchase, and reloading gift card purchases are possible.

If you lose your receipt and have no evidence of purchase, Walmart Canada will not provide you a refund in the form of cash or card. However, the shop manager may be able to provide you with an exchange or a store credit.

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